“Handmade” Label Freebies and Giveaway from Everything Etsy / WorldLabel.com

I’m still on retreat, but found just enough WiFi to bring you a great label giveaway over on Everything Etsy. Together with WorldLabel.com, they are offering FREE printables (designed by yours truly!) and the opportunity to win free label stock to print them on.

If you’ve never been to Everything Etsy, believe me- you’re in for a real treat!Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!!

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9 Responses to “Handmade” Label Freebies and Giveaway from Everything Etsy / WorldLabel.com

  1. #2 - Jeanette says:

    Cathe, I can’t get to the free downloads, it says page cannot be found

  2. #4 - Jerosha Äretun says:

    Thank you so much for your kindness =) I got the colorful set. At firts it says the page can’t be found and got so sad but when I went directly to the the everything etsy site I was thrilled.

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  5. #6 - Shannon Ruby says:

    These are such a perfect addition to anything handmade!

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