NEW Inspired Barn Stencil DECORATIVE Designs and BONU$!

I’ve been blown away by all the exciting things being created and upcycled by many of you using my first line of typographic stencil designs. I’ve been busy creating with them as well and working on even more designs to share. I’m very excited to present my ALL NEW line of 24 decorative stencils, in both 12″ x 12″ and 6″ x 6″ sizes AVAILABLE NOW at line was designed especially for mixed media, collage art and cardmaking, upcycled and enhanced home decor projects, and all sorts of apparel embellishing!

Here are just a few projects I’ve done with the new stencils.

Piano bench refresh:

Carnival wheel accent piece.

Rolling pin kitchen decor.

Little vnitage leather pouch embellishment.

Leafy lamp shade decoration.

Leather drop earring gifts.

Quick and easy jewelry display board.

Rusty, galvanized planter.

Vintage saws beautified as art. (For buckets and saws and other metal rusting surfaces I use the Sophisticated Finishes Rust Antiquing set.)

Work in progress mosaic board with dimensional texture paste on wood. This stencil can be turned and flipped to achieve larger patterns in two different looks.)SHOP NOW and take advantage of this super discount and BONUS stencil offer:My bonus stencil is perfect for embellishing actual tiles, creating gift wrap for the holidays from basic kraft paper or other rolls of solid color paper, and most any singular or repeat design project you want to stencil.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget to pick up a can of REPOSTIONALBLE (non-permanent) spray adhesive to lightly coat the back of your stencils to avoid bleeding of paint or other liquid under the stencil causing feathering onto your precious surface. It’s the million-dollar trick to keep your designs transferring crisp.

I can hardly wait to see the unique things you create with these new (or any of my-) stencils designs. Be sure to send me photos of projects using any of my stencils. Use the hashtag #InspiredBarnStencils when looking for inspiration or sharing your IB stencil projects on social media. I would appreciate you to the moon for it!

Follow me on Instagram, where I spend most of my online time, for all things creative and new with me and my crew!

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