Attaching Shelf Jars and FREE Dennison-Style Labels

While cleaning the garage over the weekend I happened on a collection of jars I’d tucked away for future use. (Hey…It’s the future!) And I can always use more crafty storage in the studio. Jars work so perfectly to show off the stored contents. I find when I can see my supplies I’m much more apt to use them as I tend to forget some of the supplies and materials I have stored in drawers and boxes. I decided to attach into the dead space found on the underside of existing studio shelves. I simply drilled pilot holes into the lids, double-stick taped the lids into place under the shelves, then using short screws, attached them to the shelves. For larger lids & jars, I needed two screws and washers to keep the lids from turning when removing and replacing the jars. IMG_4773The jars were filled within minutes of installment.

Dennison-Style-Labels-WL-CHAlso last weekend I designed a fun set of Dennison-Style little labels that are available to you as downloads for FREE courtesy of on their blog HERE.Cathe-Holden-Dennison-Style-LabelsDownload the PDF files, print to full sheet label stock from, trim out the individual labels (a good project in front of the TV), and use in a multiple of ways! I used the printer cuts set to decorate another set of shelf jars.WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-03Here are even more ideas. Have fun!WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-07 WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-05 WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-04 WL-Cathe-Holden-Little-Labels-02


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