Inspired Barn Video Production

Last November I began talks with F+W, a Content + eCommerce Company, about creating an exciting new series of Inspired Barn craft video episodes and accompanying kits. The projects would feature home décor projects, with videos and kits made available online through their Interweave Store. I’ve always known that videos would be the very best way to demonstrate steps for recreating my original projects. And F+W being a reputable media company well versed in the craft and hobby industry, of course I said YES! Though I’ve never done video, I’d been building up my courage and was ready to take a big step outside of my comfort zone, beyond the safety of the written word of blogs, books and social media, and smack dab into the camera lights, warts and all.Cathe_Holden_Washi_PlaqueAnd so it began…months of planning, scheming, creating, sourcing, writing, even designing custom product, all in preparation for a three-day shoot in April. Though I rarely make new year resolutions, I did for 2015 and it was to keep focused. Unfortunately, that meant putting many things on the back burner, including consistent blog posts, replying to all emails, scheduling in-studio workshops, and more. I went into a sort of creative lock-down to make sure I gave this endeavor my full attention.Cathe-Holden-Shoot-01 April finally came and last week the most amazing, talented, and FUN group of people descended upon our property, taking over my barn, rearranging furniture, setting up equipment, manipulating light, and pulling props. It was spectacular. From Colorado came the Vice President of Interweave, the Products and Promotions editor, and an Executive Producer/Director. From central and northern California came the camera and sound crew, and the hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist.Cathe-Holden-Shoot-02With three different cameras shooting most of the time, there was about 35 hours of footage created that will edited down to about 4.5 hours of the very best parts, into a total of six step-by-step DIY projects.Cathe-Holden-Shoot-06 Several of the video projects utilize beautiful vintage ephemera images from my paper collection, and a variety of vintage-style decorative and typographic stencils that I designed, all to be included with the accompanying kits.Cathe-Holden-Shoot-07I’m very proud of the projects themselves and quality of the kit contents, and so very impressed by the professionalism and talents of the entire video production crew. As of now, the first Inspired Barn home décor project episode in the series should release in late July 2015, with subsequent episodes releasing thereafter and on into November. Of course I’ll keep you updated on all of it.

Photo credits: Kevin Mazzier and Tim Davis


Cathe_Holden_Washi_Plaque_CUWashi Tape Flower Plaque: To create a customizable sign similar to that shown here, simply paint a wooden plaque with black chalkboard paint, and attach an arrangement of handmade Washi tape flowers, leaves, and a bow by following my simple Washi tape flower instructions. TIP: Don’t have access to flower stamens? I made most of mine shown here by folding 2-inch pieces of cotton covered wire, then painting and dragging the ends through tiny puddles of black, white, or yellow acrylic paint, dusting some with white glitter.

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