Studio Pennant Bunting

Of all the crafty trends that have been around since I began blogging 10 years ago, one of my favorites that I will never tire of is pennants. Bunting. Swag. Garland. Whatever you want to call it- swaying goodness on a string is a constant vision of celebration and whimsy. I have several variations of them around the studio–

Washi tape and printed paper letters on baker’s twine:

Recycle bin remnants shape-punched and sewn together:  Fabric scraps rubber-stamped and sewn for folding up and tucking in a greeting card: Vintage class photos clipped to a clothesline: Wool balls strung onto waxed string:Even scrap envelope remnants from vintage stamp soaking sewn together:

My most recent project was a garland of mixed media pennants made from pre-cut chipboard pieces purchased at Michaels. These particular pennants were intended for chalk, but they worked great for collages made with studio ephemera scraps and stenciling Cathe Holden’s Inspired Barn stencils with texture paste!

The finished pennants were attached with tiny clips along a vintage clothesline stretched across the width of the barn.And then I strung more colorful wool balls to add to the fun.What’s your favorite crafty trend?

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7 Responses to Studio Pennant Bunting

  1. #1 - SmilynStef says:

    Love all of these fun ideas.

  2. #2 - ANNA KENNEL says:

    Hello Cathe,

    I have been trying to download the “freebie” tiny vintage recipe print as I loved the paper plate project. It is not working for me. I also tried to find the entire project on the Family Economics section of the SC Johnson website & no luck. Please comment. Thank you.

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  4. #5 - Marketing says:

    Unas ideas chulisimas!!

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  6. #7 - Eli Colton says:

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