US Mollie Makes Issue 4 and Custom Paper Tape

If you subscribe to the US Edition of Mollie Makes, there’s a good chance Issue 4 has already been delivered. You’ll know by the smile on your mailbox. Not a subscriber? Well get on it! You can subscribe here.

I’ve sworn off of all houseplants with the exception of succulents, thinking no on can kill those, not even me. I was wrong. So naturally, I adore the cover project, a hand-sewn succulent arrangement in a teacup. No watering required.MMUSA4-2014When you turn to page 63 you’ll find my Custom Paper Tape project and can find the step-by-step instructions here using positionable mounting adhesive. (You can also use double stick tape, just be certain it’s the kind with backing paper attached if you’ll be rolling the finished tape around a spool.)ooh_paper tape

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