SMASH Time Capsule Kit & 365 Folio Giveaway!

Are you familiar with SMASH* products? I think they are simply brilliant. I’ve been in love with them since I first saw this video a while back:

Both my teenage daughters have SMASH* Folios, and with their permission, I’m sharing a few shots of them.

This is one of Sarah’s pages, entitled Random, from her International SMASH* Folio (pictured above with added lace).It’s the perfect book to hold such sweet things as photo-booth photos of her and her BFF.A special flower from a special friend is tucked into Jamie’s Retro Blue SMASH* Folio,along with that special (flat) friend, and a few surfing mementos.Recently, the girls were sent the new SMASH* Time Capsule Kits!These are really cool storage boxes to keep nostalgia-worthy tokens and treasures safe for a very, very long time. The sturdy box is designed to fit one standard SMASH* Folio, (not included,) plus other odds and end. The metal clasp securely stores all keepsakes. I love the fun Past, Present & Future pad inside that prompt lists of ideas, thoughts and favorite things.The SMASH* Time Capsule Kit includes:

  • 1 storage box (8” x 11” x 2.75”)
  • 2 storage tubes
  • 1 Past, Present, and Future pad (30 sheets)
  • 17 stickers and
  • 2 insert sheets

Another fun new product is the SMASH* 365 Folio.

40 wonderful pages to journal a year’s worth of moments and musings from Opposite Day to Earth Day, and ever other holiday in between. And of course, the genius black pen and glue combo stick!

Be sure to check out all the other fabulous SMASH* collections online at K&Company– there’s loads and loads of fun Folios and accessories.

THE SMASH* GIVEAWAY!EK Success will send one lucky JSIM reader the SMASH* Time Capsule Kit and the SMASH* 365 Folio! (US and Canada residents only.)


TO ENTER: Leave a nice SMASH* related comment below!

ENTRY DEADLINE: Monday, November 12, 2012 at noon (PT). The winner will be chosen, notified and announced here shortly after.

CONGRATULATIONS #212 Kim Stewart- You won the giveaway!! Thank you everyone who entered!

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225 Responses to SMASH Time Capsule Kit & 365 Folio Giveaway!

  1. #1 - dare says:

    i love all the new smash supplies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. #2 - Melodee says:

    I’m going to assume the giveaway deadline is a booboo. 🙂 I love the SMASH line. I think what I like most about them is that they inspire me. That’s a very good thing because, these days, we need all the creative inspiration we can get!

  3. #3 - missie says:

    Just purchased my first SMASH book! I love the idea of having a place to place all my little mementos. I’m eager to start filling pages.

  4. #4 - Annamarie says:

    This looks pretty cool. I’d love to have one. I think that the books and/or kits will make great Christmas gifts for a few ladies on my list. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. #5 - Jennifer C says:

    I have SMASHED a spring break vacation and a bachelorette party…both times I loved it, it made it so easy to complete my album on the go. I can’t wait to have another get away to SMASH!

  6. #6 - Vanessa Johanning says:

    Hope fully you ment November 12th! xxooxxo

    I love the smash books because the backgrounds are lovely! You can journal and paint right on top of the great THICK paper!

  7. #7 - Kym says:

    I love that box! I used a smash as a travel journal for a couple trips, and I’d love to try a 365-type project with it. My oldest starts Kindergarten next year…it would be a perfect year to start! 🙂 Thanks!

  8. #8 - Diana says:

    I love my smash book! Pure awesomeness!

  9. #9 - april says:

    Looks awesome! Thanks for a chance to win!

  10. #10 - Amy says:

    I love giving sets of SMASH products as gifts. They especially make great gifts for teenagers and high school graduates. They make journaling so easy!!!

  11. #11 - Tabitha says:

    I haven’t yet used any SMASH* products but they look like just the thing to get me motivated. I really love the “don’t make it too perfect, just make it” aesthetic of their products. What a great way to document your real life.

  12. #12 - Dawn Wagner says:

    I love the Smash products and can’t wait to try the time capsule kit! Thank you for the opportunity to win one! 🙂

  13. #13 - Mary Roussel says:

    I love all the smash items. It makes it so easy to get it done without the worry of a layout and what embellishments to use. It’s easy to grab and start scrapping all the little things.

  14. #14 - Gayle Erwin says:

    Oh, I love that you can put all that great no flat stuff into the box, to keep it safe. I often collect things and then have no where good to put them. This would be great.

  15. #15 - Pam says:

    Absolutely love the SMASH products! So versatile and fun to use.

  16. #16 - Jackie says:

    I just got a SMASH book for my 8 year old daughter. She loves it. The glue/pen combo is such a neat idea!

  17. #17 - Trina Doornbos says:

    I haven’t seen the box; smashing good ideas! And I need a new Folio…keep running out of empty pages. Keep the ideas coming 🙂

  18. #18 - Christin Bosque says:

    Hahah..another item I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. Now I must get myself one or two..or three!!!

  19. #19 - Gayle says:

    What a creative product this is – so easy to use and personalize – it would be fun to play with it!

  20. #20 - Lisa Gallup says:

    I love the Smash accessories! I would love the Time Capsule. I would make one up and leave it for my granddaughter.

  21. WOWSERS!!! What an amazing idea! The creativity that team comes up with always amazes me. Anyone would be lucky to win such an amazing set. My mind is already smashing with what all I could include or do with it. Something for my daughter to keep and look through when she has a daughter someday- or on her wedding day. The options are just endless!

  22. #22 - melody says:

    Oooh! I have been drooling over Smash products ever since I first saw them online… but I haven’t had the opportunity or extra funds to pick any of it up yet. Perhaps this will be just the nudge I need! Oh no! Another awesome crafting vortex….I’m falling again…..aaaaahhhh!…..

  23. #23 - Julia Prohaska says:

    What a great give away! A great creative way to keep up with thoughts, ideas, current happenings! Thanks for sharing Cathe!

  24. #24 - Abby says:

    I love the SMASH line of products. They are so fun! I haven’t seen the kits before that would be so great to store each of my daughters baby keep sakes.

  25. #25 - Jenny says:

    I love Smash books! I have one and just love the design. great giveaway!

  26. I have a crafty girl who would have so much fun creating with SMASH supplies – me! Oh, my daughter would probably love to use them too!

  27. #27 - misty delgado says:

    My daughter would love this, how fun!

  28. #28 - Misti K says:

    I have been eying the smash books at Target for months now….I think I might actually do more than give it the wistful side-eye now…

  29. #29 - C McKenna says:

    I have seen them in stores, but I haven’t seen how they are used…..WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA!!! I need to get one for my daughter and me!! Maybe I will win one…..that would be FANTASTIC too!

  30. #30 - Cynthia says:

    I am LOVING that Time Capsule! What a great idea!! I used my Smash Book to hold all the pictures and mementos that I had hanging on my college dorm walls back in the ’90s. It was sooo much fun putting them in the Smash Book and reliving the memories!

  31. #31 - Anne says:

    I’d love to have this. It would be a great way for my teen to document his high school years. What a cool product!

  32. #32 - Sheryl Remy says:

    I had not seen this product before but it looks like something my daughter would adore. It really like this SMASH Time Capulse Kit.

  33. #33 - Cim Allen says:

    I love the time capsule idea .. I can’t wait for those to hit the shelves !! Thanks for the chance to win !

  34. #34 - Ana K. says:

    I love the smashbook idea, It was hard buying just one of their themed books.

  35. #35 - Debby de Wilde says:

    What an amazing give-away. Really like the capsule kits, I did not see them before.

  36. #36 - Elaine says:

    I introduced my niece to SMASH the other year when she was going on her first cruise; it was a hit! This would make a terrific gift for a younger one who is busy with all things high school! Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. #37 - Lourdes says:

    I love Smash books. I was introduced to them last year while in Utah. I bought one for me and one for my kids. I live that it is so easy to just put things in them and journal.

  38. #38 - Dan Levy says:

    I know *just* the 11-year-old who would turn her time capsule into a lifetime keepsake!

  39. #39 - Heather Ales says:

    I LOVE the smash line products! I use them in my planner/brain/organizer all the time, but I use the folio as the special place I keep track of the promptings I receive while having my personal scripture study. It’s the perfect size, and the style of it lets me express things my way!

  40. #40 - Karla says:

    You have gotta check out this blog, man… I’ve been eyeing this time capsule since I say them! Would love to win.

    Warm regards,
    Karla Laura Smith

  41. #41 - Janet says:

    Those books are awesome! We <3 Smashbooks and the Time Capsule would be a fabulous gift for my daughter, unless I decide to keep it/create in it myself!! Thanks for the give-away!!

  42. #42 - Michele says:

    I love to smash, I want to buy more smash supplies 🙂

  43. #43 - Lelainia Lloyd says:

    I really love the SMASH line, but it’s so popular that it’s hard to find anything in stock on the shelves here. The minute it arrives, it get snapped up! I suppose for the store owners & the SMASH company, that’s a good problem to have…it just means I get slim pickins!

    I love the box-I would use it to create a time capsule of memeories of all the good things that have happened in my life this year-concerts I went to (I saved the tickets) the Rick Hansen 25th anniversary Relay medal I was given for being a Difference Maker and so on. It would make a great place to house all the positive things 2012 has meant.

  44. #44 - Jessica Dougherty says:

    I think the Smash products are so cool! I gave my best friend a Smash book & tape for Christmas last year. She really loved it!

  45. #45 - jennifer says:

    i’ve always wanted to smash….just haven’t taken the jump yet. this would provide the perfect incentive. i have all sorts of smash stuff in my brains beating against them to come out. i would love this. thank you for the opportunity. i love your blog. totally and completely.

  46. #46 - Shannon Martinson says:

    I have a Smash book for random thoughts and bits and pieces of stuff, I find it less intimidating than some of the more formal looking blank page journals I’ve tried in the past. I’d love to try the 365 one. And I think the time capsule would be a great gift for my sister to use for memories of my two nephews.

  47. #47 - Skye Millhiser says:

    Would love these to keep track of my 3 girls memories. My 7 year old loves her Smash book!!!

  48. #48 - terry says:

    ooooo, luv the look of the Smash books but haven’t started one myself yet. Have you seen the cool Smash Book kits in the stores>> fabulous

  49. #49 - Ruth C says:

    Everything looks fun. I hope I win!!!

  50. #50 - Elizabeth Toel says:

    I have been tempted by the Smash display in the store so many times…it seems like such a creative and fun way to preserve memories.

    I have bought a few of the accessories and used them in my summer craft classes!


  51. #51 - JoAnn says:

    I bought my daughter a smash journal and a bunch of accessories to help her record some of the highlights/issues/ etc – I think she is really enjoying it and I toyed with the idea of buying one for myself 🙂

  52. #52 - Heather Bellino says:

    The Easter Bunny brought my daughter a Smash folio and Date stamp in her basket this year.
    She absolutely loves it! I think Santa is bringing a Smash Time Capsule and more Smash pads and stickies. They are so much fun 🙂

  53. #53 - Leith says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen SMASH* products and they look amazing! I’d love to have the chance to experience them IRL. 🙂

  54. #54 - Kelly says:

    This is the first I have seen of the Smash products, but now I am dying to try them!

  55. #55 - Jen says:

    I’m not familiar with SMASH*, but their products look amazing. I would love to win the time capsule and folio. Thanks for the giveaway.

  56. #56 - laurie says:

    I LOVE my Smash book. At first I horded it because I didn’t want to scar its beauty of a “blank” book, but no longer! I will definitely be getting a 365 folio, if I don’t win!

  57. #57 - Karen Saporito says:

    I just purchased my fist Smashbook last week in prep for my very first cruise starting the 10th of Nov. I also baught the bags to place things I find while snorkling and hiking etc….I figure the fresher the finds the more I can revisit my memories through the aromas they save for me……….SO EXCITED !!!!!!!

  58. #58 - Celine says:

    I *just* discovered Smash tape last weekend and I’m in love! Pick me! Pick me!

  59. #59 - Karen Ringen says:

    I haven’t done a Smash book yet. Maybe I should take a closer look.

  60. #60 - Kathy W says:

    Oooh. More fun Smash stuff. Smash books remind of the ‘scrapbooks’ that I made when I was in junior high and high school. I have used several of the big Smash rubber bands to hold together non-Smash books, too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. #61 - Linda S says:

    How cool!! This would be so great to add to my Smash books. Thanks for a chance to win.

  62. #62 - Arvilla says:

    I have boxes upon boxes of tickets, cards, movie stubs, and I want to change my messy way. By receiving this smash book I could organize my life through pictures, drawings, words and more. I want to be creative let me SMASH it up!

  63. #63 - kathleen schriber says:

    omgoodness…this time capsule is ‘SMASHING’! i need one to set up a time capsule for my grand daughter who’s due to arrive in 17 days. i love, love the capsules box, everything!
    thank you for the chance to win this ‘SMASHING’ prize!

  64. #64 - Julia Stratman says:

    What a super fun way to journal!

  65. #65 - Toy Jalanugraha says:

    OMG!! Smash giveaway..too good to be true but I will keep dreaming…I save the craft store coupond every week and get one piece of Smash prouct, one item at a time. They are so much fun. So colourfull, so playfull I got all of their journal books and give them to my children and my friend’s children too. I will start dreaming now….the kit look like. so much fun

  66. #66 - Debra NaDell says:

    Wow! This new box is perfect! I have so much stuff in shoe boxes. This is so much better!! I love all of their products. Smash’s products make me drool!!! ;D))

  67. #67 - Carole RB says:

    I love Smash books and now they have a Time Capsule Kit whoo hoo. Great! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  68. #68 - ANNIE LAWLOR says:

    When I first saw Smash I went CRAZY! I thought how it was exactly what I had been looking for for years but never really knew how to create it.I am not a scrapbook-er-BUT a collector of cards,paper,vintage, odd bits,ephemera… well you know what I mean.I have been storing/sorting items to start my Book this winter. If I were younger I would have one for every occasion. I am thrilled that Cathe likes Smash too as I think she is so inspirational and her designs are amazing.

  69. #70 - Patty says:

    Please ignore #69, I hit enter by accident! Love SMASH products! Such a wonderful idea for a journal/scrapbook!

  70. #71 - VickyC says:

    Absolute best memory collecting products!!

  71. #72 - Janice mitchell says:

    Oh pick me I would have a smashing good time ! I love the smash products!!! Journal a whole year would be awesome.

  72. #73 - Janice mitchell says:

    The smash line is awesome. I love the creativity! Pick me!

  73. #74 - Mary says:

    The Smash products are very inspirational! I have lots of ideas to put them all to good use! Thank you for the giveaway!

  74. #75 - Vicki S says:

    I just love Smash, so cool!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. #76 - Lisa says:

    What a brilliant gift for your daughters-not only the smash products themselves, but also the way they encourage them to conveniently save memories of their youth. I wish someone had encouraged me to save my thoughts & momentos to savor later in life! Someone gave me letters I wrote to them years ago while I was in college, & my memories seemed “3-d” as i reread what I wrote. The “smash” products are fabulous in all ways!

  76. #77 - Julie Snodgrass says:

    How fun is this! Also a great gift idea too!

  77. #78 - Carol says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! My daughter would absolutely love one of these…and I would love to share it with her too! Looks like an amazing product. Thanks for the chance to create more memories with SMASH!

  78. #79 - Mary Kirkland says:

    These look really cool! Would also be a cute baby book idea.

  79. #80 - Vanessa says:

    I bought a Smash book several months ago. It is just so beautiful that I’ve been afraid to start using it. I look at all those pretty pages and just don’t if i can cover them up. 🙂

  80. #81 - Heather says:

    One of the things I live about the SMASH goodies is that they’re “finished” but not too finished — there’s just enough design there to inspire, but not so much that it overwhelms *my* creativity and ideas. <3

  81. #82 - Natalie Stevens-Graziani says:

    I can’t wait to fill my smash book.

  82. Who doesn’t love Smash? It’s so awesome! Haven’t bought one yet, so hope I win!

  83. #84 - Gwen says:

    Smash journals are so addictive…love them!

  84. #85 - Gini Cooper says:

    I love the whole Smash product line – incredible graphics, great scrappies for pasting in, and everything imaginable to make journal keeping doable for any age. Woo, hadn’t seen the time capsules. Would love to win one and fill with odd trivia for someone way in the future to find and treasure. Thanks for great giveaway!!

  85. #86 - lynne ATL says:

    I have a Smash journal that I just can’t bring myself to write in. Silly, I know. Just want it to cool

  86. #87 - Dorothy says:

    I love, love, love Smashing! I’m on my second book with several waiting in the wings. The time capsules are awesome, possum!

  87. #88 - Sharna says:

    I ♥ SMASH! Love the new box….

  88. #89 - CrazyMomTats! says:

    Oooo – pick me! It would be good for me journaling and keeping up with my tatting designs

  89. #90 - Jawan says:

    SMASH inspires me to save almost everything my kids doodle on. When they bring home little trinkets from school, I immediately think of how I can incorporate “it” into the SMASH book (think jpg files!).

  90. #91 - Heather says:

    OOh I LOVE Smash books and have 2 myself and my 9 year old daughter has 2. What a fun addition with the time capsule box. That would be an awesome gift for her for Christmas!!

  91. #92 - Veronika says:

    I love SMASH* stuff! Can’t get enough! Bring on the giveaway and please pick me! Million thanks!

  92. #93 - Linda says:

    What a cool way to keep all of the little things from the year. Would love to have a smash kit.

  93. #94 - laurie says:

    Cool, quick and a little bit quirky. I love the SMASH products!

  94. #95 - Gina Kim says:

    I would LOVE a time capsule kit and the latest Folio. I would attach 100s of tiny watercolor paintings & whimsical musings & lots of precious pictures of my little family…. then blog about it! 🙂

  95. #96 - Sarah says:

    I saw a couple Smash books in a store awhile back but they were only 15 or 20 pages. You are showing me something I didn’t know about. If I don’t win it I will definitely have to go online and buy it.

  96. #97 - Judith Weldon says:

    What a fabulous giveaway just in time for the holidays. Love seeing how “real” people use their smash books, Thanks Girls!!!!

  97. #98 - Margaret Petitt says:

    I don’t believe I have seen anything this cute in a long time! And the pen with the glue on one end is absolutely genius! I love it!

  98. #99 - Noreen says:

    What a great way to keep a diary/scrapbook! And fun, too!

  99. #100 - Bree says:

    Love my smash album, I hate to cover the beautiful paper.

  100. #101 - Danielle W says:

    I am new to “smash” books and journaling. Thank you for this great giveaway. Love your Blog!

  101. #102 - Nancy Grant says:

    Such inspiration and fun with SMASH!!! I thought that SMASH books were cool and as far as these products could go. The addition of these products are genius!!! LOVE’EM!!!

  102. #103 - Sandy says:

    I love all Smash products. I recently filled one of the larger ones over the summer with lots of memories that I’ll enjoy looking back at. So excited they came out with a time capsule kit. Thanks for the contest.

  103. #104 - LisaT says:

    I’ve seen these products at my local arts&crafts store, they look way cool so I would LOVE to win this awesome prize package!

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  105. #105 - Amy says:

    My daughter and her buddy love their SMASH journals! I have been thinking about starting one myself, so this would be a great prize. Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. #106 - Pamelotta says:

    This is so cool! I have never been a scrapbooker, but in high school, I had a memories book that was so full of stuff I couldn’t close it! That’s the only kind of scrapbooking I think I’ll ever do. Would love to win!

  107. #107 - Lynn N. says:

    I love Smash! My daughter used the Smash wedding folio as her wedding guest book. It fit her theme perfectly.

  108. #108 - Susan says:

    I love SMASH books! My daughter customized one for her wedding, all the guests signed between the pictures! It was a hit!

  109. #109 - Lindsay says:

    I’ve been intending to purchase a SMASH book forever..but it would be so much more fun to actually win one!

  110. #110 - Jane B. says:

    I, too, love. Love. LOVE! smash journals. It’s so easy to just grab a few momentos, get out the gluestickpen, and collage away. I love paging through my smash journal and remembering the cool things I’ve done over the past few months.

  111. #111 - maybaby says:

    I love the Smash mini sticky tabs for marking ideas in my magazines, so cute and clever!

  112. #112 - Katie G says:

    I carry a small smash book with me to put little notes, insperations, and poams into. I use it all the time! I would love to try more of their products!

  113. #113 - Kathy Garrison says:

    As a writing workshop teacher, I love the smash journals. My students can make smash/ junk journals from summer vacations, everyday life, etc. the time capsule kit would be a perfect twist to add to the journal writing!

  114. #114 - Tracy says:

    What fun! I’m reminded of my childhood scrapbooks. I am now a “Pinning” enthusiast – but how nice to remember that tangibles are really wonderful!

  115. #115 - Jane Jennings says:

    I Love all the Smash Products! I have both sizes of the Journals, and use them both daily! All the extras are fantastic too! Love, love, all their goodies!

  116. #116 - Afshaa says:

    Once I entered this page. Woa omg it feels like I want to start a journal. So I’m going to start a journal now, hehe. I love scrapbook stuffs. Especially if they’re vintage/pastel!

  117. #117 - Rachael H. says:

    I LOVE all of the Smash products! Such fun ideas to spark creativity. Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  118. #118 - Gabriela says:

    I love all things SMASH! I own most of the book and have made my two sons and my MIL hooked. It is amazing to see two boys (ages 11 and 8), record their memories, likes and dislikes into a book. I especially love that when we go on vacation or even to the movie theater they will get memorabilia and say with excitement “for the smash book.” When I saw the 365 book I actually squealed with joy. Can’t wait to buy it.

  119. #119 - Jill says:

    Two of my daughters have smash books and LOVE them! Thank you for this giveaway!

  120. #120 - Rebecca Restrepo says:

    I love SMASH! I use mine like a traditional scrapbook. I grab menus and business cards from restaurants and tuck in bags, etc. They are a really fun way to make keepsakes. Fingers crossed!

  121. #121 - Wendy Vincent says:

    I love the SMASH product line, I’m glad to see the are adding to it with the time capsule idea. I love that you can grab it and go, and there are no “rules” on how to add to your book; just what ever inspires you. Good job SMASH!

  122. #122 - Martha D. Harris says:

    Would LOVE to try the SMASH products. I am ALWAYS cutting something out and then losing it. The SMASH products should take care of that for me.

  123. #123 - BettyC says:

    What fun it would be to use this box of goodies! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  124. #124 - Kim says:

    Looks like a whole lot of fun!

  125. #125 - Lynn says:

    Very cool. I would like to win one for myself and my niece too!

  126. #126 - Robin says:

    That SMASH is cool stuff.

  127. #127 - Willa says:

    These Smash products look like great fun and good ideas. With the recent loss of a good friend I am thinking of a memory box with mementos of our good times together preserved in this way.

  128. #128 - Tabitha says:

    I can see my 18 & 21yr olds liking these…me too!

  129. #129 - Julia D. says:

    I have never heard of the Smash product and sure glad I now have! I can think of such wonderful times of adding to a Smash journal or time capsule. Maybe my basket that holds way to many project ideas (humongous JSIM ideas), could finally be organized and fun. Thanks for sharing and showing, and hope my name pops up for the chance.

  130. #130 - lauren says:

    Love the new time capsule! My 12 year old daughter has a SAMSH! book that she and her friends have been sharing like a circle journal, and they are having the best time with it. Love this whole product line.
    Thanks for the chance.

  131. #131 - Sue D says:

    Would love to try these SMASH products–I have been curious about them.

  132. #132 - Stacy H says:

    I love everything about Smash. So much fun!

  133. #133 - JLVerde says:

    LOVE that turkey (in the one pic). And a pen/glue stick combo? That’s just genius.

  134. #134 - cindy nix says:

    I love my smash books and the new products are awsome.

  135. #135 - Nina says:

    I adore this product line. What a great Christmas gift for my tweens and for all my inspirational quotes and piles of mag pages -PEACE

  136. #136 - LeeW says:

    I am really interested after seeing these neat SMASH products! My niece is in college, and I can see her putting together a time capsule and using the folio! (after I use one myself! 😉 Thanks for the offer!

  137. #137 - Joyce McCormick says:

    The Time Capsule Kit is a brilliant idea!!! I have 2 SMASH Books going right now and I lament the bigger bulkier items I can’t put in there! Thank you for the new products.

  138. #138 - Lisa says:

    I was “smashing” since i was born! (Over 50 years!!) Now there are such cool products to SMASH with! Love it. Lisa

  139. #139 - Mary Jones says:

    I love the new Smash products! Maybe it’s because they speak to the way I think and collect – a little of this, a little of that, and all of it precious and meaningful to me. Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize.

  140. #140 - maggie raguse says:

    Love the Smash products–current and retro all at the same time. Fun and quirky way to collect mementos and memories.

  141. #141 - Leah says:

    Smash books seem totally awesome! I don’t have one yet, but I’ve been drooling over the since they came out.I think the thing I like the most is the combo marker/glue stick. I’d be thrilled to win this giveaway!

  142. #142 - lynaeve says:

    thanks for the chance. I love this smash line.

  143. #143 - Patti says:

    Ooo, Ooo, I hope I get Smashed! I love Smash stuff. <3

  144. #144 - JosephineTomato says:

    So cool – we are in the process of moving from one city to another and it would be great to have a place to put all the memorabilia I am uncovering from living in our Denver home for 15 years. That pen is the greatest

  145. #145 - Laura says:

    Smash-tastic! Love the entire line.

  146. #146 - Amy Bauer says:

    My teenage daughter is GA-GA for Smashbooks and related supplies, and she often chooses them for gifts for friends’ birthdays. I’ve been itching to get a book going myself!

  147. #147 - Amy says:

    This is a SMASHingly awesome project for my 10 year old who is just getting into scrapbooking. Love it!!

  148. #148 - Diane says:

    I have several Smash pads! Love them! So does my eight-year-old!

  149. #149 - Amy Payne says:

    These are such cool products!!
    With three teenagers and an 11 yr old in the house, I would LOVE to win one set for free because they are ALL going to want them!!

  150. #150 - livvie says:

    I have coveted these at my local craft shop and would love to have them to give my tween daughter for a Christmas gift. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  151. #151 - Jenn Shock says:

    Ohmahgerd…this is the first i have heard of SMASH, but now I gotta go out and get me some! That glue/pen is bananas!

  152. #152 - Peggy Edinburgh says:

    Love keeping memories. These would be wonderful to use.

  153. #153 - Shelley says:

    OMG MY DAUGHTER IS GOING TO POOP IN HER PANTS. She’s a Smash fanatic and I have to admit I support her habit. She will love this new stuff. Thanks for the opportunity!

  154. #154 - Colleayn Klaibourne says:

    I would love to win either one. These look like so much fun. I have been using the SMASH pen/glue stick combo and love it, but I haven’t seen these. Thanks for the Blog on these.

  155. #155 - Jennifer Hatloe says:

    My teenage daughter LOVES smashbooks! She does one for each year- She is currently working on the one for her Senior year of high school. It is such a fun line of unique and kitschy products.

  156. #156 - Sue Prescott says:

    I do use SMASH products and would love to win this giveaway!!

  157. #157 - Miss Prickly says:

    I’ve never seen this before. Like!

  158. #158 - ally says:

    these are so cool! i can totally see my box of momentos turning into a very cool collage book.

  159. #159 - Sydney Scott says:

    I loved the idea of the SMASH book when I first heard about it. I have a whole shoe box of stuff that need to be SMASHed in!!

  160. #160 - Suzanne says:

    I’ve seen the SMASH prducts before but have never tried them. I think it would be a great gift for my daughter. I need to add this to my christmas list!

  161. #161 - Jennifer Busselle-Dunn says:

    Smashing! Love the box and the journals. I have one smash journal think it is a awesome concept! Thank you EK!

  162. #162 - Carol Mc says:

    I’ve had a Smash Book for a year now. I’ve
    only just started using it. So much fun
    to play with. Would love to win the
    Time Capsule. Thanks for the chance.

  163. #163 - Kate says:

    Luv luv luv the Smash Books & The time capsule is genius! So many possibilities.

  164. #164 - Stephanie sherratt says:

    Smash is a great craft getaway for your brain. I love these!

  165. #165 - Becky Fierberg says:

    i love these products. i bought 2 (more) to use as collaborative journals with each of my daughters. great way to stay in touch across the miles. can’t get enough! thanks for a great product.

  166. #166 - Anna Jarvis says:

    These are simiply brilliant!

  167. #167 - Becky Lowe says:

    I love to SMASH! Just my style.

  168. #168 - Jillishness says:

    These look awesome – I could imagine my daughter working on this with pictures of her move from MI to KS.

  169. #169 - Tricia Kane says:

    SMASH is perfect for the men in our life. The time capsule will be a hit with my husbands newly acquired mementos from Mom.

  170. #170 - jeanne fitzgerald says:

    Wow! love these products! My daughter would love it too!

  171. #171 - sarajane says:

    Oooh, I stop and drool over the SMASH products anytime I am near them… more good SMASH stuff to love. That glue/pen combo is GENIUS!

  172. #172 - Melissa says:

    Oh man oh man! I am in love with smash journals. I have one daughter hooked on her journal, and even my nine year old son wants one. I think a baby book version would be fun too.

  173. #173 - KD says:

    Love the Time Capsule idea. (Then again, all of the SMASH supplies are awesome).

  174. #174 - cheryl says:

    i would love to try this. I never heard of this till now. These will make my granddaughters very happy on Christmas.

  175. #175 - susie doucet says:

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  177. #177 - Lora says:

    Love the bird illustrations!

  178. #178 - Randi S says:

    I use the SMASH date stamp on all sorts of things. Love it. I would have so much fun with new SMASH supplies!

  179. #179 - Yvonne says:

    My daughter also has a smash book that I started for her as a birthday gift. Love the concept and all the paper products that are available to help with your project. Thanks for a great giveaway”

  180. #180 - Ariane says:

    I love SMASH products!

  181. #181 - ellen young says:

    time capsule is more my speed than a daily journal. would love to have one!

  182. #182 - Karen says:

    I’ve never seen these before! Looks like a SMASHing great idea!

  183. #183 - Lily Clancy says:

    I love smash booking so much!!!!!!!!
    I smash day and night 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I get smash books for all my friends on their birthdays
    Thank you smash makers 🙂

  184. #184 - Andrea H. says:

    I have seen the SMASH products in stores and have been oh-so-tempted but never picked any up! I’ve already got piles and drawers of collected randomness, ready and waiting to go!

  185. #185 - Heather says:

    I love the SMASH book and supplies I got from my sis for my birthday. Some great ideas here, Thanks!

  186. #186 - Kathy says:

    Love SMASH stuff! My son gave one to his friend to document her trip to Costa Rica. I gave one to my niece to record her band trip to Europe. The SMASH format makes you want to go out and do stuff just so you can save little treasures and stick them in your book!

  187. #187 - Elisa says:

    I love all the SMASH accessories they have… cute paper clips, beautiful washi tape, secret pockets, and more! I’d love to have one (or two!). Thanks for the chance to win.

  188. #188 - Jennifer Langer says:

    I love Smash! I could do so much with these new products; they look wonderful!

  189. #189 - Julie says:

    I want one?? I want one!! I have so many scraps of inspiration in an envelope that need a home…and a pen/glue tool?? Totally cool!

  190. #190 - Jane says:

    Great set… coming from a big family… what a great way to organize the treasures a mom collects for each of her kids through the school years.
    Thanks for sharing!

  191. #191 - SusanG says:

    Smash your stash! I love this concept. So quick and fun. No rules, just gather your memories, glue them in, make some notes and you have them documented for life! Thank You for the wonderful opportunity to win this great combo!

  192. #192 - Marcie Nielsen says:

    I used a couple of their notepads last year for a scrapbook activity at my New Year’s party. Everyone loved them!
    The kids, the moms and the dads. They are so much fun!

  193. #193 - cindy says:

    I’ve never seen the smash line before, but its genius! I will be buying several for Christmas presents this year!!

  194. #194 - YooperGal says:

    I’d LOVE to make a SMASH Time Capsule with my Niece!

  195. #195 - reese says:

    goodness, have never seen these before… but my kind of fun!!!

  196. #196 - Catherine C R says:

    I hadn’t seen the time capsule. I LoVE the idea- I am a Smash fan in need of a new book too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  197. #197 - Sheila Earhart says:

    I love the SMASH products! I have a few of the small pieces, but haven’t ever had one of their journals. I had no idea they have a “365 day” journal too! How awesome! Would LOVE to win!

    Sheila in Oregon

  198. #198 - Mary Mac says:

    These journals are smashing good and I would gift it to my granddaughter.

  199. #199 - Cynthia R says:

    These are so awesome. They remind me of my teen years when I would collage and doodle on/in my composition books.

  200. #200 - Sheila Coates says:

    I also think the SMASH kits are brilliant, and have to say I was doing this sort of thing before it was perfectly put-together for me! Sadly, a quality product was just not available at that time, and my re-purposed school-type notebooks did not survive. I think the time capsules are the ideal companion to the notebooks and accessories. I love how everything comes together- it’s like they know just what’s on my mind and how I want to express it! Looking forward to more SMASH products…not just great to look at, but great to use too!

  201. #201 - Becca says:

    I love Smash books. I bought one for my 14 year old daughter who burned out on scrapbooks when she was about 7 🙂 and she is quickly filling it up. I recently bought a kit for myself – I usually do more traditional scrapping and cardmaking but I can see the benefit of just collaging memorabilia into a quick and easy book. Love, love, love!

  202. #202 - nancy bradley says:

    Perfect gifts for our daughters away at school. Adore the video….so sweet.

  203. #203 - Wendy says:

    My 9yo son has a smash book and I’m so jealous, I want on too!

  204. #204 - Jessica Mihm says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this blog post and thank you for the chance to win! What a cool giveaway! I am a huge Smash* fan and have a ton of their products, these two however, I don’t! I would love to win!!

  205. #205 - Linda Smith says:

    I love these products-I can think of tons of things to use them for.

  206. #206 - Shannon Reed says:

    I was just looking at the Smash products at my local Jo-Ann’s yesterday. They are fabulous!

  207. #207 - Lu says:

    I love the Smash products. I’m always finding something new that I “need”, and I think the time capsule will be added to the list. The time capsule would make a great gift for my daughter.

  208. #208 - Eva Godin says:

    That SMASH time capsule kit is perfect. Love all the SMASH products!

  209. #209 - Eva says:

    That SMASH time capsule kit is perfect. Love all the SMASH products.

  210. #210 - Nancy D says:

    My daughter and I found Smash products this summer. We each got one of the journals. She started her’s right away. Mine is still empty as I haven’t decided what I want in it yet. Which is ridiculous as I can always get another great Smash product for anything else I want!! These Time Capsules look very cool and this is going on my Christmas shopping list for daughter. She’ll love it!

  211. #211 - Brittany B says:

    These look so neat! I’d love to win them and try them out.

  212. #212 - Kim Stewart says:

    Love, love, love Smash book! I would love to do this with my teenage artist son !

  213. #213 - Patti Hill says:

    I love the Smash line! I bought my daughter and her friend each a Smash book and some of the cute add-ins and recently bought myself a smaller book kit with a bunch of stuff included. Can’t let the teenagers have all the fun! Thank you for a nice giveaway! I may be past the deadline but wanted to comment since I love the concept and products!

  214. #214 - Johanna says:

    I have been admiring all the Stash supplies at the stores for months! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  215. #215 - Melanie says:

    My entire family loves to SMASH! We are all very excited to see the Time Capsule Kit!

  216. #216 - Paula says:

    Just simply SMASHing!!!

  217. #217 - Mary Rokisky says:

    Smashing giveaway. Time capsule kit will be a great Christmas gift.

  218. #218 - Jenn T says:

    would love to win this! I have a smash*book and really love how it encourages/enables me to just ‘smash’ stuff in and not be nit-picky when recording memories…

  219. #219 - louise johnson says:

    Love the method of smashing! I just finished a book centered on our new home we moved into a year ago! Fun way to store memories without making a full scrapbook page about it.

  220. #220 - Sandra says:

    Wow–these look like amazing products, right up my alley. Thank you so much for showcasing them (and giving a chance to win some). What perfect gifts for all the teens on my holiday list!

  221. #221 - Elizabeth C says:

    Finally, some supplies my style for making a journal…! Going to have to look more into SMASH.

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  223. #223 - Diana Murillo says:

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