Winter Scrapbook Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: Day 1

Here we go folks! It’s time again for the semi-annual Just Something I Made Sponsor Swag Bag Giveaway! Here’s how this promotion goes:

(1.) I hand-picked several of my favorite companies, contacted and request fifteen sponsored products from each, 11 to share with my scrap retreat buddies, one for myself, and enough to fill 3 more bags to giveaway on my blog. This means, not only do my local scrapbooking friends score with amazing product, but so do THREE lucky JSIM readers!

(2.) I’ll spend Monday through Friday of this week (Day 1 – Day 5) showcasing each and every scrapbook-&-retreat-related product in the giveaway along with the fabulous companies that sponsored them.

(3.) Friday, Nov. 25, will be the final post of this promotion and the one you should comment on to enter. Feel free to comment on any of the posts throughout the week, but know that only comments on Friday’s post (DAY 5) will count towards your entry. Please carefully read the Day 5 post for any and all rules of entry, (I promise to keep it simple!)

(4.) As you visit JSIM throughout this week, PLEASE visit sponsors’ links, “like” the sponsors on Facebook and follow them on Twitter- none of which is required to enter- it’s just a favor I ask and a really nice thing to do.

(5.) All product highlighted as BOLD PINK TYPE will be in the giveaway bags.

(6.) I sincerely appreciate all of the JSIM international readers, however, I will be opening this giveaway up for continental US shipping addresses only. I realize this will disappoint many, but hope to make it up in other giveaways down the road. Thank you for your understanding.

Whether you craft in a studio, travel to crops or retreats or scrapbook from your kitchen table- I’ve put together a load of swagaliciousness just for you! Are you ready? Here we go!!!

What’s a swag bag extravaganza without a fabulously extraordanary bag? Feast your eyes on this baby:

The Four Boys Bag: Jumbo Scout Tote by Bungalow!

Bungalow is all about toting, storing and celebrating your stuff, and their line of SCOUT bags rock that very concept. Thanks to Bungalow, all of this week’s sponsored swag fit perfectly into their Jumbo SCOUT tote Four Boys Bag! in“Pink Lady”.

(Speaking of “Pink Lady”, that’s our retreat hostess-with-the-mostess, Lori O’Donnell, below left!)

It is ENORMOUS!! (24″ x 19″ x 12″). It collapses flat, opens up easily for filling and zippers closed.I have loved Bungalow’s SCOUT products for years. They have totes, travel, cooler bagssuper-cool storage & recycle binswork & laptop bags, even accent rugs! SCOUT products come in multiple sizes, great colors and really, really great graphic patterns and trim. They make excellent special event bags, as you can tell.You’re going to get such a kick out of the SCOUT online store. Not only do they have more cool and practical product than you can imagine, but if you dig enough, you’ll find a few fun surprises.Don’t leave their site without checking out the Scout-let for really great bargains! You can keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and on their blog.

Thank you Bungalow!

Before we start scrapping, crafting, movie-watching and snacking….let’s get cozy with

Acorn Leeda Mule Slippers

Swag bag giveaway winners will receive their own size Leeda Mule slippers directly from Acorn.

Upon finding their new assorted colors of Acorn footwear in the swag bags, several retreat-goers put theirs on at the same time with a collective “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh.” So soft and comfortable! Most of us kept the Leeda Mules on our feet all day every day with the only exception of our walks down to the main lodge for meals. Because of their non-slip weatherproof outsole made for indoor/outdoor wear, we could wear them outside to gather wood from the pile for the fireplace. (I’m wearing mine as I write this!) These puppies had us crafting in warm comfort and transitioned perfectly into the next room for feet-up movie watching.Acorn, makers of high quality slippers and other comfort-based footwear has perfected the Leeda Mule with textured floral uppers of soft Italian wool-blend, fully lined in sherpa fleece, memory foam midsole over featherweight EVA and duragle suede sidewalls. I think Acorn slippers would be a fabulous gift for anyone in your family and they offer free shipping on purchases over $50. Be sure to check out Acorn’s website for footwear designed for every season, (I’m loving these EarthRoamer Mocs in Shale!)

Follow Acorn on Twitter and Facebook to learn about upcoming promotions, like one they had earlier this month on Veteran’s Day donating a pair of slippers to a veteran with every pair purchased.

Thank you Acorn!

Now that we’re warm and cozy, let’s get even more comfortable with a few goodies from a previous retreat sponsor, Magellan’s, the experts in travel comfort! It’s lights on/lights off with two fantastic products:

A pair of

Mini LED Flashlights/Lanterns

and the

Lights out Sleep Mask!

These lightweight Mini LED Flashlights/Lanterns are just right for keeping in your purse and auto glovebox. They worked great as bright lanterns in our rooms and were essential for lighting nighttime hallways or walking to the main lodge for dinner.I wasn’t home from the retreat 1 hour before my son snagged one of mine for his car. The Mini LED Flashlights/Lanterns come in pairs and have six powerful, energy-efficient LED bulbs and with just a twist, convert to stand-alone lanterns that can be used as a nightlight, for power outages, or anywhere you need a little extra light. They are water-resistant and have non-slip grip wrist straps. Awesome holiday stocking stuffers for absolutely anyone!

However, if you need things dark, I mean really dark, then you’re going to love the ultra-soft Lights out Sleep Mask! It’s designed to allow Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and promotes deep sleep. This mask blocks out light, but you can still blink in it, not that you will need to, it just doesn’t press on your eyes, I love that! It has an elasticized strap with Velcro closure for a comfortable fit. A couple of the ladies at the retreat used the mask while having their one-hour massages as the only room our masseuse had to set up in was a little too bright for complete relaxation. I have a feeling that I’ll be loosing my mask to Mr. Wonderful since he likes to knock off long before I’m finished reading in bed.

If you’ve never visited Magellan’s you’re in for a great treat. They carry everything for the casual day-tripper to the professional traveler to everyone in between. Bags & wallets, luggage, in-flight comfort products, electronics, adaptors & converters, health & hygiene products, and high-quality, and attractive & comfortable clothing for travel or everyday wear.

Here are their Twitter, Facebook links. You can also find them on YouTube for product details and really great travel tips, such as packing like a pro!

Thank you for another great sponsorship Magellan’s!

Several years ago I was drawn to a booth at a local craft fair that smelled soooo good that once found I could hardly pull myself away. It was the incredible scents coming from I Melt With You handcrafted soy candles and bath & body products. I purchased several for myself that day and more as gifts and have continued to buy at times when I find them at other shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lucky for me, I’m on their mailing list and they keep me up to date on such shows!Several of their products are good for travel, but this was simply perfect for taking on retreat:

I Melt With You Travel Soap Twist-Up Tubes!

Fresh, fragrant genius in 18 different scents! My favorite- Mint Mango Tea. Just think, no more hotel soap bars, no more plastic-bagged soap or leaking body wash bottles. These 2 oz solid scented soaps in twist-tp tubes are:

  • Self Contained
  • Portable
  • Airline Compliant for Carry-On
  • Great for travel, gym bags, camping & more
  • Gentle, moisturizing veggie glycerine soap

Once again…perfect stocking stuffers! Keep up to date with I Melt With You products on Facebook and join their mailing list.

Thanks I Melt With You!!

It’s hard to be creative & crafty when you’re craving chocolate. So it’s a really good thing that my favorite go-to chocolate company sent us

The Scharffen Berger Chocolate Variety 12-Pack Tasting Squares!

I was a guest of Sharffen Berger’s on a bakery crawl back in October and had the privlege of tasting several delicous desserts elevated with Scharffen Berger Chocolate made by several celebrity bakers. It was such a delicious experience! And Scharffen Berger not only shared their tasting squares and $1.00 Off coupons for the swag bags, but they also sent along a 70% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Bar to me for making John’s Favorite Brownies for the retreat. Mr. Wonderful, the resident baker, whipped up a batch for me to take (sans the walnuts due to known allergies at the retreat.) I took several photos of him in a Sharffen Berger apron holding the paper-doily-lined tray of warm stacked brownies, only days later to realize I had my brand new camera on demo mode. Those shots are lost forever so I’ll have to leave that image to your imagination. I was, however, able to snag a shot of the very last extremely delicious brownie before it was devoured. They were completely sensational.

You should also know about Scharffen Berger’s latest contest, Elevate a Classic Dessert, with a chance to win up to $10,000 and enough chocolate to keep you happy for a long time! Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter for amazing recipes, events and conversation.

Thank you Scharffen Berger!
That’s a wrap on Day 1. Now that we’re comfy, cozy, safe and deliciously satisfied with all the wonderful retreat-related products, let the crafting begin! Tomorrow I will start featuring the exciting sponsored craft products! So check back daily to watch as the bags fill up! Feel free to leave a comment on this post, I’d love to know what you think so far, but remember- entry comments are only on Day 5.


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62 Responses to Winter Scrapbook Retreat Sponsor Swag Giveaway: Day 1

  1. #1 - Peggy says:

    Scout was just here at Nutcracker – LOVE their bags – very well made. Those shoes look great – I think I will get a pair – and maybe some slippers too!

  2. #2 - Michelle S. says:

    I love this idea and it comes at a great time! I’m seeing some nice ideas for Christmas pressies (both for me and others, hehe).

  3. #3 - Mary Ann Potter says:

    Wow! This is quite a giveaway! Soaps, CHOCOLATE, lots of goodies, CHOCOATE, real retreat-ish things, CHOCOLATE!!!

  4. #4 - Jeanne Peterson says:

    Holy schmoly! You could tote a small (or medium) size person in that thing! And all the goodies look wonderfuls. I would think I died and went to heaven if I won something like that. I’m off to check out all their websites.

  5. #5 - Claire says:

    Gorgeous goodies! I just bought some soap from I Melt With You at Crafterino this weekend!

  6. #6 - Tracy Herring says:

    I love that Scout bag. I certainly love all the room it offers. Those shoes/slippers will be perfect for my mom for Christmas. I would love to win.

  7. #7 - CLM-Cindylu2u says:

    Awesome products just in time for Christmas!! I must say that’s the largest tote I’ve ever seen, very cool!! Can’t wait to see tomorrow, thanks!!

  8. #8 - Vicki K says:

    Scout had me at their little dachshund logo…but I love their website. And now it’s bookmarked!

  9. #9 - Melanie Kiser says:

    Amazing! Yep, see some good ideas for presents!

  10. #10 - Jackie DuChene says:

    I got my partner the best pair of slippers ever and they were Acorns.
    Those are some awesome gifts.

  11. #11 - Amy says:

    You find the coolest stuff! I have to add those slippers, the sleep mask and the twisty soap to my list for Santa. The soap is an especially genius idea!

  12. #12 - Anna says:

    Oh, those slippers are to die for! I bet they were a real treat up under the redwoods for all of you. I’m putting those on my wish list asap. And the twisty soaps! Such a great idea!

  13. #13 - Dana Gustafson says:

    You are quite the retreat guest! I am sure all the ladies loved your gorgeous product gifts designed for *relaxing*…what a treat!

  14. #14 - April Derrick says:

    Seriously – Just Wow! I can’t imagine how amazing your retreat friends feel when they get their swag bags. I loved everything you showed to day – especially the huge tote!

  15. #15 - Barbara Weston says:

    WOW, that is a bunch of great things, can’t wait until I can order some of those things.

  16. #16 - emily says:

    suhweet suwag!! gorgeous stuff cathe!!

  17. #17 - Happy says:

    Oh MY! I looked with awe at these wonderful selections today–those comfy acorn slippers –WANT! and the chocolate yummmmm…everything is eye candy…loved the great photos too—
    can’t wait to see more.

  18. #18 - Martha Kohlbrand says:

    Lots of great Christmas ideas in a beautiful tote bag.

  19. #19 - Marylinn Kelly says:

    Hi, Cathe, What a bonanza. I am fairly new to the world of blog giveaways. You and your sponsors are so generous. I look forward to Friday and the chance to enter.

  20. #20 - Julia D. says:

    Well, what wonderful products and promotional work done by you.
    I am just bummed though, since I will be away from my computer to enter on Friday. I will just have to enjoy the count down and see what the lucky winner’s have a chance at recieving. Thanks and have fun.

  21. #22 - Lynne Weinberger says:

    As always, great ideas and mouth-watering swag. Going online now to order gifts from a couple of these sites. Thanks, dear heart!

  22. #23 - Stephanie Sherratt says:

    Love it all. The scout bag looks ALMOST big enough for all the stuff I like to take with me! Ha-ha! Can’t wait till Friday!

  23. #24 - Gaye Miller says:

    What wonderful goodies!! Looks like I discovered JSIM just in time. 🙂

  24. #25 - Connie says:

    rats, I don’t live in the US

  25. #26 - debbie lynch says:

    WOW!! Love all the goodies!! I could carry my grandkids in that bag!!

  26. #27 - Lisa Minter says:

    Can I put my 3 boys in the 4 boys bag!! Great swag! Everything you need for a productive day!!

  27. #28 - debianne says:

    So. Very. Amazing! I saw some good ideas for presents!

  28. #29 - PennyA says:

    Only having found you this year, I am very excited to tag along on the “Big Giveaway” updates and look forward to entering at the end of the week 🙂 Thanks SO much for the previews, as it looks like they will help ‘fill in some holes’ in my Christmas shopping! Can’t wait to see what else is in that MASSIVE bag!?!

  29. #30 - Anette says:

    Wow, everything You show here is amazing!! I really hope that I can attend this awesome giveaway even if I live in Sweden.

    Hugs from Anette

  30. #31 - Lucy says:

    What amazing sponsors you’ve got — and it’s only Day 1. That tote made me squeal with delight and also made me chuckle at the size of it. What crafter doesn’t need at least one more thing to hold their supplies? Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. I know it will be good. Off to visit some of your sponsors….

  31. #32 - Ginny Petitt says:

    Cathe, all of these items are awesome! Thank you for sharing them. I will definitely be ordering some of these items for myself!

  32. #33 - BettyC says:

    Wow! What a great & generous giveaway–especially love those Acorn slippers!

  33. #34 - kate blue says:

    super cool! and I do love the word swagaliciousness (did I spell it right???!!)

  34. #35 - Janel says:

    Oh my! What wonderful products. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store this week.

  35. #36 - evelyn says:

    Holy Batman and Robin!!! Fabulous!!!!

  36. #37 - Dorothy says:

    Wowie-zowie, that bag!

  37. #38 - veronica says:

    you always find the coolest companies with wonderful products. thanks for the links to them.

  38. #39 - maggie raguse says:

    hi cathe, from your #1 fan. you choose the BEST items and sponsors, and so very thoughtful. LOVE the Scout line–all of their products are top-notch. Can’t wait to check back all week to see what you’re stuffing in that huge tote!

    have fun,

  39. #40 - Beth says:

    What a great idea and choice of items!

  40. #41 - kris says:

    Oh my word! I love that bag! I could tote a little of everything in that. What an awesome giveaway. So many great ideas for Christmas!

  41. #42 - Zenetta says:

    Such great goodies….can’t wait to see the rest!

  42. #43 - Patty Absec says:

    Thank you for some wonderful gift ideas! I am not much into the ‘ever loving dollar’ approach to the holidays, but rather like to find a special something for someone special on my list…and you have provided a couple more ‘specials’ for me to choose from! I visited the sites, but I do not ‘do’ facebook or twitter, so could not like them…but trust me, I LIKE them, I LIKE them, I LIKE them!!

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  44. #44 - Linda Vinson says:

    Day one!?!?!??? That looks like enough swag for the entire week! Wow.

  45. #45 - Miss Miller says:

    What a great eye you have. Wonderful job putting swag bags together. I was unaware of Scout. I believe my present to myself this year will come from their line although you have made those slippers sound too good to pass up…decisions decisions

  46. #46 - Christie Anderson says:

    Wow, this is one tremendous SWAG! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I won all of this. Those soaps, the bag…forget it.. everything is awesome! What a great treat!

  47. #47 - Dawn W. says:

    What an amazing giveaway! And just day 1?? You’re amazing!

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  49. #48 - theresa says:

    WOW! So Many awesome prizes… I can’t wait to be able to put my name in the hat on Friday! Those slippers look so cozy! t.xoxo

  50. #49 - missy from the bayou says:

    I would post but I am on the floor….fainted dead away……WHAT AN ASTOUNDING GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!
    missy from the bayou

  51. #50 - Elise says:

    That is quite simply, the BIGGEST, most BEAUTIFUL bag – EVER! I feel like I’ve retreated, just from your beautiful sharing! Well DONE! What a lucky crowd – and LUCKY us! Thanks for sharing all of your goodness, SO generously! Yee haw!

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  53. #51 - Denise says:

    What an awesome giveaway – thanks for the opportunity to win

  54. #52 - Karen Smith says:

    What an awesome opportunity to win some very exciting and special gifts. This is my first time here and think this is truely great. Thanks for this opportunity! The gifts are incredible.

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  56. #53 - Nicole says:

    AmaZing items you’ve put in your give away!! I just got engaged so maybe my good luck is still with me 😉

    Great website by the way!!

  57. #54 - debbie myers says:

    oh i love the big bag. thanks for the chance to win.

  58. #55 - debbie myers says:

    i love everything in this post. want an incrediable give away. thanks

  59. #56 - Mary Ann Romberg says:

    wow! I would just LOVE to win a swag bag! These two products are going on my Christmas lists for family gifts; the I melt with you twist soap and the mini LED flashlights and lanterns. Awesome products!

  60. #57 - Jennifer (mom of 4) says:

    You had me at bag! I love that pink tote bag!

  61. #58 - Cindy Marvin says:

    Oh how I would love those slippers! What a great gift idea for someone. I have 6 sisters and boy would they be jealous!