1937 Butterflies and Moths

I’ve been watching colorful winged insects fluttering around the craft world lately. It was just a matter of time before one landed on my blog. I went through some of my old books in search of  vintage specimens and found a sweet page of beautiful butterflies and moths. Charming illustrations, old printing and off-register inks. Just lovely.Click on the image above to download the original page, or choose the one with the background removed, below (minus the antennas). Print to paper, cut out each, fold back the wings slightly and add fine wire for antennas. Or a trick I like better- super-glue a small length of colored thread to make stiff, bend in half, curve ends slightly just before dried and attach to the head and trim. Tack winged beauties about your home, workplace, car or studio.

As always, you are welcome to use free downloads from my blog for personal projects and in projects for sale. Just please refrain from selling my free images.

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