The Ribbonerie: The Ultimate Ribbon Store

In my last blog post I mentioned utilizing my time in the San Francisco Bay Area (while there on jury duty in federal court) by visiting unique creative shops. One that I just discovered and have already been to multiple times is The Ribbonerie tucked among the Sacramento Street shops.JSIM-Ribbonerie-02 I’ve never seen or experienced any place like it. Opened in 1997, it has since become the largest retailer of specialty and imported ribbons in the western United States. Paulette Knight, proprietor, was the original US importer of French wired ribbons over 25 years ago.JSIM-Ribbonerie-03The Ribbonerie stocks over 1,000 styles of ribbon, high quality trims and embellishments, rare vintage accessories, exquisite fabrics, couture trims, heirloom accessories and vintage crafts from around the world. Also in the shop:

  • Bridal Trims
  • Vintage Hats & Gloves
  • Antique Buttons
  • Hand Crafted Silk Flowers
  • Cording
  • Military Braids
  • Bindings & Ric-Rac
  • Feather Plumes
  • Beaded Flowers
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Specialty Boxes
  • Rare Textiles
  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Handbags

Paulette has also amassed several spectacular antique display cases for ribbon and other textile related supplies.JSIM-Ribbonerie-11 Here is a photo tour of the store from my last visit.JSIM-Ribbonerie-05 This is the grosgrain ribbon section where I found this gorgeous spool of vintage red, white & blue that I will be using in my workshop at Craftcation this month.JSIM-Ribbonerie-30There are shelves and shelves of color and textures. JSIM-Ribbonerie-06 JSIM-Ribbonerie-07Stunning brocade ribbons.

JSIM-Ribbonerie-08 JSIM-Ribbonerie-09Many beautiful color palettes and styles.JSIM-Ribbonerie-10

JSIM-Ribbonerie-12Metallic cording and trims. JSIM-Ribbonerie-13Even ribbon custom designed by Paulette herself. JSIM-Ribbonerie-114

Posies and other floral and garden-style embellishments.JSIM-Ribbonerie-15 JSIM-Ribbonerie-16Metals and foils. JSIM-Ribbonerie-19The showpiece of the shop, an early spool cabinet filled with vintage buttons and trims. JSIM-Ribbonerie-20 JSIM-Ribbonerie-21 Silk ribbons.JSIM-Ribbonerie-22Holiday ribbons, trims and cording. JSIM-Ribbonerie-23 Antique textiles.JSIM-Ribbonerie-24 Dots, stripes and checks.JSIM-Ribbonerie-25And just look at all those tartans! JSIM-Ribbonerie-26The Ribbonerie has bins and bins of half-price ribbon. JSIM-Ribbonerie-27And antique display cases filled with vintage jewelry and textile-related antiques. JSIM-Ribbonerie-28While I was visiting in February, the beautiful collection of boxed ribbon candies by Candace Kling was on display. JSIM-Ribbonerie-29My favorite ribbon in the shop is the elasticised pleated ribbon.JSIM-Ribbonerie-17 It’s a bit pricy when pulled taut for measuring, but a little bit can go a long way. Here is rosette I made using that and other Ribbonerie ribbons.JSIM-Ribbonerie-31The Ribbonerie also hosts in-depth decorative arts classes. For more information, products, pricing and inspiration visit The Ribbonerie online. You can also follow the shop on Facebook!


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22 Responses to The Ribbonerie: The Ultimate Ribbon Store

  1. #1 - Dorothy Reinhardt says:

    I LOVE the Ribbonerie. Paulette is the best.

  2. #2 - Dorothy says:

    I’m just a couple of hours away from there, so this is going on my bucket list! Thank you for the tour!

  3. #3 - Linda Carlson says:

    Spelling fiend here, Cathe: it’s “taut,” when pulled tightly. It’s “taught” when you’ve taught us to do something. Found the reference to your blog in an old Country Living. What fun you’re having while on jury duty! Love those photos of ribbons, especially the tartans.

  4. Oh my gosh, I just died and went to ribbon heaven! Don’t torture me like this! LOL!

  5. #6 - Heather Ales says:

    I am going to HAVE to stop in there, the next time we’re in CA! We usually fly in and out of SFO, so there is no excuse not to! Well, other than convincing my husband that we need to leave Ukiah/Fort Bragg early enough for me to do some shopping!

  6. Beautiful! My daughter and family are moving back across the country this summer, so I’m going to have to make a special trip to see this store. It certainly looks worth the trip. I’ve loved Candice Kling’s work since a Threads article back when you were probably in grade school!

  7. #8 - vera says:

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww this is a great place!!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. #9 - Mary says:

    The paradise of ribbons 😀

  9. #10 - Tracy says:

    Love it! Reminds me of Tinsel Trading in NYC.

  10. #11 - Karen on Bainbridge Island, WA says:

    I have visited Paulette’s store and couldn’t find my way out of the place. It is truly a feast for the eyes and the senses.

  11. #12 - Elaine says:

    So beautiful! It brings back faint childhood memories of visiting downtown Baltimore department stores. The notions departments were full of ribbons, hat pins, flower bunches, veiling and laces, boxes of gloves and all sorts of intriguing adornments.

  12. #13 - Annette Green says:

    This place looks like sheer heaven to me. I’m putting it on my list when we eventually go to San Fran. Such lovely photos of all this delicious ribbon. Thank you for sharing with us!

  13. #14 - Katherine says:

    Oh, my, gosh! I think it would have taken DAYS for me to leave that wonderful shop! I love the thread cabinet and especially the “ribbon candy”. I often find myself looking for specialty ribbon and have come up short in my searches. Thank you so much for sharing this resource.

  14. #15 - Julia D. says:

    Oh what a wonderful place! I bet you had a blast there. Just love that antique ribbon cabinet. I would certainly go broke fast in there. The rosette you made with your great choice of ribbon is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. #16 - diane bee says:

    wow – thanks! I have been looking for a replacement for Buttons and Bows in San Anselmo since it closed about 5 years ago. I think you found it! Bell’occhio is also very nice in SF – but much smaller, hard to get to and kind of expensive.

  16. #17 - Donna Boss says:

    Thanks for the reminder! It’s been about 15 years since I was last there with toddlers! I’m dreaming about Christmas just looking at all of the wonderful tartans.
    Glad that you’re making the most of your trips into the city, I’m loving all of the little field trips! Thanks for sharing.

  17. #18 - Cyndi says:

    Oh, my…….

  18. #19 - Teri says:

    What a Fun shop. I could spend all day in there. Especially love the antique display cases.

  19. #20 - Henry Gibson says:

    I have been trying to contact Paulette Carol Knight. She is a cousin of mine with relatives here in South Carolina. Have not seen her in years. Any help would be appreciated.

    Quite a collection of ribbons. Would like to see in personone day.

  20. #21 - Wanda Sellers says:

    I am looking for a ribbon sash for my daughter’s wedding dress. The sash she tried on at the wedding salon is 2 3/4″ – 3″ dbl-faced satin ribbon in the color “platinum” at JLM bridal salon in Beverly Hills, Ca. This is a ribbon, and it is $80.00/yd. I am hoping to find this ribbon elsewhere for a more reasonable cost. The color is a dark taupe.

    Thank you very much!

  21. #22 - Angela says:

    Posso comprar on line?