Assemblage Art: Part 2

Collecting vintage goods and incorporating them into art has become one of my favorite creative endeavors. Assemblage Art, Mixed Media Assemblage, Altered Art, Junk art… so many names I can hardly decide which fits them best, so for now I’ll just refer to them as assemblage art boxes.

I have been completing about one a week since 2016 began. I feel like I am finally putting every single bit of my studio to use. I’ve been experimenting with new products such as adhesives and modeling paste, and I’m using power tools I’d been neglecting to try in my craft projects. I really enjoy the resourcing of pieces in shops and digs, the planning of multiple layers within each, and how the overall composition of a piece comes together magically, and with much patience.

Below are my most current pieces, (previous ones can be found here.) I plan to have them all for sale soon. I’d love to know what you think!

No. 212Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-212-01Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-212-02


Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-DELIVERY-02Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-DELIVERY-01Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-DELIVERY-03 Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-DELIVERY-04Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-DELIVERY-05

Girls’ Friendly SocietyCathe-Holden-Assemblage-FRIENDLY-01Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-FRIENDLY-04Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-FRIENDLY-03

Hunt & Gather: An Ode to Online Shopping

Paying Homage to Etsy and EbayCathe-Holden-Assemblage-HUNT-GATHER-01Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-HUNT-GATHER-05Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-HUNT-GATHER-04Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-HUNT-GATHER-03Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-HUNT-GATHER-02Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-HUNT-GATHER-06

Sunday DriveCathe-Holden-Assemblage-SUNDAY-DRIVE-01Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-SUNDAY-DRIVE-02Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-SUNDAY-DRIVE-04Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-SUNDAY-DRIVE-03


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19 Responses to Assemblage Art: Part 2

  1. #1 - Tim homyz says:

    love them all…so inspiring! I hope you’ve set aside my favorite one just for me….

  2. #2 - Becky Smith says:

    These are very interesting.

  3. #3 - julie says:

    These are lovely! What a great way to utilize your great finds! My two favorites are the Flora and the Girls Society.

  4. #4 - SUZY says:


  5. #6 - Izabella says:

    Cathe, such attention to detail; each box with a story to tell. Simply exquisite. My most favourite is ‘Hunt & Gather’. Thank you!

  6. #7 - Patrice says:

    Gorgeous – I cannot stop staring at the details. I love them all, especially Hunt and Gather and Sunday Drive.

  7. #8 - Izabella says:

    As a ‘PS’ – in the intro of your current posting you pondered what name to give this type of artwork. Having done some pondering, too (Cappuccino to aid brain-teasing activities, if only!), here are my musings.

    Mixed Media is a genre (frequently and mistakenly referred to as multimedia, eek!) that covers a whole host of expressive takes including Assemblage Art (the word ‘assemblage’ covers many types of gatherings and it all depends on the upper or lower case spelling).

    I love Assemblage Art for its idiosyncratic, boundless and limitless function and the thought processes that go into the resulting piece.

    Thank you, once again, for showing us your great talent.

  8. #9 - Johanna says:

    Love!! Would love to take a class for assemblage!!

  9. #10 - Kay Heath says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!! I always love seeing what inspiring things you’re up to, and these are at the top of an already awesome list!

  10. #11 - Amy Bauer says:

    All of your assemblage pieces are extraordinary. Very inspiring indeed. I have piles of wonky, aged and wonderful things stashed away…. waiting for their places in the spotlight of yet to be created projects. Your work really gets me itchin’ to pull them all out and DO something with them. Your one a week output is most impressive for such lovingly crafted and detailed pieces. – Amy Bauer

  11. #12 - Patti Henry says:

    I love these assemblages. They are beautiful and I appreciate how you have balanced simplicity with detail. You have inspired me to try this.

  12. #14 - Amy baldwin says:

    I am very anxious to purchase one of your assemblages! Please let us know when they are available! LOVE!!!

  13. #15 - Angela says:

    Your boxes are fabulous. Are they the result of years of collecting boxes and the pieces that go inside? Although I am unable to get round flea markets etc with my mobility scooter I do fancy having ago at these if I can find some boxes. What sizes on average do you use?

  14. #16 - Vickie White says:

    I HAVE to have the “delivery” one. Have to! Please let me know how I can buy it.

  15. #17 - Kelly says:

    Please make these the topic of your next book!!

  16. #18 - liz says:

    Absolutely amazing – I love them!!!! These are some of the most delightful assemblages I have seen – you are so very creative and talented!!! The Sunday drive brings back memories of my father taking us for a drive every Sunday afternoon, something we looked forward to all week long. I love how certain art can evoke such powerful feelings, especially if they are memories which were so deeply buried.

  17. #19 - Donna B. says:

    You are an AMAZING ARTIST!!!!!! I found your masterpieces on pinterest.

    Looking forward to seeing more new masterpieces from you!

    Thank you so much for sharing Your AMAZING art!