Fire, Fundraising, and Organ Donation!

As you likely know, it’s been a very uneasy week here in Northern California with the dramatic wildfires engulfing large sections of several North Bay counties. My husband, a Battalion Chief with the city of Petaluma, went into work Sunday evening, October 8, just to cover the night end of a fire shift for another firefighter, expecting to be home again first thing in the morning. Already tired from a long day after returning from a camping trip 5 hours away, he remained awake and in full gear fighting fire for several days as they expanded and threatened so much and so many. I was able to sneak a minute with him as he returned to the fire station to swap out vehicles.

In the meantime, my daughter and I packed two vehicles with the most important tangible things we could think of. That exercise in itself was a very taxing and emotional experience. We are heartbroken for those who never had that chance, but either had to evacuate their homes immediately, or tragically, never made it out. We already know several close friends who have lost everything. This story has yet to end as the fires are still raging, but as of today there seems to be some handle on them. 

The air quality in our area is at dangerous levels and many of us are wearing breathing masks just go go outside. Thankfully, we seem quite safe here in our area near Petaluma, so my neighbor Susan and I have been able to host firefighting crews from Petaluma and Lompoc at our home this week for rest and meals.

The outpouring of help in our community is simply amazing. There are so many needs that will need to be met for thousands. I am donating 100% of all sales from now until November 30, 2017 from any of my Etsy digital download house template kits to the North Bay Fire Relief. Please share this fundraising effort with your friends. Maybe even put together a fun workshop to raise even more to help. Every single bit helps. The fund I’ve chosen donates 100% to the effort. So please craft houses to help those who’ve lost theirs.

In other news, yesterday, October 15, was my one year anniversary to the day I started my weight-loss program. I combined diet with daily exercise and workouts to loose 70lbs and gain strength. One of my big goals throughout this year has been to become healthy enough to donate a kidney. So, in two days, “Lefty” (as I lovingly call it) will be removed, packed up, and flown out for transplant into a gentleman in the Washington DC area.

Though I don’t know the recipient, I would sincerely appreciate any prayers and good wishes you can spare that the organ is received safe, transplanted smoothly, and working right away towards his good health. My recovery includes lots of rest, sleeping, and loads of walking. No lifting over 10lbs for 6 weeks. Please follow me on Instagram for updates!

Thank you for all your wonderful support through my many ventures and journeys.


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