Paint By Number Envelope Wraps & Stationery Labels

PBN-Cathe-Holden-WorldLabel.com1_I’ve been collecting vintage paint-by-number pictures for years and have more fun using them in projects than decorating with them, such as making unique gift wrap or modifying the images for rosette pins. Most recently, I designed free printable graphics to use as envelope wraps and stationery labels.PBN-Cathe-Holden-WorldLabel You can find four different designs to download over on the ever fabulous blog, along with loads of other wonderful FREE printables by some really awesome designers. PBN-Cathe-Holden-WorldLabel.com3_I designed these to work with your blank stationery. Can you think of other uses for these free printable designs? Share!


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9 Responses to Paint By Number Envelope Wraps & Stationery Labels

  1. #1 - Laura says:

    These are beautiful! Thank You!


  2. #2 - WendiG says:

    These are wonderful Cathe..I tried to ‘subscribe’ to their blog through Google, but got an error I bookmarked it!
    Eons ago, when I was a child, i used to receive these paint by number sets as gifts from parents and relatives who thought they were just the thing for a budding artist..of course, i struggled with them (colouring outside the lines!) but ultimately they taught me quite a bit about draughtsmanship…I think your idea for using them is wonderful..thanks so much for sharing them, and the link to World Label…

  3. #3 - Lynne Williams says:

    These are awesome Cathe. Thanks once again for making my life pretty

  4. #4 - Tiffany Joan says:

    I just love these. What an ingenious idea. I too have a few paint by numbers. I can’t wait to use these.

  5. #5 - Michelle E Black says:

    Fantastic idea I absolutely love these. These WILL take off! Congrats!

  6. #6 - Susie {aka Mrs V} says:

    I love your style! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us. The Paint by number labels are perfect!!

  7. #7 - Julie says:

    OMG- these are so cool. I’m a graphic designer as well. I LOVE vintage paint by numbers. I collect them. Thank you for making these!!!

  8. #8 - vigan paloma says:


  9. #9 - Penny Potts says:

    I’m getting ready to turn my “office” into my craft area. My collection on vintage PBNs hang on the wall and these will make great labels for my various craft supply containers. Thank you, love! They are perfect!