Michaels Re-Love Challenge: The Hot Glue Station

Michaels_logosWith April marking Earth Month, Michaels invited me to join their RE-Love It Blogger Challenge- take an old item around my home that may be a little worn, or just hidden away in the garage, add a little creativity (paint, glue, etc.) and turn that item into something to love again.RE Love I took a good, long look around our place and found this little, dusty, vintage side-table-magazine-rack in desperate need of attention. I’ve had it around so long I can’t even remember where I bought it, but at some point, I had spray painted it black.Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-01I thought this might work nicely as a hot glue station in my new barn studio. However, its main surface sits low, and since I stand a lot while crafting, this project called for some ingenuity. Supplied with a Michaels gift card to use toward my project, I headed to my local Michaels store to scheme. Here’s what I purchased:

From the unfinished wood section of Michaels, I picked up four turned-wood candlesticks and a large, French corner wooden plaque the width of my table.

Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-03On to the floral department, I snagged up these thick and heavy, 5-inch square glass containers.


Over in what I call the Tim Holtz aisle, I spied this Non-Stick Craft Sheet by Ranger. I didn’t even know this stuff existed- and it’s perfect for my hot glue station project!Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-02I also picked up some acrylic craft paint in three colors.

I began my project by creating a pedestal to add to the top of my side table by attaching the candlesticks to the bottom of the wood plaque. I pre-drilled pilot holes through the plaque and top centers of the candlesticks to avoid splitting of any wood. I used a larger drill bit to drill down a very small amount into the surface of the plaque in order to recess the screws. I screwed in long wood screws, filled the recessed holes with wood putty and lightly sanded smooth once the putty dried. Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-05I then turned the piece over, placed the side-table upside down and into position atop the base of the candlesticks. I again pre-drilled pilot holes through the table and connected to the candlestick bases with screws.Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-06That was if for the construction end of things.Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-07I mixed three different colors of acrylic craft paint together to come up with a turquoise- similar to the color of the legs of my workshop tables- and painted the entire piece. Once dry, I lightly distressed some edges of the piece with fine grit sandpaper.Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-08I added the non-stick craft sheet, cut to shape, to the surface of the pedestal using mounting adhesive. This will protect the top from any hot glue damage and make for very easy clean-up.Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-09The glass containers fit perfectly into the magazine rack area and now hold two lengths of hot glue sticks, and several bottles of Beacon adhesives.Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-10Under the pedestal sits my new hot glue pot. To the side sits a Surebonder Glue Gun Pad that I use a lot with hot glue projects in many different ways to manipulate cooling glue. Atop the pad is where I will store my hot glue gun.Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-11Here is my new hot glue station!Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-13(Finished just in time for working on another upcoming blog project!)Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-12I’d love to know what you think of my Michaels Re-Loved It project! Michaels-Cathe-Holden-ReLove-470Be sure to check out lots of other Re-Loved It projects in the Michaels Look Book.

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14 Responses to Michaels Re-Love Challenge: The Hot Glue Station

  1. #2 - Debby de Wilde says:

    That is such an awesome little piece of furniture. I wish I had room for something like that!

  2. #3 - Julia D. says:

    Great idea! Love the color and going to look for that non-stick craft sheet and the glue pad. I also have never seen the hot glue pot and going to check into what it’s uses are. Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. #4 - Elaine Allen says:

    I think you are genius Cathe! This is so clever and so very useful. I am really surprised that you were able to get the craft mat to stick. It is almost impossible for anything to stick to it.

    Elaine Allen

  4. #5 - Sharon G says:

    I love that glue station. Its just as cute as it is effective!

  5. #6 - Danee says:

    As usual you have an amazing project- I can’t believe how useful you made that little table. AS for the silicon mat- welcome to crafting in the 21 century! I have gone through those things like paper towel- I’m so hard on them. Someone (simon says stamp maybe) sells it by the yard and I am probably going to get a bigger piece. You might want to know that Tim mounts his to a piece of board- I used a piece of flat artists canvas- the kind with the chipboard down the center. This keeps it in place and keeps it from getting ruined as quickly. They don’t tolerate anything even pieces of glitter beneath them. You end up with little holes.

  6. #7 - Emily Thompson says:

    Oh my is that ever clever!!! Good work!! I love it!

  7. #8 - Merri Jo says:

    Ingenious and adorable!!

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  9. What a great idea! Nice work! I’m always working to “re-love” things around my house! Saves so much money!

  10. #10 - B says:

    What a great project!
    I work at a Michaels store in Canada and I enjoy seeing the ideas you get from products in the store. Very clever.

  11. #11 - Nina Owens says:

    We love your glue station idea! Very clever.

  12. #12 - Martha says:

    This is brilliant! My hot gluing station is my kitchen counter and is always a hot mess! (hee hee …get it?). I’m now on the lookout for a table to make my own! Thank you for sharing! Martha 🙂

  13. #13 - Julie snodgrass says:

    I Love it!