Assemblage Art: Part 1

Cathe Holden Assemblage 01 Lately my creative endeavors have revolved around assemblage art, three dimensional collage ensembles. I’ve enjoyed searching out random, funky wood and metal scrap and old wooden boxes of all sizes and dimension.IMG_9082 I am beginning to build a collection of assemblage art for future showings and sales, beginning with box designs. I use my custom typographic stencils, and pieces from my vintage ephemera and wallpaper collection, (or scans & copies of), vintage hardware, and wood & metal scrap. Each finished piece has one main focal point, so far those have been animals. Below are a few photos I’ve taken along the way. I have been sharing the images on Instagram, so please follow me there, and on Periscope, where I will soon be showing much more of the process.IMG_9040IMG_9061IMG_9053IMG_9074IMG_9060IMG_9204 IMG_9032IMG_9212 IMG_9218IMG_9141IMG_9174IMG_9184IMG_9246IMG_9258IMG_9262IMG_9265IMG_9289IMG_9288I’d love to know what you think!

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