New Branding and A New Moda Fabrics Family Member

Because I spend so much time on Instagram, a little less on my Facebook page, and  then write the occasional email newsletter, I tend to lag a bit in blogging and sharing new information here. I had written a nice long post in January and realized that I never actually finished it or hit “publish”! Well, let’s backtrack a little and get caught up, shall we?!

The new year brought purging and organizing and exciting new things but also a bit of change. That change is my branding. If you’ve followed me for some time you may know that I began my adventures online in 2008 with the blog name Just Something I Made, which I tucked away a few years back. Once I moved into my new studio-workshop, my branding shifted to the name of the studio, Inspired Barn. But it’s time for a to-the-point name for all things that come from my creative world. My official brand is now simply my name, Cathe Holden (pronounced the same as Cathy). My website is .

The Inspired Barn name will continue to represent my studio and workshops (above) as well as my current line of typographic and decorative stencils at However you will soon see other sub-brand labels used in conjunction with my name- which brings me to what is new and super-exciting with me…

Early last year I approached my favorite fabric company with a license design proposal, and well, let’s just say it’s been a dreamy kind of whirlwind ever since. I am now officially in the “Moda Family”!

Not only does this popular company produce the most beautiful designs on the most quality and rich fabric, (and home and gift items) but the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with are TOPS I tell you! As a result of it all, I introduce my very first fabric collection, Flea Market Mix coming to stores this May.

Flea Market Mix combines richly detailed antique florals with vibrant collaged papers and photos, and some of my favorite collections, vintage ephemera, early trade cards, ingredient-stained recipe cards, and a sweet assortment of little plastic buttons. I also have variegated solids in coordinating colors.  

Aside from yardage, precuts will be available as Fat Quarter Bundles, Layer Cakes, Charm Packs, and Jelly Rolls.

The entire collection, as well as other new fabric releases, are in Moda’s digital catalog Piece. (You’ll see my fabrics in darling crafty projects on the front and back covers!)  I encourage you to call your local quilt shop to request they carry the collection since the Moda sales reps are out showing it right now. If you’re not sure who carries Moda fabric in your area you can check their store locator. You can also purchase my fabrics online from Fat Quarter Shop where you can sign up to be notified when it’s all in stock.

I received my sample shipment and have been having a blast creating projects with it which I share on my Instagram using the hashtag #FleaMarketMix. Wait- you’re not a quilter? You’re still in luck! This collection is perfect for the small project crafter-maker. I love using fabric as a medium in crafty projects and apparel.

That’s not all…

My second Moda fabric collection debuts at Quilt Market Pittsburg, also in May. It’s a whole new batch of unique flea market finds turned into fabulous fabrics! If you’re going, please come hunt me down and say Hi!

Lastly, for over ten years I have offered free digital designs and unique creative projects on my blog. I’ve been told many, MANY times I should monetize those things. But I have truly enjoyed sharing freely, fostering creativity, and making wonderful friends around the world. Now that my husband has retired from his full-time gig in the fire service, it’s really is time to generate a new source of income, and thankfully I’m having a blast working towards it. I sincerely appreciate you for your ongoing support and encouragement in this new and exciting chapter. Thank you. ❤️

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18 Responses to New Branding and A New Moda Fabrics Family Member

  1. #1 - Ann says:

    Congratulations !!!! I am happy but not surprised that you are now designing fabric for Moda. Great evolution of your skills and talent. Enjoyed the peeks at your new fabric line, Flea Market Mix. I will certainly buy some from my local quilt shop. Your blog is the first blog I started following years ago. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me. I am now starting a Sashiko hand project.

  2. #2 - bizimmekan says:

    thanks for these beautiful duvet covers and covers

  3. #4 - Patek Philippe says:

    Great blog post!

    Being an online business owner myself, I agree that it is tough to manage all the different platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Newsletters, Your Website, etc. – But I think you are doing a great job.

    Keep up the good work!

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  5. #6 - Pattie Cordova says:

    These are gorgeous!!!

  6. #7 - Mark Man says:

    So beautiful and creative designs. Congratulations on that you are now designing fabric for Moda.


  7. #8 - Dan Morish says:

    All these are amazing!

  8. #9 - Karen M Brooks says:

    Wow. I am looking forward to finding your products !

  9. #10 - chrisgail says:

    All your products are very useful for women because every woman is interested to switch her clothes according to new fashion and new brand. I hope your shop will be successful in sailing your products.

  10. #11 - manihaShah says:

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  11. #12 - Mark Man says:

    Very beautiful collection.

  12. #13 - Hedgework says:

    Wow! Might looking for a DIY video for this. Thanks for sharing this with us

  13. #14 - Carlos says:

    My wife will going to love this. Thanks for this

  14. #15 - Joseff Welsh says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us. It is very very lovely.

  15. #16 - contact us says:

    Fascinating! Those fabrics are so amazing and lovely! I will recommend this to my friends and family. Thanks for sharing!

  16. #17 - opalmagic says:

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  17. #18 - iHanna says:

    Congratulations on the new gig / line of fabric- it is truly scrumptious!! They would all make fabulous journal covers for example!