Cigar Boxes: Collection Obsession

It’s challenging to stay on task with this studio remodel. Like the kid who tells his mom- “It’s hard to clean my room, I keep finding cool stuff to play with!” Today I pulled out all my cigar boxes to stack on a shelving unit in one of the driveway storage containers. Seems I have a lot of boxes, and I don’t see an end to the collecting anywhere in the near future. What’s with the obsession? Here’s a simple list in order of precedence:

1. Vintage Graphics

2. Gorgeous Typography

3. Beautiful Decay

4. Craft Storage

While loading them onto the shelves, I took a few minutes to snap some shots of what I find so appealing about cigar boxes, especially the much older ones with such detail on nearly every panel in the labels and stampings.And what’s cooler than a cigar box divided with a cigar box?To top off that collection, the start of a new collection: old paper labeled biscuit and starch boxes.

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