Studio Pup Pattern

Since posting my Studio Pup project yesterday crafted with faux Sherpa from Michaels, I’ve received a few requests for the pattern. So I made one up for you to print out. Click on the images below to download the free PDF files. You can find the directions for crafting your own pup here. If you make one or any variation of it, I would LOVE to see it!Cathe-Holden-Studio-Pup-Pattern-1Cathe-Holden-Studio-Pup-Pattern-2

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33 Responses to Studio Pup Pattern

  1. #1 - Mary Ann Potter says:

    Cute pup! Thanks for the pattern, Cathe. (Our real pup, Lucky the farm dog (age 13), had an encounter with a skunk this morning. I am sure that these cute studio pups will never smell bad! By the way, Lucky lives outdoors all the time, so my house was never in danger. Whew!)

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  3. #2 - Andrea says:

    Thanks a lot Cathe! I’ll try to make it in miniature for my nursery scene (in spe). It’s such a cute dog.
    Have a nice Sunday

  4. So so so cute! The label “hiney spot” cracked me up!

  5. #4 - Charlotte Lyons says:

    oh, so fabulous, Cathe! I made a bear like this out of a felted sweater eons ago and I do still love him. (He’s in my book – Mothers and Daughters at Home.) Hoping to have gc’s someday and share him again with little ones. Just love your darling pattern and pup! xo

  6. #5 - Stephanie says:

    Thank you for the pattern! It’s really cute!

  7. #6 - D. MERRETT says:


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  9. #7 - Terri Coulter says:

    This pattern is exactly what I was looking to make for the children at the University of Florida Cancer Proton Center. They are dealing with so much each day and I wanted to make a cuddle friend for them. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

    Hugs and prayers,
    Terri coulter

  10. #8 - Chandra Betancourt says:

    Entre muuuuchos escogí este porque me permite inspirarme para lo que quiero hacer… si resulta ya lo compartiré. Mil gracias.

  11. #9 - kenell says:

    Thanks ever so much for sharing your work it is really appreciated

  12. #10 - MONIQUE says:


  13. #11 - janet mason says:

    I love this do you have other soft cute little animals to print. thank you so much my twin grand daughters Allison and Autumn will love these.thank yo janet

  14. #12 - Tricia Wallison says:

    I am printing this as I am typing! I can not wait to get started. Thank you!

  15. #13 - carla says:


  16. #14 - Sarah says:

    Would it be okay to use this pattern to make pups to sell for charity?

  17. #15 - Siamchuchu says:

    Thank you for this cute pattern. 🙂

  18. #16 - lola says:

    I am Lola
    thanks very much

  19. #17 - Melody says:

    This pup is the cutest ive seen for a long time.

  20. #18 - Betsy says:

    My son asked me if I could sew a stuffed dog, and I came upon this super cute pattern. We cobbled him together with a bunch of sewing and craft leftovers. His name is Scrappy.

  21. #19 - Adelyn Cecil says:

    Can’t wait to make your puppy! So cute

  22. #20 - jennifer mitchell says:

    I saw this and fell in love with it thanks

  23. #21 - nancy jasso says:

    I once had a pound puppy patterns, I no longer have them. .y Grandchildren all want some made for them. The patterns I had father mothers and baby. Even I can find a bigger one (pattern)I can down size it. I think. Please help me make my Grandchildren happy

  24. #22 - Gale says:

    Thinking of using some of my dad’s short material and making this pup I to a memory stuffy, thank you for the pattern.

  25. #23 - Rosa de las Nieves says:

    Mil Gracias, está hermoso!

  26. #24 - Janice says:

    This pattern was the perfect size for me to make for Operation Christmas Child boxes this year. Thank you for the post. I used fleece fabric and they turned out really cute.

  27. #25 - Frances Jones says:

    cant wait to make one. Thanks for doing this for free. I will send a pic.

  28. #26 - Donna says:

    Can’t find pattern to print out

  29. #28 - Lynn says:

    cute pattern to try with my granddaughter.

  30. #29 - Dani says:

    Oh my god, this is such a lovely project. Definitely gonna make one.

  31. #30 - Linda Jester says:


    Thank you for this dog pattern. I appreciate you sharing I really love it and I intend on trying it soon. Thanks again!


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