Vintage Kitchen Shelf Paper Rosettes

I enjoyed a couple of fun book events last month upon the release of my book, Rosette Art. I crafted more of my favorite project from the book, Vintage Kitchen Rosettes, to share as host gifts and giveaways.CatheHolden-shelfpaper-rosettes-01 I thought you might enjoy seeing the ingredients that go into making these fun projects. Not only are there instructions in the book, but lots of full sheet patterned paper to play with as well. I enjoy sourcing vintage shelf paper at shops and online, and a lot of the ribbons I use are found at thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. (One of the ribbon pieces below is printed with lovely script writing that was apparently from some Smith & Hawken packaging.)CatheHolden-shelfpaper-rosettes-OR01CatheHolden-shelfpaper-rosettes-OR02CatheHolden-shelfpaper-rosettes-RD01CatheHolden-shelfpaper-rosettes-RD02CatheHolden-shelfpaper-rosettes-YL01CatheHolden-shelfpaper-rosettes-YL02CatheHolden-shelfpaper-rosettes-GR01CatheHolden-shelfpaper-rosettes-GR02Let’s enjoy a day together making Vintage Kitchen Prize Ribbon Rosettes at my Art Is You workshop in September here in beautiful Petaluma. I’ll be bringing all the fun ingredients for you. Grab a friend and plan a well deserved creative getaway in fabulous Northern California wine country. I can’t wait to meet you!AIY_Holden_Shelf_Paper_Rosettes

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