Country Living: Reader’s Digest Book Storage Boxes

Have you picked up the July/August issue of Country Living? I always adore the red, white and blue summer issues!

I’ve shared before some fun projects using the insides and outsides of old Reader’s Digest books. Well, here’s one of my favorites as featured in the CL idea notebook on page 52 of this latest issue, book storage boxes!I cut and assembled box sides from one book’s patterned cover and glued them into the cover section of another. You can create paper tape to cover raw box edges by splicing long, narrow lengths of paper from the remaining inside cover of the cut book and peeling it away into thin paper sections to glue to the edges, or use patterned or solid washi tape. My full instructions are in the current magazine or online.

Here are some of my close-up shots of the boxes:If you craft these or other boxes, you might like to label them!

Click on the image below for a PDF set of FREE printable box labels to download and print to full-sheet label stock before trimming out.

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20 Responses to Country Living: Reader’s Digest Book Storage Boxes

  1. #1 - Heather A. says:

    Inspiring as always!!

  2. #2 - martina says:

    What a terrific idea! Looks like another trip to the thrift shop is in order. I used one RD book cover to hide the computer router.

  3. #3 - ChristiGrace says:

    Gorgeous! I have always loved the colorful book covers and bindings on RDCB’s, and this is a wonderful way to use and enjoy them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. #4 - Mary says:

    I just read that article today. Looks like it won’t be too hard and yet turns out pretty classy. Thanks.

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  6. #5 - Marilyn McIldoon says:

    You are such a cleaver girl! These are darling, Marilyn.

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  8. #7 - kate blue says:

    OMG…loving as always…one day I am gonna proclaim it Cathe Holden day and upcycle a whole buncha stuff!!

  9. #8 - Debbie Hall says:

    I have a lot of these vintage books and would like to sell them to crafters who want to make these beautiful boxes. How do I go about finding a selling source?

  10. #9 - Lynn says:

    I’m looking for the paper jackets for most of the Readers Digest Condensed Books/Select Editions from 1974 to 1994. I do like your boxes made from the books, but I like my book collection more and stupidly at one point thought ‘display’ without the jackets was what I wanted in my library! SO short sighted! Now I wish I had the synopsis of each book available when I want to see what’s inside. Would be happy to copy and return if necessary. Can anyone help????

  11. #10 - Deborah H. Bateman says:

    Cute idea. I am an author so I love anything to do with books. This would be a great way to wrap a book you wanted to gift for Christmas or someone’s birthday.
    Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  12. #11 - kate blue says:

    I am obviously directions challenged-I have the supplies but am so confused..can you tell I will struggle but am determined to make one??

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  14. #13 - Mary Handley says:

    Thank you Cathe. I will get a copy of the Country Living and see if I can manage to get one (at least) made. Mary

  15. #14 - NARITA ROADY says:

    Hi! I love your idea and find these books every where usually for no more than 25 cents. I went to the link for your online instructions and there is any. Could you please send me a link to those instructions? Thank you! Love your blog! Narita

  16. #15 - Cindy Good says:

    Dear Cathe,
    I would like to see the instructions for making a box from Readers Digest Condensed Books. I am unable to open the full instructions.
    Thank you, in advance!

    • #16 - Christi says:

      I would also like to see a better link to the instructions. The online version seems to be lost. I’ve got some RD Condensed, took a shot at it with no instructions, and haven’t had any success. Help!!??

  17. #17 - Adrienne Stefanik says:

    Do you sell book boxes?