Studio Update: Valspar Paint

I couldn’t be more excited about how things are coming along with my new studio space. Everything was finally cleared out of our barn (before photos), we’ve sheet-rocked some of the walls and just finished the painting process. How wonderful that the entire barn studio paint project was sponsored by Valspar® from Lowe’s!NSI_Lowes_logo_280_116 I spent a good deal of time agonizing over colors for the new studio. It’s in my nature to gravitate towards a safe, off-white for the walls and white for the trim. But ultimately decided to embrace creativity, choosing more dramatic colors from Valspar®.JSIM-Valspar We started our painting project with Valspar® Latex Primer – Sealer for New Dry Wall for the new, sheet-rocked ceiling and the newly sheet-rocked loft wall in the back of the room. Here’s Mr. Wonderful painting the ceiling with the primer.JSIM-Valspar-7 The selection of Valspar® colors and hues is so enormous, it could be quite an overwhelming task to narrow down colors, however there are several systems in place help you choose the best colors for your project.JSIM-Valspar-1 I drove directly to Lowe’s where there are great point-of-sale portfolios of beautiful photo and paint chip suggestions, combinations and ideas. JSIM-Valspar-2Also, the Valspar® website allows you to try out colors for your space on their online Virtual Painter. Valspar® even has a ProjectPaint App that helps you select great colors and start planning paint projects.JSIM-Valspar-3When choosing colors, I brought along a swatch of upholstery cut from the underside of my vintage green sofa and one board of my new Pergo flooring to Lowe’s and found two coordinating colors for my studio. I chose Heart of Palm, which is a lovely light yellow, and Greek Tapenade, a funky yellow-green to add a nice vintage punch to the far wall of the studio. I also chose Ultra White for the ceiling and trim.JSIM-Valspar-6JSIM-Valspar-5Cathe-Holden-Studio-Paint-4Cathe-Holden-Studio-Paint-1 Cathe-Holden-Studio-Paint-2With the painting officially finished today, the next step of the barn studio project is the Pergo flooring that will be going in tomorrow while I’m out of town at CHA. During this process, I’ve been brainstorming the placement of all my furnishings and supplies.Cathe-Holden-Studio-Paint-3 I can’t wait to share more studio progress soon!

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