Custom Rubber Stamps

A while back I created a series of round rubber stamps to use in craft workshops and my own projects. I ordered my designs in full, uncut clear stamp sheets, then trim and adhered them to the ends of wooden spools. I stamped each design onto label stock, used a one-inch punch to cut each out and placed on the top of the spools, then finished with a clear adhesive epoxy circles, commonly used in bottle cap crafting.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts09I also had a sheet of miscellaneous art and type made. I organized my designs onto a 8″x10″ digital artboard, working in Adobe Illustrator, careful to leave enough space between designs for trimming out with a craft knife. My original file had my signature and logo placed about in various sizes and versions.8x10-Unmounted-rubber-stamp-sheet Saving the file as a PDF, I emailed the file to our local rubber stamp shop, who then reversed the artwork and created a full sheet of embossed acrylic.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts01Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts02I carefully trimmed out each design with a craft knife and mounted them onto different wooden items. Here are some mounted to vintage wooden rubber stamp handles of which I’d removed the original rubber.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts05xSome I mounted to pre-cut wooden shapes found at the craft store after first stamping the design onto the top side.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts06Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts04Others were mounted to strips of balsa wood trimmed with a craft knife, again stamping the design first before mounting.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts03Tip: If you choose to design your own stamps, it is easiest if you find your wooden stamp handles first and size the artwork to fit the attached block.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts07 BONUS: Custom acrylic stamp designs are also excellent for creating faux-engraved jewelry. Click here for Faux-Engraved Jewelry instructions.Cathe_Holden_Rubber_Stamp_Cuts10

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