The Druggist’s Apothecary Cabinet

I’ve been patiently awaiting the discovery of the perfect vintage storage piece for my future barn studio. I was in search of it when I found this antique hardware cabinet at the flea market recently, and though it’s going to make one incredible organizer, I knew it wasn’t the piece. Just the other day, while shopping in one of my favorite stores in town- Sienna Antiques, I heard a sweet sound from the third floor. I made my way up and there she was, gently calling to me. Not only was she on sale, but the kind dealer dropped the price for me just a bit more to make the whole deal happen at half the original price. (Thanks Cindy!) The piece has a 25-drawer base and two glass sliding doors opening to the shelving unit. (I’ll need to have a few extra shelves cut to match.) The two pieces stacked stand nearly 8-feet tall and stretch 6-feet wide. Each drawer handle hardware has recessed framed areas for labeling. The cabinet is now safely stored in my garage awaiting it’s new home this fall.

We could guess all day what it’s original use was, but no need since the druggist’s labels are still in the drawers!

With a bit of research I found one of the products, Wanous Shampoo Bags, at it’s drawer’s same price in the Register of Women’s Clubs book of 1916. Speaking of research…Check out the cabinet I mention in the first paragraph above. A very kind reader did a bit of research on my behalf and you won’t believe what we found out about it. You’ll find the story in the comments of that post.

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