Craftcation 2013

JSIM-VenturaGreetings from beautiful Ventura, California. I drove the 8 hours or so down from Northern California on Wednesday to attend the Craftcation Indie Business & DIY Conference 2013! So worth the drive. That’s the view from the balcony of my hotel room!JSIMCraftcationButtons Yesterday I spoke on Blog Perspectives and did my very first book signing last night at the opening celebration & barbeque. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some pretty amazing women so far, both presenters and attendees. Already, I’ve been moved by such beautiful souls. If you ever have a chance to attend such an event, I really encourage you. It’s a whole community of people who really get you!PRIZE-RIBBON-BROOCH-2 PRIZE-RIBBON-BROOCH-1

On Saturday I will be leading a workshop on crafting Prize Ribbon Rosette Brooches, like the ones shown above and I’ve procured some pretty awesome sponsored goodies for my workshop!JSIM-Craftcation-Sponsors The Xyron 1.5″ Create-a-Sticker- I’ve become quite enamored with all things Xyron lately. I don’t know how I’ve been crafting without these products for so many years. I LOVE XYRON! Each attendee will receive their own Xyron Sticker Maker with a 20′ adhesive cartridge.

I was turned onto Beacon’s 3-in-1 Adhesive a couple of years ago by my friend Suzonne Stirling, a woman who knows her stuff. I’ve been hooked ever since. Although many of my rosette projects are assembled using hot glue, 3-in-1 is the best alternative I’ve found when hot glue guns aren’t an option, like with large workshops. It also has a more flexible finish when dry, unlike the hard, rigid effect you can get with hot glue. So it is just right for these rosette brooches.

And finally, Blue Moon Beads has sponsored the beautiful beads for these projects. The 4mm silver metal beads are heavy, super shiny and gorgeous, and the multiple strands of clear glass seed beads each attendee will receive are excellent for coordinating with any color ribbon and centerpiece graphic.

I’m off now to sit on the panel discussion, Packaging & Merchandising. I’ll leave you with this-

In the lobby of the event, there is a chicken wire board filled with hopes and goals for the year written by anyone who wants to share theirs. Mine is the yellow one. It’s something that brings me great joy when it happens.JSIMcraftcationBoard

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