Pinterest, The Barn and a Green Sofa

I know many of you are familiar with Pinterest. I’m really just beginning to play with it. This morning, before anyone else was awake and the house was quiet, I found it the perfect time to pin a new board. Which brings me to my purchase yesterday. In town for a haircut I stopped into one of my favorite spots, Sacks, a Hospice thrift store. The moment I walked in I spied it. Afternoon sunlight beaming down on it like a sign from above. Long, curvy, tufted, non-smelly, close to stain-free, full-of-potential, vintage chartreuse green sofa. There’s no where in my entire house to fit such a thing. I bought it.

Here’s the deal- Things have been really piling up around me (and my family) lately, in a very literal sense. Craft supplies, products to review, swag bag shipments, more craft supplies, and multiple craft projects in progress at one time. I have completely outgrown my sweet little green studio. My stuff has taken over another large section of our garage, and the entire dining room. My sewing nook in our bedroom is out of control.

Good news/Bad news.

Bad news first: The motor on Mr. Wonderful’s old ocean-size fishing boat finally blew. There are no plans to replace it. He’ll be chartering someone else’s vessel on the Pacific during Salmon season.

The good news: The boat’s leaving the barn and the crafts are moving in! To add to the many reasons I dub him Mr. Wonderful, he is completely on-board with the whole idea. (Pun intended.)

(The barn cleaned up for a party a few years back.)

Do you know what this means? It means I’ll be spending a lot of time on Craigslist looking for work tables, chairs and shelving. Imagine the possibilities! Computer & printer, craft supplies and sewing machine all in one roomy space. And…….wait for it………………Workshops! Classes! “Come and play in my sandbox” crafty events! Can you stand it?

Inspiration photo courtesy of {{Kim}}’s Flickr photostream

With a whole new enormous studio, naturally, I’ll need a funky vintage couch. Right? Somewhere to sit and pore through books, daydream, seat Mr. Wonderful when he comes to visit, a place for workshop guests to sip tea. I just didn’t think I’d find my couch this soon. There’s really no where for it to go, so it remains in the back of our Suburban for the next few days until we move a few things around in the barn.

The new studio is several months off, but with my new sofa to help put the plans in motion, I sat here this morning feeling inspired by many more vintage green sofas and pinned them to my Pinterest!

My next Pinterest board– throw pillows, of course!

Have a great day everyone! I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

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