Mason Jar Luminary Paper House Cloche Kit

CH_IB_Mason_Luminary_House_Cloche_KitI taught three separate workshops in July and August here at Inspired Barn where we crafted adorable illuminated displays utilizing mason jars, papercrafting, collage, and assemblage. CH_IB_Mason_Luminary_House_StudentsSince most of you are not in my area and are unable to attend such a workshop, I went to work creating a digital kit for you so you can craft this project wherever you are!CH_IB_Mason_Luminary_House_StepsYou can find this kit for sale right now in my Etsy shop, along with two other paper house projects. This kit includes step-by-step photo instructions, and a template (to print to cardstock) for crafting a house and pedestal sized perfectly to fit a Kerr brand wide-mouth mason jar (available at Michaels) and one battery-operated LED tealight per luminary. I’ve included a full materials list along with a load of tips and ideas for embellishing and customizing your cloche display. IMG_4384Below are some of Inspired Barn attendee’s finished projects utilizing supplies provided in class and a few they brought with them. Pull out your embellishments, order the kit, and be inspired to craft your very own (everyday or holiday) version for yourself, as gifts, or special event centerpiece such as wedding or bridal shower decor.CH_IB_Mason_Luminary_House_Student_WorkHappy crafting!


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