The Barn: Studio Dreaming and Fun Finds

This is a Google satellite shot of our house and barn as it sits at the back of our little one acre ranchette (we have a nice new roof since the satellite passed over.) I’m writing from garage studio as shown in the image, but the commitment has been made to move my studio into the barn to expand into workshops and much more crafting space. Can you see why I’m out of my mind with excitement?! The barn, aka: man-cave, boat hangar, sports equipment locker room, family storage unit, rope swing gymnasium, is about 20 years old and in fantastic structural shape. There’s even a shop in the back with sink and johnny, which is under the loft. We started to make a small dent in cleaning out the barn last weekend, or at least Jeff did. He went through boxes and storage up on the loft at the back of the barn and brought down long lost luggage (forground above) and boxes of other long forgotten things. He found a stash of printed pieces from back in the day when I had my own design firm, Holden & Company, in downtown Santa Rosa. Each year in partnership with a printer/friend from Sacramento we did a self-promotion Christmas mailer that we sent to our clients and vendors. I designed the pieces and her company printed them with my logo on half and her’s on the others, then we’d split the cost of materials. Three of the years were gift wrap & gift tag kits, but in 1995 I designed little match-book style pocket calendars. (Keep in mind there was very limited personal technology then and most people didn’t carry their calendars in their cell phones. I think that was the year I first got a cell phone!)

I was going to toss these remaining pieces in the recycle bin until it dawned on me that the covers were salvageable and could be repurposed into hang tags.

Who knows what else is packed away in that barn! Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing more finds and progress as we slowly make the studio transition.

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