Cardmaking with Inspired Barn Stencils & Modeling Paste

Inspired Barn 6-inch stencils are just the right size for adding unique layers to cardmaking projects. Though paint, glitter, and inks work well for mixed media papercrafts, I really like using modeling/texture paste to create slight dimension. Because I think we could use more ideas out there for greeting cards for men, here’s a quick set of cards designed specifically for the male sect using basic kraft card stock and the following items found around my studio:

After adhering the wallpaper scrap I stenciled with modeling paste and let dry.  I brushed  over the stencil area with moistened Distress Crayon pigment. Once that dried, I lightly sanded with my MicroZip sander. Using the plastic alphabet stencils and Sharpie pens to color-coordinated to the wallpaper and ribbon, I stenciled simple messages on the milk bottle caps, and attached ribbon to the back.I attached vintage photos from my stash and the bottle caps medals to each card as the final layers. I placed each card into the pages a large book, adding more more weight on top, to flatten overnight as the moist modeling paste and moistened Distress Crayon pigment caused slight warping of the kraft card stock.Do you use stencils in cardmaking? Share a link to your project in the comments below! (Bonus points for using Inspired Barn Stencils!)


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