Vintage Color Wheels & Charts

I have these vintage color wheels & charts hanging on the wall of my studio. The larger two were inserts in old art instruction book and one is a clipping from a vintage decorator magazine.  I snapped a shot of one to share with my creative friends on Instagram yesterday and there seemed to be a great deal of interest. So I thought I would scan each and clean them up in Photoshop a bit to share on my blog. Click on any to enlarge, save, and/or print. I think they are fabulous color references for all things creative.JSIM-colorwheels

The first one, The Hiler Color System, is my favorite, as it gives “emotional values” of the separate spectrum colors and “tabulates reaction of the average person to these hues when they are used in decoration”.JSIM-Hiler-ColorWheel-02  JSIM-Color-Chart-1-AJSIM-Color-Chart-1-B  JSIM-Color-Chart-2-AJSIM-Color-Chart-2-B

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