Embroidered Flour & Feed Sack Wall Art

Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks-09One of my favorite projects is featured in the March 2014 issue of Country Living magazine- embroidered flour and feed sack wall art.Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks Though I’ve been collecting sacks for a few years, my collection isn’t that big since I’m pretty thrifty about spending too much on any one. But when I happen upon a sack with a fantastic graphic or cool typography or wording, it’s hard not to snatch it up. I’ve used cotton feed and flour sacks for things like dog bed pillow covers and couch & chair accent pillows. More recently, I took to adding a bit of dimension to some by following the edges and outlines of various sections of the printed designs with embroidery floss and needle using a few simple stitches.Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks-08sq I love the results. And instead of turning these embroidered sacks into pillows, I wrapped each around a store-bought artist canvas and turned them into wall art. Be sure to check out the step-by instructions in Country Living to learn about my favorite new craft supply (that you won’t find in a craft store!) for wrapping and securing fabric around canvases with ease. You’ll find the project on page 36 in the March issue’s Idea Notebook.

Here are some close-ups of my feed & flour sack projects.Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks-04 Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks-07Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks-02 Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks-05Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks-03 Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks-06BONUS CRAFT! My sweet friend Heather Mann of Dollar Store Crafts created this brilliant and adorable matchbox project that is on the very next page! You can download free graphics at CountryLiving.com to print and create your own little library of office supplies!Cathe-Holden-Country-Living-Feed-Sacks-HM

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