Where Women Create: Inspired Barn

It’s been a whirlwind first year in my new barn studio. Since January 2014 I’ve held one to two craft workshops a month. I’ve spent many days crafting and blogging with much more efficiency and joy now that all my materials and supplies are organized and accessible. I have enjoyed hour upon hour of shopping for bins, cans, boxes, and various other unique containers to house my crafty goods, an exercise I enjoy every bit as much as crafting. I adore vintage pieces and especially those with early advertising typography and graphics, so the hunt become my entertainment many evenings- while others may be watching TV or doing their homework, you are likely to find me with my laptop flipping back and forth from Etsy to eBay to Craigslist. I’m extremely frugal, so patience is a virtue when shopping online. Local thrift stores, flea markets and our local landfill’s recycle area have proven great sources for unique pieces. Inspired Barn has become a consistent place of creative flow from organizing to decorating to crafting.CVR_WWC0215In one single year I’ve had the enormous privilege to host four different magazine shoots featuring my craft barn, completing the tetralogy with the Spring 2015 issue of Where Women Create, on stands now. I am humbled by the attention and blessed by the opportunity to share my special place here in rural Petaluma, California. All of the photographs in the WWC feature are by the talented Jenny Elwick of Jenny Elwick Photography who took so many beautiful photos I couldn’t resist but create an entire gallery around all of them, whether they made the magazine or not. I hope you’ll take some time to peruse the images on my GALLERY page. Below are the pages of my feature in Where Women Create, (click on any to enlarge.)

Cathe_Holden_WWC0215-1Cathe_Holden_WWC0215-2XCathe_Holden_WWC0215-3XCathe_Holden_WWC0215-4Cathe_Holden_WWC0215-5XThank You!

Special thanks to Paige Hill, a kind supporter of crafty ones and who first introduced me to Jo Packam– the amazing, dynamo of a woman behind this inspiring magazine and one who continues to give considerable support to creative industry professionals. Thank you to my friends who name-dropped me until I could no longer be ignored by WWC, as well as the talented women who work hard to make this magazine so special- Eileen Hull, Brandy Shay, and Cynthia Levens, to name only a few. And thank you Jenny Elwick, for through your eyes, heart, and camera lens, my studio shines.

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