Castle in the Air: A Creative Slice of Heaven

I am currently serving on a jury in the US District Court in San Francisco. Court was in session last week and looks like it may be another week or so until this case is over. So far, it’s been a very interesting experience and I’m quite glad to be there. But needless to say, I’m not getting much crafting time in as I’d like. I’m up and out the door at 5:15 am each morning for the commute into the city, but luckily we are dismissed daily around 1:00pm. So instead of driving straight home some days, I’m taking advantage of being in the Bay Area and hitting a few creative shops in the afternoons. The other day I drove over to Berkeley to one of my favorite little ones- Castle in the Air.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-34 I was shopping for a few craft workshop supplies, specifically Dresden trim. So while there with my iPhone in hand, I took lots of photos to share with you just how incredible this dreamy wonderland is. If you see some supplies you like in the photos, there’s a very good chance you can find them in the Castle in the Air Online Shoppe.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-35If you live in the Bay Area or plan to visit, be sure to check out their exciting line-up of classes. You can keep up with Castle in the Air by subscribing to their newsletter, liking them on Facebook and visiting their blog. Now, sit back and enjoy the show:JSIM-CastleInTheAir-11JSIM-CastleInTheAir-30 JSIM-CastleInTheAir-08JSIM-CastleInTheAir-12JSIM-CastleInTheAir-01Aimée Baldwin’s Vegan TaxidermyJSIM-CastleInTheAir-02Antique reprint paper models you can construct yourself. JSIM-CastleInTheAir-03 JSIM-CastleInTheAir-04 JSIM-CastleInTheAir-05 JSIM-CastleInTheAir-06 JSIM-CastleInTheAir-07Paper, paper, paper.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-09And more paper!JSIM-CastleInTheAir-20Sweet little supplies. JSIM-CastleInTheAir-10JSIM-CastleInTheAir-14Curiosities.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-15The book nook. I spy lots of Chronicle Books titles. My fingers are crossed I’ll find my book in there one day!JSIM-CastleInTheAir-17Breathtaking assortment of fine pens.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-32JSIM-CastleInTheAir-187Beautiful tools.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-19 Dresden trims. JSIM-CastleInTheAir-21 German glass glitter.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-22Crepe paper galore.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-23Antique handcrafts on display.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-24JSIM-CastleInTheAir-28Stationery.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-25JSIM-CastleInTheAir-16Ribbons, trims, & trinkets.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-26JSIM-CastleInTheAir-27Fresh twine just arriving.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-29Handmade leather goods.JSIM-CastleInTheAir-33JSIM-CastleInTheAir-31Here’s my little bit of loot from the day.photoI hope you enjoyed the tour. There are so many more things to see at Castle in the Air than I can share in one blog post. Please visit their store in Berkeley California or their website to see just what I mean.

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