360 Quick-Select™ from SKIL® Review & Giveaway

JSIM-Skil-360-Quick-Select-Drill-01Who doesn’t love a good power tool? When I received 360 Quick-Select™ from SKIL®, a lot of my studio needs were satisfied. Every time I need to use a screwdriver on a project with some power behind it, I have to lug out my big power drill case, pull out the drill, and dig through the drill bit box to find just the right bit to attach, then remove the bit and put the whole thing back together and away once the project is complete. I have a big project with lots of screws, my arm is usually quite taxed by the weight of the larger tool. But the 360 Quick-Select™ from SKIL® is very compact and lightweight- weighing barely over one pound- just the right size for me. And with the fully integrated bit management system built into the front of the tool, I never have to go digging for bits! It’s pretty cool- as you turn the barrel, the different bits are illuminated in the top window. Once you find the bit you want to use, simply push the black lever forward and the bit appears, ready to go to work.JSIM-Skil-360-Quick-Select-Drill-02It’s a great tool to have on hand for any home improvement, DIY or craft project and the perfect tool for my project yesterday. My library card cabinet that I use for button storage is ready for a new paint color, but it needed to be disassembled first. The brass ID plates had to be removed from 15 drawers and the the drawer fronts from their plastic compartments. This required two completely different drill bits and far too much elbow grease and time involvement for standard screwdrivers- I needed power. The ID plates had small brass screws and the drawer fronts were attached with larger screws, which would have been a bit hard to get to with a standard power drill/screwdriver.JSIM-Skil-360-Quick-Select-Drill-06

Note how the tool lights up the area you are working on. Pretty cool, right?!

With half the work done- 120 screws out- there’s plenty of juice left in the tool for putting them all back in once the cabinet pieces are painted.JSIM-Skil-360-Quick-Select-Drill-03Speaking of juice, the 360 Quick-Select™ from SKIL® comes equipped with the tool industry’s first-ever USB charging capability, allowing a more convenient way to charge the tool, whether plugging it in to a computer, or another USB port you have on-hand.JSIM-Skil-360-Quick-Select-Drill-05

Visit the 360 Quick-Select™ from SKIL®  website for more information on the features and where to buy. And check out this video to see the tool in use. For non-Flash video, click HERE.

The 360 Quick-Select™ 4V Max Screwdriver


SKIL® is giving away this fabulous new tool that comes with 12 screwdriving bits, a wall charger and a USB cable charger, (a $49.99 value!) to one lucky JSIM reader.

TO ENTER: leave a nice, relevant comment on this post. Entry open to US residents only. One entry/comment per person, please!

ENTRY DEADLINE is noon on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 (PST). The winner will be randomly chosen, notified and announced right here shortly thereafter.

Congratulations to randomly chosen winner #2 Kelly Sobieck!

JSIM-Skil-Library-cabinetFollow me on Instagram for more #studioshots from the barn!

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