Lunch Napkin Love Notes

One of my most well received blog posts was one I shared back in 2008 of the napkin notes I used to tuck into my kids’s lunches when they were in elementary school. You can find that post with a collection of napkins and story HERE and a couple more napkins HERE. Today I came across a few more in a bag and thought you might enjoy them. I’m not much of an archivist, so these early morning doodles help remind me of some cute days gone by. If I remember right, I kept finding uneaten sammies in someone’s lunchbox…One day I found a misplaced half-made friendship bracelet when my daughter Jamie (-Ray) was on a pretty big roll knocking these ropes out for her friends. I was able to manipulate it through two stapled napkins without cutting it up.No doubt my kids, all now on high school, would be mortified to find a doodled love note from their mom in their backpacks. (So I might just have to get on that!! Ha!)


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