HP Create: Poison Bottle Labels

HPC_CatheHolden_OCT1_Poison4Need a last minute prop to pull off the perfect Halloween event? How about slapping some toxic warnings on those bottled drinks to stir the conversation! (I stuck mine to bottled Jones sodas.) See my latest post over at HP Create for a set of FREE printable poison labels that I designed just for you! HPC_CatheHolden_OCT1_Poison6Disclosure: I am a compensated blogger for HP Create.

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8 Responses to HP Create: Poison Bottle Labels

  1. #1 - Dolly says:

    Question for you Cathe…in the picture you show a set with a mixture of the various labels but when I follow the link I only find sets of the individual ones, I’m not finding the “variety” PDF -maybe I haven’t had enough coffee yet…help a girl out?

  2. #3 - Dolly says:

    Got it! Thanks Cathe!

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  4. #4 - Booker Dewitt says:

    I am looking for bottle labels in Seattle, WA. Does anyone know where I can find some?

  5. #5 - Sheryl Remy says:

    These are terrific and I have the perfect bottles to use.

  6. #6 - David says:

    The page the link goes to no longer exists..

  7. #7 - Kenneth says:

    As David mentioned a couple of years back, the link no longer exists. Is it possible to post those files on your own site or update the link somehow? Thanks!