Assemblage Art: Part 5

This assemblage art is messy business I tell you. That is, my studio is constantly a complete yet wonderful mess. In order to create my best work, I want to have available to me all the best stuff, right out in the open, to choose from. This means my enormous collection wood and metal boxes, and cardboard boxes full of bits, pieces, hardware, junk, scrap, vintage goodies, are set out everywhere- not to mention nuts, bolts, adhesives, paints, brushes, and well I think you get the point. I really don’t have the nerve to show you what has become of my beautiful studio. This process of having it all out and about has actually kept me from scheduling in-studio workshops lately, though I hope to find a nice break-point soon to pack it all up and make room for fun with others. But really, I’m having the most wonderful time ever creating art.

My latest work is entitled “Circus”. Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-Circus-JSIMI wrote a little poem that essentially describes the struggle with creative chaos in my head.Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-Circus-Detail-JSIMThis piece was created using a vintage red “in” box, that I’ve been kicking around my studio and home for over 10 years, a favorite cigar box, a vintage British lead toy clown figure on stilts, a tiny cotter pin tin, and an old, wooden ten-pins bowling ball.Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-Circus-Make-JSIMI’m happy to say that this was purchased within 24 hours of completion!Cathe-Holden-Assemblage-Circus2JSIM

After creating the piece “Scotch” (a second art purchase by Mary Engelbreit herself!), I was commissioned by another to make a similar piece. I found the perfect old red lantern flashlight on ebay to start.  Cathe-Holden-Scotch-in-Red-make2-JSIMI used this sweet scottish terrier I picked up on a recent hunt in Nashville, and gave it a tiny dog tag made from the winding crown of a ladies watch from my stash of old watch parts, most of which were passed on to me by my watchmaker dad.Cathe-Holden-Scotch-in-Red-make-JSIM When focal-point objects are set deep into a container of sorts, they can often become a bit too dark to see, so I like to create little skylights. This one is made using an aluminum and glass slide stereomount.Cathe-Holden-Scotch-in-Red-make3-JSIMThe finished piece.Cathe-Holden-Scotch-in-Red-JSIMYesterday,  I loaded up a dozen of my assemblage art pieces to deliver to the fabulous Fulton Crossing Art Gallery where they will remain on display until purchased. Of course you can still find all my art for purchase on my website at and contact me for shipping rates.

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