Food and Gift Labels: Free Printables

Have I told you lately how much I adore working with They commission me to come up with designs to work with their multitude of label stock sizes & shapes and then they give those designs away for FREE! Their blog is full of free downloads for you to use, and they make most of those files editable so you can customize labels with your own wording. Then they pair the designs up with the best label stock so there’s no guesswork in ordering. Now, how much do YOU adore working with

Here are my latest vintage-style label designs just in time for gift giving!

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20 Responses to Food and Gift Labels: Free Printables

  1. #1 - Heather A. says:

    Because of YOU, I have made several label orders from World Label! Thank you for sharing your work and art with us!

  2. #3 - berta says:

    Thanks so much for these! And just in time for Christmas gift giving.

  3. #4 - Theresa Begin says:

    Cathe, These lavels are absolutely beautiful love the old-vintage in my pantry. I neve can get enough of the black and white. But, I did become especially fond of the red and green ones for Holiday Treats. You are so incrediblytalented. Quick question…I looked at ordering the labels @ but 100 would be, for me amyways, major overkill, do you know where I could purchase maybe 10-20 sheets? Thanks for all you share. Theresa.

  4. #5 - maggie raguse says:

    hi Cathe,
    as usual, these are awesome. I just went to World Label, and looked at the comments that were posted by your labels—they really are a great company; very generous, just like you!


  5. #6 - Jackie says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you so much.

  6. #7 - Rupa says:

    I just LOVE worldlabel. I had seen their site so many times and I finally gave in and ordered a box of full sheet labels when I saw your round labels in various colors some time ago. I just love your labels printed on their sticky back paper! I use them to label my IKEA frosted glass jars where I store all the different spices. Thank you SO MUCH for these lovely new labels!!!!

  7. #8 - SiouxzY says:

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for my Christmas a little cuter!

  8. #9 - Julie Warner says:

    What a classy looking label. That’s something I would feel really good about putting on my home made products. Thank you so much for designing this.

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  10. #11 - Lisa Clark says:

    Love some of your ideas!

  11. #12 - Emma says:

    I really do love your labels! Is there a possibility of getting the first label design as a whole sheet? It’s a great design for the wedding favours that I’m making from scratch.

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  14. #13 - JeanC says:

    I am glad I came across your post. Thanks for these.

    My sister canned several things for me, but did not have any labels to put on them. So… some labels for her, some labels for me.

  15. #14 - samantha says:

    Thank you for all the awesome freebie’s and ideas…I just came across your site, love it and World label is great… I love labels, gift tags etc… Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  16. #15 - Carolyn Courduff says:

    I need the vanilla labels

  17. #16 - Glenda DeZearn says:

    Why can’t I find a way to print the vanilla extract labels?

  18. #17 - Home Remodeling says:

    Thanks so much for these! And just in time for Christmas gift giving.