2013 Spellbound Event Recap

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was in Spellbound wonderland and was eager to get back to the studio to share all the wonderfulness with you on my blog. Fast forward to mid-January… I’ve been keeping so busy gearing up for my own creative events in the barn and lost track of time. So, better late than never to share with you my trip.

These are the two projects I taught in November at the 2013 Spellbound Event in Pasadena, California- Terms of Endeerment Collage,Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_21 and Sweet & Sparkly Paper House Luminaries.Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_22 Last Fall I spent a great deal of time organizing and packaging up all my Spellbound kits, materials, tools and supplies.Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_03 Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_06 I am so grateful one of the best online resources for delectable craft supplies, RoseMille.com for sponsoring some of my favorite supplies- beautiful Extra Long Dresden Border Trim that was used along one side of the collage-Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_02Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_20 pure and heavenly German Glass Glitter for use in the tiny vintage vials-Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_10and delicate China Silk Ribbon in pink for creating gorgeous prize ribbon rosettes.Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_07 A special thank you to WorldLabel.com for sponsoring full sheet kraft label stock for the collage class. The sheets’ edges were scalloped and adhered to the backs of the collages to hide the raw edges, and cut into starburst shapes to seal off and hide hot glue areas used to secure wire hanging hardware. We also used full sheet white label stock to reinforce thin vintage dictionary pages to manipulate into folded paper rosettes.Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_19 Since I was driving rather than flying I was able to pack all the kits into my car for the 8 hour trek there. Keeping in mind that the venue hotel may be quite large, I packed a hand-truck to move goods from my room through long hallways and up or down elevators to my classrooms. This saved a bit of money on tips by not calling for a room cart and bellhop.Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_04 Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_05The Langham Huntington Hotel was large, and lavish! This was the view from my room!Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_18It was all I could do to keep from running into walls while looking up at all the incredible ceiling details and chandeliers throughout.Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_17 So much of Spellbound had touches of beauty from the entry table, dining tables and of course, the hosts Deborah Murray and Shea Fragoso of A Gilded Life.Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_01 One of the best parts of my Spellbound experience was meeting and rooming with artist/designer/instructor Kristen Robinson (above right). I’m hoping one day she will come teach at Inspired Barn!Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_08Did I mention swag? It was off the charts! And so was getting to hang with the fabulous Kaari Meng of French General, as always.

My favorite part of the event? The workshops, of course! Just look at all these busy, beautiful, crafty hands!Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_13 Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_12 Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_11Thanks to sponsor SUREBONDER for the classroom dual-temperature glue guns and glue sticks. And for the non-stick glue gun pads that are so perfect not only for use under gluing projects, but to use to press down cooling glue mounds to flatten (lower right photo.) Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_09My vintage Singer pinking machine was pretty popular for creating decorative trimming along the edge of papers for crafting. In fact, so popular, one attendee purchased her own on eBay from her phone during class! And I rarely show up to any crafty event without my favorite cutting device, the Genesis Paper Trimmer.Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_15My only regret regarding the event is that I didn’t take more photos of all the wonderful women who attended my classes. Thank YOU for coming and sharing your time and creativity with me. Cathe_Holden_Spellbound_Event_16

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