Custom Rubber Stamps

A while back I created a series of round rubber stamps to use in craft workshops and my own projects. I ordered my designs in full, uncut clear stamp sheets, then trim and adhered them to the ends of wooden spools. I stamped each design onto label stock, used a one-inch punch to cut each out and placed on the top of the spools, then finished with a clear adhesive epoxy circles, commonly used in bottle cap crafting.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts09I also had a sheet of miscellaneous art and type made. I organized my designs onto a 8″x10″ digital artboard, working in Adobe Illustrator, careful to leave enough space between designs for trimming out with a craft knife. My original file had my signature and logo placed about in various sizes and versions.8x10-Unmounted-rubber-stamp-sheet Saving the file as a PDF, I emailed the file to our local rubber stamp shop, who then reversed the artwork and created a full sheet of embossed acrylic.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts01Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts02I carefully trimmed out each design with a craft knife and mounted them onto different wooden items. Here are some mounted to vintage wooden rubber stamp handles of which Iā€™d removed the original rubber.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts05xSome I mounted to pre-cut wooden shapes found at the craft store after first stamping the design onto the top side.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts06Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts04Others were mounted to strips of balsa wood trimmed with a craft knife, again stamping the design first before mounting.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts03Tip: If you choose to design your own stamps, it is easiest if you find your wooden stamp handles first and size the artwork to fit the attached block.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts07 BONUS: Custom acrylic stamp designs are also excellent for creating faux-engraved jewelry.Ā Click here for Faux-Engraved Jewelry instructions.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts10

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34 Responses to Custom Rubber Stamps

  1. #1 - Danee says:

    You have always been very generous with your art and projects but this is beyond. What a wonderful treat- I NEVER have enough rubber stamps and this set is terrific. I shall pursue having them made locally. Thank you

  2. #3 - DogsMom says:

    Thank you for your generosity, for sharing your creativity, and for a great idea. We used to have a local rubber stamp maker, but now I will have to search for one.

  3. #5 - Mandy says:

    Thanks so much! Love the way you used the vintage handles and the spools. I’ve passed those by many times – never thought about removing the rubber part.

  4. #6 - Jenn Post says:

    This is SO amazing of you!
    I would love the name of the stamp shop you used to create these items! The 8 1/2x 10 is my fave, would love to purchase a set from myself from them!
    Thank you, so generous!
    Jenn Post

  5. #7 - steph d. says:

    love your awesome ideas on how to mount your own stamps! really creative ideas! thank you also for sharing your images! you are so generous! have a wonderful weekend! *hugs* and much aloha, steph šŸ™‚

  6. #8 - Becky Smith says:

    These are great! Thank you for sharing! If you ever decide to sell the round stamps, that would be awesome!

  7. #9 - kate blue says:

    very very cool…I started to drool over the old skool stamp mounts šŸ™‚

  8. #10 - Wendy Orme says:

    The jewelry looks amazing! Thanks for the great art work!

  9. #11 - Peggy Parenteau says:

    Do you sell your clear stamp sets? I’d be interested (-:

    What company do you use to make the stamps?

  10. #13 - Vicki S says:

    This is so generous of you Cathe!
    I love all your wonderful ideas, and hope to meet you when I’m at Art is You in Petaluma in 2 weeks!

  11. #14 - Susan says:

    I totally love this project Cathe!!!!

  12. #15 - Susan says:

    can I be on your mailing list Love your Ideas

  13. #16 - Karen says:

    These are wonderful! Is there anyplace I can buy the one nice circle stamps? I do a lot of recycled bottle cap projects and would love to play with your designs.

  14. #17 - Robin Horasanian says:

    Thank you for the wonderful clip art! I can’t wait to use it in my art journal!

  15. #18 - Heather says:

    I can never get enough of your creative awesomeness, thank you for sharing!!

    Heather @

  16. #19 - Maria (Magia Mia) says:

    Awesome! You Clever Girl!

  17. #20 - Suzy Girl says:

    Your generosity always amazes me! It’s so rare to see. You inspire me in so many ways. Thanks Cathe.

  18. #21 - teresa atkinson says:

    Cathe – i have several clear stamps and several wooden bases. What adhesive did you use to attach these. i actually bought a great stamp stand with stamps to do this and now can’t decide what eadhesive to use.

  19. #23 - Corners of My Life says:

    As always very clever “solutions”. Thanks

  20. #24 - Niki Dee says:

    Thank you!! How generous! My mind is racing with ideas. I can’t wait to send these out to a rubber stamp shop.

  21. #25 - Yvonnebeyer says:

    You absolutely amaze me with your creative talent!

  22. #26 - Penelope says:

    I would also love to be able to buy the stamps already made from you!!! Let us know when you get that up and running!! Thanks for sharing!

  23. #27 - Joanne says:

    Wow Cathe, you are very generous indeed! I know how much work it takes to design your own stamps, so awesome of you to share your art! Do you know how much that company charges for one sheet of custom stamps? I tried to e-mail them but couldn’t through Outlook. I design my own line of funny stamps, always checking prices for having them made.

  24. #28 - Johanna says:

    Thank you so much!! These are fabulous! I love your stamps on the wooden spools, and the ones with the wooden handles are so cool! I love those handles, and often buy old office stamps when I can find them at thrift stores and our local thrift store for artists (amazing store, makes me drool! but I digress…) anyway, I buy these stamps and I suspect some of it is because it is lots of fun to stamp with those handles! Thanks for the tutorial. I love your blog. I need to remember to visit more. You are so creative. You come up with the most amazing ideas! šŸ™‚

  25. #29 - debbiehundoble says:

    Hi Cathe,
    I am not very crafty and I am hoping you can help me. I own a Palapa style home on the ocean in Mexico, it is a rental property with several other rentals in the area. I need to stamp or somehow identify sheets and pillowcases so they are returned to my home and not someone else’s. Would a fabric stamp be an easy solution ? The name of my home is CASA BLANCA… thoughts are to have a stamp with a seahorse and the name Casa Blanca…..size maybe 2 inch by 4 inch or 3 x 4 can you make one for me? Please advise…I am in the Bay Area thank you ! Debbie

  26. #30 - Beth Figiel says:

    WOW! this is great! HOW big of a piece have you ever tried to make before? I would love to learn how to make HUGE stamps for mixed media XL paintings. THANKS!!!

  27. #31 - Patsy says:

    I would you mid sharing the information on where you got your seet of clear stamps, I would love to do this with my own designs.

  28. #32 - Susan Fancher says:

    I also live in Petaluma and I am at the Tuesday Farmers Market on N McDowell each week. I make bags and purses out of recycled plastic bags. Now I am also designing burlap bags and purses all hand made. I have an idea to use a custom stamp with my logo and name on it. I will be stamping on the burlap itself. My granddaughter is designing the logo for me now. I want to know if this is something you can design for me. Also what kind of ink should I use with it that will work on burlap. I will probably use black, maybe gold. I can put the artwork on a CD for you to use. Please let me know what you can do for me.
    I’m looking at about a 1 1/2″ or 2″ square stamp.
    It is two Ss back to back that make a heart shape. Then maybe the name ” Suzy’s Satchels” on the top and bottom of the double Ss.
    Suzy’s on top, Satchels on the bottom.
    Do you have a store front in Petaluma or do you work from your home?
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Sue. 916-826-2623

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  30. #33 - MARK says: