Wire Holder Displays

This project began with purging the game cabinet. Why would any family need three cribbage boards? (I don’t even know how to play.) Before tossing into the “donate” box I thought I’d have some fun by poking some of my handmade wire holders into the holes of one of the boards. I added some handmade paper tape and here is the simple result, a place to keep all that stuff that gets piled up on our chalkboard ledge- lists, coupons, fire department calendar and more. It makes a whimsical-yet-practical display. I will add more wires as needed over time.

While I had my pliers and wire out I wanted to show you how easy it is to make a container displays with the wire holders. There are so many container possibilities from teacups to cigar boxes, the sky’s the limit. Place a piece of floral foam in the container and cover with burlap, moss or any substance you can easily poke wire through. I used a sweet little biscuit tin found at Summer Cottage Antiques in Petaluma.

I added foam, moss and wires. Then tucked in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. (I have tons of this and that!) And that’s all there is to it. Imagine all the things you could display. And when you’re done displaying one, pull out the wires and make another in a different container with different goodies.

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11 Responses to Wire Holder Displays

  1. #1 - berta says:

    Love this idea. And the tin from Summer Home! One of my favorite antique and vintage stores. I always find something cool there!

  2. #2 - marci welcker says:

    o.my.gosh. i’m in love with that little tin!! what a great idea!!

  3. #3 - RebKnitz says:

    Such a clever use of the cribbage board! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. #4 - maggie raguse says:

    that PINK!! so little! so cute. i want.

  5. #5 - Kate says:

    Cathe – this is superb!! I was just thinking the other day of how to display postcards – I have heaps – what a brilliant concept – my mind is flying with possibilities!! thank you

  6. #6 - Sharon H says:

    What great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • #7 - martina says:

      I made the wire holders a few weeks ago and used a glass flower frog and a metal pedestal for a candle for the base. Got more holiday cards than expected so have to make more wire holders. I love your little cribbage board and tin basket ideas!
      I found some twisted copper wire in the basement today and it looks like that is stiff enough to make wire photo holders too. Making the photo holders is addictive!

  7. #8 - Anna says:

    Oh how I wish I had a cribbage board sitting around. That is the most adorable thing Ive seen in quite awhile! I have a dear friend that loves antique teacups. I might have to make one with just a few wires in it at different heights to display a few wallet photos????

  8. #9 - Carol Dee says:

    Love that idea! The pink box with diplay and ribbon is FABULOUS. Holiday hugs…

  9. #10 - Bettsi says:

    Hi, these are adorable! I enjoyed the wine making post as well. I just discovered your blog after searching for a tutorial for wire birds’ nest. You are so creative!

  10. #11 - Mixed Kreations says:

    These are really cool. I especially like the pink tin can wire holders. Cute.