Mollie Makes U.S. Edition Launch: Inspired Barn Feature

Yesterday was the big launch of Mollie Makes U.S. Edition magazine.MollieMakesLaunchCover-JSIM I’m more new than not to Mollie Makes, a UK lifestyle & craft magazine quite popular there and here in the United States. Once I discovered the original magazine I was hooked! It has the coolest, freshest, most adorable projects and features that I would dub “cheerful content”. So you can imagine how blessed I feel to have my studio featured in this exciting U.S. launch edition! The beauty of the U.S. edition is that it not only features American crafters, their spaces and projects, but the resources shared are also primarily U.S. based.MollieMakesLaunchInspiredBarn-JSIMI figure my barn’s 15 minutes of fame is just about up, but I’m thrilled for the ride lately with all the fabulous press! I was visited by Mollie Makes U.S. Editor-in-Chief Katherine Stevenson and Art Director Jillian Lungaro for a day of shooting with photographer Mark Madeo and his assistant, Kasia Tanalska.Mollie-Makes-Photo-Shoot-Inspired-Barn I’m so excited not only to see my studio in big, beautiful, full-page shots in this delightful craft magazine, but also to to have such a lovely article written by Katherine herself in this seven-page feature.

These are the images photographed by Mark Madeo for my Mollie Makes U.S. (Click to enlarge.)Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-06 Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-07Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-05 Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-10 Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-02Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-09Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-04Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-08Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-01Cathe-Holden-Inspired-Barn-Mollie-Makes-03How wonderful to find a few of my other crafty friends featured in this issue as well- Beverly McCullough of Flamingo Toes, Elana Lai Etcheverry of Charity Wings, and a darling project & contributing interview by Kim Layton of Everything Etsy.

MollieMakesLaunchCoverMobile-JSIMYou can subscribe to Mollie Makes U.S. right now for $24.99 (12 issues/1 year)…That’s 74% off the cover price! You can even purchase digital copies for only $1.99 per month.

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6 Responses to Mollie Makes U.S. Edition Launch: Inspired Barn Feature

  1. #1 - laurie magpie ethel says:

    Just picked up a copy yesterday and was thrilled to see the article on your barn. AMAZING EYE CANDY and a great bed time read last night. Happy there is now a US edition of the magazine!

  2. #2 - shari says:

    Looks like an amazing magazine article! YAY for you Cathe, and continued success with Inspired Barn! Beautiful photos of your creative vintage-styled space!

  3. #3 - Elizabeth Mackey says:

    Will it have cute freebies on the front of it like the UK edition I wonder???

    Your space is AMAZING!

  4. #4 - Jill says:

    I LOVE Mollie Makes and did not know there was now a US edition, much more affordable!! Congratulations on your feature. People will love seeing your space in print!

  5. #5 - Dorothy says:

    I hope the spotlight continues, you earn it!

  6. #6 - Shirley Hatfield says:

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your comments made my day! I love the pictures of your barn…especially all the cute touches with the show ribbons and rosettes. I bought some fun shelf edging not too long ago to try one of your country fair rosettes.