DIY Periscope Alert with Xyron Creative Station: Giveaway!

1-OOsiqNQhKD1ms1aKdSgU6wBy now you may have enjoyed watching, broadcasting on, or at least heard about the app Periscope. Whether publishing your own live video content or enjoying the “scopes” of others, it’s fast becoming one of my favorite social networks. Periscope allows anyone with a smart phone or tablet to shoot and share live video of just about anything. Viewers can interact through comments and by tapping the screen and leaving hearts as sort of “like” tokens. When following others, you have the option to be notified when they begin a LIVE broadcast, though that may not always be conveniently timed for you. So if you miss a live scope you think would be of interest, a replay is available for 24 hours. If you are shooting a live scope yourself, you can opt to have it saved to your camera, which allows you to upload it to YouTube for future sharing. That’s just what I’ve done with the video below.  Periscope broadcasts are typically somewhat casual in nature, unlike my more professionally done DIY home decor video series. However with replays saved to your camera, the comments and questions from viewers will not show on the video, so you will catch me dialoguing with ghosts as you watch, which can seem a bit odd. But as rough-cut as the video can be, hopefully this will give you an idea how fun and useful this app can be.

Holden-PeriscopeWatch the recent Periscope replay below that I did featuring the awesome all-new Xyron Creative Station used to create an alert gadget for scoping in crowds, shown here being used at the recent Pinterest Ambassador event in San Francisco by George Bryant and Amy Locurto.

Follow me on Periscope to watch upcoming projects and scopes from the studio and various events.


As promised, Xyron is hosting the giveaway of their exciting new Creative Station for Just Something I Made readers.xyron-9-and-5-creative-station-home-wmagnet-cartridge-d-2015070110393132~435690_alt1

This video from Xyron demonstrates even more features of the fantastic machine.

TO ENTER: Leave a nice, relevant comment below. Entry open to US and Canada residents. One entry per person, please.

DEADLINE: Enter by Monday, November 9 at noon, PST. The winner will be randomly chosen, notified and posted here shortly thereafter.

Thank you for all the great entries everyone.

The randomly chosen winner is #125 – Lora!

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