The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman

I’m often asked to review books on my blog, but recently when asked to review one particular book, I replied to the publisher with the request to receive and review a book that I really wanted to get my hands on- The Collage Workbook: How to Get Started and Stay Inspired by Randel Plowman.

Smart move. I have really enjoyed this book. So much so that I brought it to share at my recent collage component workshop at Art Is You!

I would best describe Randel Plowman’s bold artistic style as cold war propaganda posters meet sweet vintage schoolhouse readers. 1950s women’s magazine ads meet Audubon Society pocket guides. Civil engineer union meets Junior League Garden Club. Ad man meets socialite. Cool meets delightful. Every piece attaining an intriguing and beautiful balance.

This well organized book takes the unnecessary confusion and anxiety out of collage art by walking the reader through the very basics beginning with a suggested basic tool kit of essentials for crafting collages and how to use each.

Sometimes just getting started with a creative project is the biggest hurdle, especially if it’s an unfamiliar style of art or crafting. Randel helps the reader tackle all obsticles with multiple ideas for gathering imagery, giving great resources and inspiration.

The chapter on the Creative Process explores the Elements and Principles of Design as well as Basic Composition and Layering. It’s not as complicated as it may sound, as this is a very image-heavy source book with lots of great examples of each. The Explore chapter gives concise instruction on various techniques such as printing on tracing paper and building a home press.

Then come the 50 Creative Exercises! An exciting compilation of collage challenges to get your crafty blood pumping. An added bonus to The Collage Workbook is the Image Library– pages and pages of free images to copy/scan and print to get you started.This book is now a valuable part of my collage reference library. For even more unique inspiration, check out  The Collage Workbook blog, and Randel Plowman’s blog, A Collage A Day.

Enter to win a copy of The Collage Workbook by leaving a nice comment on this post. Deadline to enter is noon, Friday, October 5, 2012 (PDT). One winner will by chosen and notified shortly thereafter and mentioned here.

Thanks for all the great entries and kind words! The giveaway winner is commenter #185 Wendy Gilberd! Congratulations Wendy!

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258 Responses to The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman

  1. #1 - Randi S says:

    This looks like a great book! I would love to have one, too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. #2 - Laurie Kearnes says:

    Oh, this book is just what I have been looking for – inspiration and ideas. Love to win!

  3. #3 - Rebecca Rapport says:

    This looks like a fabulous book. I need a heavy dose of inspiration and this may just be the ticket. I would love to own this book! Hope it makes it’s way to my local public library! Thanks for the review.


  4. #4 - Cindy says:

    I love collage and am always looking for ways to improve my composition, as well as, creative ideas for color and materials that can be used. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention.


  5. #5 - Pamela says:

    I LOVE to collage. Speaking as a person with a creative side and no pencil or brush-to-paper talent, collaging is a wonderful outlet. Thanks for the review, the recommendation, and most of all, the contest!

  6. #6 - Felicia says:

    I really need this book! Whenever I sit down with the intention of working on collages (because I love them) I go brain dead. Seriously. I really need this book!

  7. #7 - Denise says:

    I really want this for motivation to collage

  8. #8 - Julie Leary says:

    My eldest daughter loves to collage. I have her worked tucked all over the house. It makes me feel close to her even when she is far away at school.

  9. #9 - Pat C. says:

    Oh, this book is exactly what I need! I have accumulated enough paper, ephemera, downloadable images, and embellishments to get started creating collages, but I freeze up at the thoughts of actually trying my hand at one, and so I have done nothing except *think about* it.:(

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a helpful book!


  10. #10 - Chelsea McConnell says:

    This looks like an awesome book! Hope I win!

  11. #11 - John says:

    I like how the images are created ..very nice book and think ill get a copy for my collection

  12. #12 - Laura says:

    I love doing collage. This looks like an excellent resource. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  13. #13 - Kelly George says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book, I need to get back to some creative crafting, it’s been too long.

  14. #14 - Annie Pazoo says:

    This looks so wonderful! Can’t wait for all the inspiration and techniques!

  15. #15 - Cathy Moore says:

    I love the subtitle–how to get started and stay inspired. Just what I need! Thanks for the inspiration, ideas and reviews on your amazing blog.

  16. #16 - Carol says:

    What an inspiring book! I have long wondered where to start and this book looks like it would be inspirational!

  17. #17 - Grace says:

    thanks for sharing your review. This is one I’ve been eyeing. Looks like one to keep!

  18. #18 - Julia Stratman says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! The tutorials in the pages you posted look easy and fun.

  19. #19 - Jane B. says:

    Oh, I love collaging and vision boards. I find them such a great way to express my ideas and inspirations. I’d love to win this book. Here’s hoping the random generator picks my comment post.

  20. #20 - Tina Rose says:

    What a lovely book. I’ve done a hit and miss collage and would throughly enjoy and “devour” this book!

    Thank you for the opportunity

  21. #21 - Brandon C. says:

    Looks like an awesome book, and one I’d love to have.

  22. #22 - Brenda says:

    I hope I win! I would love this book.

  23. #23 - Boot~C says:

    this really does look like it has some ideas, what a nice giveaway!

  24. #24 - tami Cline says:

    Collage is one of those things that gets me going. If I need a little inspiration flipping through a book like this is like an instant infusion of creative energy.

  25. #25 - Nancy Y says:

    Finally a book that covers everything about collage!!! I LOVE that it even has exercises to do! Thank you so much for the chance to win a copy!!!

  26. #26 - Brynne says:

    That looks like a lovely book! I love that there are pages of gorgeous images to use!

  27. #27 - Vicki S says:

    Hi Cathe,
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us!
    Waht an inspiring book!

  28. #28 - maggie raguse says:

    Cathe, this looks like a WONDERFUL resource book. And I have to say, your descriptions of Plowman’s style as a cross between “cold war propaganda posters meet sweet vintage schoolhouse readers”, etc., slayed me!! And conjured up images that made me KNOW I’d love his style!

    Any way you could set your random entry selector on my number??? Oh, how I’d love to win this 🙂

  29. #29 - Beckie Tetrault says:

    This book looks FANTASTIC! My daughter and I would love to have a copy!

  30. #30 - Mary Jones says:

    How kind of you to review this book, AND provide one as a giveaway! It looks fantastic, and your endorsement means a lot.

  31. #31 - Shelley says:

    WHOA I DID NOT KNOW HE WAS PUBLISHING A BOOK! I love Randel Plowman’s work, and I would love to win a copy. Thanks for the sneak peeks and for letting me throw my name in the hat!

  32. #32 - Debra Haveman says:

    Thank you Cathe for consistantly introducing new ideas, books, and techniques that stir my creative soul! I have copies of my Grandpa’s poems and letters and your last picture with the letter layout struck me…..what a great idea for a layout. I’d love this book!

  33. #33 - Margaret Haveman says:

    This would make a good gift for my crafty daughter, and I could borrow it even if I gave it to her. I like his style.

  34. #34 - Stephanie says:

    This book looks awesome. hope I win!

  35. #35 - Elizabeth E. says:

    As a long-time reader to your blog, I feel like you always tune us in to interesting ephemera, design ideas and this book is no exception. I appreciate the resource that is JSIM, and all your creativity. Thanks, once again!

  36. #36 - emily hope says:

    this book looks amazing. so inspiring. I need it. need. 😉

  37. #37 - Linda Smith says:

    This would help me to get started on a craft I have wanted to try for awhile. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. #38 - Jennie P. says:

    Fantastic!! Thanks for the chance to win. I love books about crafts and art.

  39. #39 - zura says:

    I have followed Randel for a while now. I love his work. When I saw that his book was out I drooled. Would so love to have a copy!!

  40. #40 - Sara M says:

    I find collage very daunting but enjoy it anyway! I would love to explore this medium some more.

  41. #41 - Zenetta says:

    Wow….I always wanted to know the basics of collage and this seems just the ticket. Thanks for the advice and the chance to win!

  42. #42 - Tina says:

    I am taking a collage class at the local Jr. College this semester. This book looks great and would be a perfect fit for me right now. Please pick me ~smile~

  43. #43 - noelle rawlins says:

    Love the graphic quality of this book. Also, love the step by step photos and the way the are presented. Looks like it would make a great addition to my shelf of art books !

  44. #44 - Michele Sherwin says:

    I get intimidated when trying to start a new project. A book like this would really help get me over that hurdle. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book.

  45. #45 - Linda Bilsborrow says:

    I’m a contemporary quilter and keep being told that using collage in my Sketchbooks would help me a lot. But I don’t know where to begin. Thanks for reviewing this book because it looks like it might be the thing to get me started!

  46. #46 - K&O says:

    Thanks for the view. It looks great.
    I want that book!

  47. #47 - K&O says:

    O o … I didn’t red your last paragraph.
    There is an opportunity to win it.
    And I wrote ‘I want it’. It was like yelling like a little child! I was meaning that I would buy it but maybe I have to wait. Maybe I can win it …

  48. #48 - Niina says:

    How about this for a nice comment: Even if I don’t win, I’m going to get this book!

  49. #49 - saskia says:

    i would love 2 win a copy of this book! i ve been wanting 2 start for a long time…….creativity enough but… to start… with what…..
    and so on……
    with this book i would not just think about starting it…… i would begin….!!!!

  50. #50 - laura says:

    So sad I missed Art is You! Do you plan to teach there again?

    Book reviews are such a nice thing. I am always worried about buying a book site unseen.

  51. #51 - Elaine Allen says:

    Cathe –

    Thanks so much for the review on this book. I have started to seriously think about learning collage and have been trying to find a few good books on the subject for learning basics and for inspiration. So this is just perfect timing. So far I have limited my collage experiments to a few tags. Thought I’d tackle something small – LOL!
    Thanks for the chance to win the book.

    Elaine Allen

  52. #52 - Yvonne Osborne says:

    I always enjoy your blog. The book looks great–just what I need!


  53. #53 - Becky says:

    This book looks great….full if wonderful ideas to get the creative wheels turning. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to own one 🙂

  54. #54 - Brenda Gregory says:

    Incredible! I have been inspired by so many of your projects. I have been tossing around the idea of putting together a unique journal–I think this would add so much more to it. Thank you for all you do!


  55. #55 - Sharon Bennett says:

    What a great inspiration! I love collage and this book is just what I need to really get to the place to begin seriously. Thanx Cathe for a chance!

  56. #56 - laura says:

    Paper crafts really are the best, and this book looks beautifully designed to boot.

  57. #57 - Marilyn Hughes says:

    I’d love to win this book. Sounds just like what I need to help my collaging.

  58. #58 - Debbie Jones says:

    Pick me.

  59. #59 - Julia P says:

    I just recently was introduced to this book at an art retreat while taking a class on color and composition. I love that there are creative prompts! I did not have the opportunity to explore it much while I was there and was thrilled to see you delve into it with this blog post! Thanks so much for this lovely review of a book I will be adding to my library soon! (sooner if I’m the lucky winner!)

  60. #60 - carol p says:

    what a nice offer love your collages.

  61. #61 - bonnie jean woolger says:

    It looks like a fun book!

  62. #62 - Lily says:

    Ohh I have this book in my Amazon wish list as it looked good in the preview and now I’ve read this review I want it even more!

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  63. #63 - Karen says:

    Looks like a great book! Thanks for the review and chance to win

  64. #64 - Julie Lane says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’m a big fan of Randel and love that I have now discovered your fabulous site as well!!

  65. #65 - Dianne says:

    Oh! I have been wanting this book for quiet awhile! It looks so great! Thanks for the chance to win it! 🙂

  66. #66 - Michelle Pryde says:

    Love Randel’s style of collage and the book looks fantastic! Really great review, and appreciate the chance to win a copy!

    ~ gem ~

  67. I would LOVE to have this book!! Thank you for offering it. 🙂

  68. #68 - Michelle says:

    Looks like another book I need to add to my library collection! Can’t wait!

  69. #69 - robinkinney says:

    Randall: love the blend of bird collage and vintage jazz covers on your Facebook page.

  70. #70 - Karen L says:

    Would love to win this! Wow!

  71. #71 - gretchen says:

    It’s a great book, really happy to have it in my collection of resources. Always gets the wheels turning!

  72. #72 - Lara says:

    I cannot wait to see this book!

  73. #73 - Lori Reed says:

    I receive Randel Plowman’s a-collage-a-day emails and always look forward to seeing his latest piece. I’ve used his Masters: Collage book as a resource and can see from your photos of the page spreads that his new book is filled with great information on process. I’ll be putting this book on my wish list, unless of course, in the drawing you PICK ME! PICK ME! 😀

  74. #74 - Kim Schuman says:

    I want to buy this book if I don’t win it!

  75. #75 - KAREN says:

    Looks like a great must-have for collage studio libraries! I want a copy!

  76. #76 - sara says:

    I would a copy of this book to keep in my studio. It would be a great inspiration!

  77. #77 - Barbara Horst says:

    Love Randall’s work! Will begin a collage class next week. Teacher has recommended his book. Would love to win it!

  78. #78 - Rebecca says:

    Looks like a wonderful book!

  79. #79 - Meredith says:

    I recently came across Randel’s book and site and am quite taken by his collages. His book would be a great source of inspiration.

  80. #80 - michael says:

    I took a terrific collage workshop with Mr. Plowman. Would be thrilled to win a copy of this book.

  81. #81 - Christy Brink says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving Randel Plowman’s “collage-a-day” emails for quite a while now … I’d love an opportunity to win this book!
    You both have wonderful blogs!

  82. #82 - marie says:

    I loved his earlier book “Masters: Collage…” and refer to it often. This book looks like an inspiration!

  83. #83 - Patty says:

    This book looks like just the thing I need to jumpstart my snoozing creativity. I have enjoyed snooping around your site and will return for another look at the tutorials and freebies. Thanks.

  84. #84 - pallavi says:

    Would love to get started with collages with inspiration from this book!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. #85 - rannae baker says:

    Love the book, great inspiration to get started to do a little everyday.

  86. #86 - Hilary Wright says:

    This book looks wonderful. I would love to take a collage class locally, however they are never offered. This would at least be a step in the right direction.

  87. #87 - annie says:

    wow! i’ve just started trying my hand at collage–i have enough “stuff” accumulated thats its starting to ooze out of the drawers begging to be used…. 🙂
    thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  88. #88 - Pam Bell says:

    I have enjoyed your daily collages. I live in Madison. I am turning 69 on October 6 and would love a copy of your book.
    I have been a fiber artist all my life presently exploring mixed media after years of being a weaver, quilter, and florist,….great combination and a wonderful collection of stuff to being my collage life.
    Pam Bell

  89. #89 - Julie Bollenbacher says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’ve been looking for an organized creative book with LOTS OF VISUALS. I love the idea of 50 creative exercises – After putting my 1 year old twins to bed, searching for my x-acto knife and glue/tape for 20 minutes, the idea of coming up with a creative project seems as daunting as climbing Mt. Everest.

  90. #90 - Deborah says:

    I’ve been kind of burned out by books lately, but this one sounds very good. You have peaked my interest.

  91. #91 - SC Marshall says:

    This is a colorful, inspirational, very professional book. I am thrilled to have it in my library and would give a second copy to my art major daughter!

  92. #92 - Carmen says:

    Interesting review. I’ve had this on my wishlist a while and it’s nice to see inside it and see what you think of it 🙂

    Many thanks for the chance to win.

  93. #93 - Sheridan Kalletta says:

    I have recently subscribed to Randel Plowman’s blog, “A collage a day,” in the hopes of getting inspiration as I explore my own desire to collage. I have gotten several books out of my local library as sources for discovering artful techniques to use and ideas for expressing my own inner voice. However, they are always due back before I am ready to release them, so to have my very own reference book to use anytime I want would be incredible! I will have to look for The Collage Workbook at the library, and possibly request it’s purchase if it’s not there. In the meantime, I will remain hopefully that I just MIGHT win a copy, thanks to you!

  94. #94 - Kim Tedrow says:

    Well written review! I already have and love the book, but if I win I’ll give it to someone as a really special gift. Kind regards, Kim

  95. #95 - Abby says:

    This book looks amazing! I must add it to my creative resource shelf!

  96. #96 - E J Brown says:

    You are soooo right about this book!!
    Thanks for such a great review!!
    I have LOVED Randel’s work for a number of years……sooo glad he did a step by step workbook!!
    Hope to win a copy!!

  97. #97 - LeeW says:

    This book looks like an excellent way to get started, or refine, collaging! Thank you for offering one!

  98. #98 - Deborah Bein says:

    Have been wanting a look at this book since it was released, thanks for the tantalizing review! I am a collage-aholic and this would feed my habit just great! If I don’t win, it will be on my wish list. Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. #99 - rebeca trevino says:

    i love love love collage, and Randel Plowman is one of my favorite artists. Great review, looking forward to the inspiration.

  100. #100 - Evan says:

    I’d love to get my grubby mitts on that book!

  101. #101 - Lillian Mederak says:

    I love this book
    i want one
    thanks for the review

  102. #102 - Karen Nein says:

    I just recently discovered the collage a day website and enjoy it tremendously. and I just added your collage workbook to my wishlist on Amazon. Your artwork makes me smile!

  103. #103 - Deb Brown says:

    I love this book! I have this idea, but never quite know how to get it onto paper – and I do believe this is the book I need. It would be wonderful to win, exciting to create from it and fun to blog about it. Please consider me entered!

  104. #104 - Sheila says:

    Thank You Cathe For the walk through of The Collage Workbook. All of the gorgeous photos, and seeing the steps he takes for the projects make me want to start a collage right now! I have been fascinated for a while, with collage, but have yet to try it. I follow Randel’s blog. And I am so happy to have found your site now, as well!

    Thanks for offering this chance to win a copy! I have added the book to my amazon wish list.

  105. #105 - Lelainia Lloyd says:

    I am sitting here DROOLING over this book. It looks delicious and certainly one that would be a fantastic source of info and eye candy. I think I’d likely page it til it was dogeared. It’s going on my wishlist!

  106. #106 - Walter Lamb says:

    Nice review. I have several of Randall’s collages and they are beautiful.
    Want/need a copy of this book!

  107. #107 - Bunny says:

    Oh how wonderful! I love art books like that, and collage is so interesting.

  108. #108 - Ethel says:

    This 68 year old who recently found her way back to artistic pursuits would love to win a copy of this book!
    Happy to have discovered your site!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the book.

  109. #109 - Laurie says:

    This book looks wonderful! I have so many things gathered for collages but always get stuck on where to start. Thank you for sharing it. Laurie

  110. #110 - valerie raven says:

    I love this workbook. One of the best written instruction books.
    Great photos of materials, projects and art.
    A winner.

  111. #111 - Francie Shoemaker says:

    Collages are lots of fun to do, I am happy to see your beautiful work here.

  112. #112 - Kathy W says:

    Wow! What a cool book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. #113 - Melissa K says:

    I love his work and would really love more insight into how he pulls things together. The images are always so deceptively simple when you first look at them, but they draw you in with more and more complexity the longer you look.

  114. #114 - Margaret K says:

    I’ve borrowed this book from the local library and have fallen in love with it….so much so, I have renewed it twice! Would love to own my own copy!

  115. #115 - Tom Hlas says:

    Can’t wait to see your book. Love your work. Fingers crossed. Would love to win a copy. – Tom

  116. #116 - Dorothy Schreiber says:

    Collage is my favorite form of artistic expression. I use it in greeting card making, tags, altered art, and more. For a person who has always tried to color inside the lines, it sets my free to explore my creative juices. Thanks for the encouragement.

  117. #117 - Janet says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! I came over from Randel’s blog. I could use some inspiration right about now and I’m sure his book would provide it.

  118. #118 - Cal says:

    I just bought Randel’s book myself, and was so inspired that I signed up for a 4-session collage class through my local Learning Connection. And after looking at the “collage a day” blog, I even bought one of Randel’s original works! Can’t wait to hang it in my home!

  119. #119 - ruby t says:

    Hi Cathe,

    WooHoo, collage goodness!!

    I have admired Randel’s collages for quite a while now and was so excited to hear that he had a book where he explains his processes.

  120. #120 - lisaroy says:

    I would love to win this! I love Randel’s blog and find it so inspiring 🙂

  121. #121 - Tattered and Lost says:

    I still have a collage I did in high school which was mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm years ago (let’s just say over 40). I used to love doing collages and should get back into doing it.

  122. #122 - Sydney says:

    I’ve been curious about this book for awhile now. Thank you for such an excellent review! (And for the opportunity to win a copy!)

  123. #123 - Bonnie Henry says:

    I would LOVE to have a copy of this book. I live in Cincinnati and I’m always looking for workshops or classes on collage but am unable to find anything. Maybe what I need is a good book to get me started.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a winner

  124. #124 - Sacha Baumann says:

    Delightful looking book. Randel Plowman is inspiring. Thanks for this giveaway!

  125. #125 - Deb says:

    Looks like a fabulous book!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  126. #126 - lynaeve says:

    I would love to win, thank you for the chance!

  127. #127 - Judy C says:

    Even if you don’t like the collage style that reviewer Cathe Holden described as “cold war propaganda posters meet sweet vintage schoolhouse readers” , this is still a great beginner’s book. If you’ve never tried collage and need basic info and some inspiration to get started, get it here from an acclaimed collage artist. Then go take a look at Masters:Collage curated by Mr. Plowman. That will give you plenty of stylistic variety. But get started here!

    I’ve checked both books out of the library and would now love to have my own copy of The Collage Workbook.

  128. #128 - Elisabeth Ptak says:

    Thanks for the look inside the book. Looks great. I’d love to win a copy. Thanks!

  129. #129 - Kate Burroughs says:

    Looks like a great book. I am practically your neighbor, I live in Sebastopol!
    Aloha, Kate

  130. #130 - Teri Dryden says:

    I really NEED this book!!!! You are quite an inspiration Randel!!

  131. #131 - jane w. says:

    How exciting! I would absolutely love to win this! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  132. #132 - Kate B says:

    I would love to learn more about this artform!

  133. #133 - Roberta says:

    What a great blog you have! SO happy to have stumbled upon it. The book looks fabulous. Count me in the contest!

  134. #134 - Elaine says:

    Thanks for the review, Cathe; this is something I would like to try.
    Your comment, “getting started with a creative project is the biggest hurdle, especially if it’s an unfamiliar style of art or crafting” is certainly true when one doesn’t know the best materials to use for a ‘successful’ first project. I really appreciate a good guide book.
    And thanks for the links! I’ll be spending some time with the blogs.

  135. #135 - Rebecca Rohrkaste says:

    I’ve found Randal Plowman’s collages on his Collage a Day site very inspiring and would love to learn about his construction and inspiration techniques. Thanks for a chance to win this book!

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  137. #136 - VickyC says:

    This book looks very interesting, I like the creativity exercises and the images included.

  138. #137 - Julia says:

    “Sometimes just getting started with a creative project is the biggest hurdle…” – yes!! I’ve been a fan of Randel’s collages for a few years, but I just found out about this book. What a treasure! Would love to add this to my art book collection. It looks like a great resource for any artist looking to try something new.

  139. #138 - Kathleen says:

    I love your descriptions of Plowman’s style … “ad man meets socialite”! LOL. Fantastic with all the photos too. I have his Masters: Collage book, which is fantastic and would love to get my grubby little hands on this “how-to” tome as well!

  140. #139 - Margery says:

    I’ve been following Randel Plowman’s Collage-a-Day for several months and would love to receive a copy of his book!

    P.S. Your heading over Responses misspells Randel’s last name…. :-0

  141. #140 - Cori says:

    This is a wonderful book! I borrowed a copy from the library and would love to have my own copy!

  142. #141 - Vicki says:

    Wow! Cathe,

    This is a great giveaway. Looks like I’m a day late for this post – here’s hoping I’m not a dollar short.

    I think 142 is a lucky number, isn’t it?


  143. #142 - Rachael says:

    Thanks for sharing this review-I love collages and would love to add this book to my collection!

  144. #143 - Mary Ann Potter says:

    The book looks great! I know I’d love to win it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  145. #144 - Christine Goldbeck says:

    I enjoy following your blog and this looks like an awesome book that I would be happy to have in my collection and to share with students.

  146. #145 - erica gilbert says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I admire collage artists and have been wanting to start. Looks like this book may need to come live at my house!

  147. #146 - Linda S says:

    Wow, this is just what the art doctor ordered!! This would be a great addition to anyone’s library. Count me in on your generous give-away!!

  148. #147 - erica gilbert says:

    this looks like a book i could use. thanks for offering a give-a-way!

  149. #148 - liz pagano says:

    love your work!! the book looks amazing!

  150. #149 - Kelly says:

    I love to collage. There’s something so meditative about finding and selecting images and then arranging the art. Thanks for sharing!

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    “…bold artistic style as cold war propaganda posters meet sweet vintage schoolhouse readers. 1950s women’s magazine ads meet Audubon Society pocket guides. Civil engineer union meets Junior League Garden Club. Ad man meets socialite. Cool meets delightful…”

    I’ve transitioned into mixed-media and collage about two years ago and I’m loving the mediums and the work people are creating out there including Randel Plowman. I’ve also been teaching my own art and craft workshops and I’m always trying to figure out how to introduce non-artists to art. Thank you for this introduction. This book sounds like a great reference tool for any art teacher.

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