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Vintage Winter Photo Labels

Vintage Winter Photo Labels

Round Holiday Labels

Round Holiday Labels

Floral Panel Labels

Floral Panel Labels

Crafters Branding Kit

Crafters Branding Kit

Crafter's Sizing Guide

Crafter’s Sizing Guide

Vintage Button Stickers

Vintage Button Stickers

Vintage Plate Labels

Vintage Plate Labels

Fair Isle Candle Wraps

Fair Isle Candle Wraps

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcards

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcards

Poison Bottle Labels

Poison Bottle Labels

Binder Labels

Binder Labels

Woodland Roses Label Printables

Woodland Roses Label Printables

Bookplate Printables

Bookplate Printables

Vintage Apothecary Labels Set 2

Vintage Apothecary Labels Set 2

Apothecary Label Printables Set 1

Beach Passes

Beach Passes

Vintage Color Wheels

Vintage Color Wheels

Paint-by-Number Labels

Paint-by-Number Labels

Tea Bag Packets

Tea Bag Packets

Friendship Clip Art

Friendship Clip Art

More Paper Hardware

More Paper Hardware

iPod Case Printable

iPod Case Printable

Rolling Pin Recipe/Wraps

Rolling Pin Recipe/Wraps

Gift Card Envelope Template

Gift Card Envelope Template

Santa Beards & Hats

Santa Beards & Hats

Ornamental Square Labels

Ornamental Square Labels

Holiday Seals

Holiday Seals

Poison Labels

Rococo Labels

Tents & Typeface

House & Roses Labels

Framework Labels

Children’s Bookplates

Wedding Postage Stamps

Film Frame Printable

Tape & Sticker Printables

Vintage Graduate Silhouettes

Top Ten Card Printables

Beehive Scrapbook Cover

Bee & Beehive Clip Art

Vintage Office Labels

Vintage Book Cover

Sugar Labels

Card Holder Hardware Printable

Alphabet Printable

Label Branding Kit

Paper Tray Template

Printable Gift Card Packs

Food and Gift Labels

Wire Photo/Card Holders

“Handmade” Labels

Antique Red Book

Telegram Postcard

Thoughtful Box & Cards

Butterflies and Moths

Vintage Auto Clip Art

Frondescent Labels

Border & Frame Graphics

Homemade Bias Tape Labels

Vintage Matchbooks

Vintage Beach Sign

Wallpaper Rose Labels

c1900 Bank Checks

Antique Scrap Album 1

Antique Cat Trade Cards

3-Initial Monograms

Blank Recipe Cards & Labels

Ornate Clip Art & Wedding Printables

Vintage Ship Painting

Fisherman Trade Card

Vintage Animal Sketches

Dog Stamp Printables

Mini Cigar Box Printable

Vintage Thread Labels

Paper Wallet Printables

Garden Shed Labels

Vintage Postage Stamp Sheets

Printers Cuts Clip Art

Livestock Clip Art

Get Well Tags

Round Label Printables

Vintage Wagons Clip Art

Shrinky Sewing Animals

Animal Sewing Cards

Gift Certificate Printables

Battleship Game Printables

Vintage Italian Alphabet

Advent Kit Printables

French Magazine Cover

Child ID Cards

Skeleton Chart

All Occasion Labels

Vintage Holiday Scripts

Circus Peanuts Graphic

Animated Dancing Couple GIF

Vintage Watch Face Images

Vintage Book End Papers

Anagram Tile Images

Typographic Clip Art

Seed Packets

Youngster Yardstick for Girls

Canister Labels/Decals

Vintage Alphabets

Popeye Quote Button

Vintage Ornate Frames

Animated Cuckoo Clock GIF

Blog Headers

Black & White Email Buttons

Graphics for Babies

Vintage Sign Graphics

Envelope Letter Printable

Label Holder Frame Graphics

Cowgirl Graphic

Grid Alphabets

Crest Book Pages

Mother’s Day Graphics

Father’s Day Clip Art

Vintage Ornate Images

Vintage TV Graphics

Vintage How-To Illustrations

Animated Blog GIF

Glitter Labels

Floral Upholstery Graphics

Vintage Card Deck Graphics

Pinstriping Graphics

Vintage I-Spy Printable

Vintage Measuring Tape Graphics

Vintage Couple Photo

Antique Scrapbook Cover Images

French Catalog Order Images

File Folder Labels

Vintage Framework Blog Buttons

Busy Day Silhouettes

Organizer Labels

Christmas Bird Postcard

Antique Book Cover Images

Old School Notebook Images

Old School Notebook Images

Blog Friends Blog Graphic

Sisters Graphic

Thank You Veterans Sign

Cabinet Card Images

Vintage Mail Ephemera

Animated Worm GIF

Plaque Printables

Antique Ornamentals & Alphabets

Advent Spool Wraps

Blog Love Graphic

Creepy Halloween Typefaces

Vintage Quilt Image

Teacher & Children Illustrations

Vintage Vegetable Illustrations

Nose Blow Postcard

School Birds Image

Antique Book Covers

Typographic Blog Elements

Vintage Deer Silhouette

Vintage Eggs Image

Fabric Label Wraps

Meat Cut Images 1

Meat Cut Images 2

Play Checkbook Printables

Soap Card Images

Wooden Nickel Printables

Elephant Frame Image

Alphabet & Counting Illustrations

Children’s Book Images

Vintage Booklet Cover

Father’s Day Graphic

Pattern Tiles

Vintage People Photos

Button Card Printables

Button Card Image

Boy Mowing Photo

Organizing Labels 1

Organizing Labels 2

Blog Cuties

Vintage Ephemera Images

Message Box Template

Nice Matters Blog Button

Easter Postcard Image

Birthday Postcard Image

Photo Wallet Graphics

Note Pad Cover

Older Posts Blog Graphic

Buttons Label

Twitter Buttons

Paper Hardware

Inspiring Blogger Award

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Leave A Comment Gadget

Painted LOVE Image

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Tattoo Shirt Graphic

You’re So Nice Blog Badge

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463 Responses to FREEBIES

  1. #1 - Fleurette says:

    Thank you for the email button – it looks good on my blog. thanks for all the freebies!

  2. #2 - Judith Boyd says:

    thank you very much indeed. it’s so so helpful to see all the images at a glance. I enjoy your work enormously : )

  3. #3 - Milagros says:

    Thank you so much! I love all of the freebies in one spot. I love your website. 🙂

  4. #4 - Sharon says:

    Thank you!

  5. #5 - mary beth says:

    Wow! What a sweet gift! I thought I had downloaded all of your pretties, but it has been so fun to see what I had missed and know that now you have them all together like this!! So very thoughtful of you and generous! I love your blog and am so inspired by all of the great ideas you share with us. Thank you for doing this !

  6. #6 - marysworkshop says:

    Thanks, Cathe, for sharing your wonderful ideas with all of us readers! It’s great to have them organized like this, and I also was surprised to see a few that I had missed before.

  7. #7 - David says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing resource! You never cease to amaze me with both your skills and your generosity.

  8. #8 - Cynthia Avalos says:

    Thank you!

  9. #9 - Debbie says:

    I just want to say I just love your blog. Just came across it. I have had so much fun with it. My family is from Holland and we will be moving there. I’m going to have a craft room in the attic (of the hotel we are taking over) and I’m looking forward to making things with the freedies here. Oh what fun. And thank you so much.

  10. #10 - Karrie says:

    Thank so much for the freebies!!

  11. #11 - Charlene says:

    I just stumbled upon your site. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas!

  12. #12 - Desiree says:

    Wow … this is just great!
    Thanks for all the freebies

  13. #13 - Alexandra Alcantara says:

    thank you Cathe for this treasure trove. Cheers from Mexico !

  14. #14 - kmarie says:

    thank you for the creative inspiration and the cool freebies!

  15. #15 - Beverley Leeson says:

    WOW! I am still very new to the Digital world and wouldn’t yet classify myself as anything more than a Beginner in the Papercrafts ie: Scrapbooking/Cardmaking world either, BUT the one thing I have found in researching this Hobby to try and find my Niche is that all Crafty People are just the most Sharing, Caring and Generous bunch of People I have ever known. I have just subscribed to your Blog and know for sure I will come back often and will be using some of your Beautiful Images. I just want you to know that I think your Creativity is AWESOME and your Generosity OUTSTANDING. I hope to get to know you as time passes. Many Many Thanks.
    Kind Regards,

  16. #16 - Vera says:

    Hi Cathe, I have been visiting your blog for so long now and continue to be inspired by all your ideas and crafts. I have to say “Many thanks” for all the freebies you offer.

  17. #17 - patsy says:

    thank you for the cool freebies! your work is amazing

  18. #18 - Linda says:

    Thanks so much for your generous gifts and sharing the fun with us!

  19. #19 - Julina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all these lovely stuff with us.

  20. #20 - evelyn pintor says:

    So generous of you to share with us your freebies. appreciate the organized way you share your Freebies! THANK YOU!

  21. #21 - rebecca says:

    just stumbled upon your site. love it! love the vintage look and the freebies, thanks!

    • #22 - Julianne Richmond says:

      I also just drop into your website and really enjoyed what I saw .
      I have a project I would like to show you, is there any place on the the network
      that I can show you it?

  22. #23 - Joyce Hendrickson says:

    I have spent the evening yesterday and today so far (after church) and finally found the end of your blog..what a blessing you have and are using to keep this old world moving along with beauty. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. Joyce

  23. #24 - Nikki Smith says:

    Thanks for all the fantastic freebies! I think they are wonderful.

  24. Oh my! How generous of you both to share & to organize!

  25. #27 - Heather says:

    love your work, its given me new incentives! super stuff

  26. #28 - Liz says:

    You are amazing! Thanks!

  27. #29 - Stephanie says:

    This is so great, having them all in one place! Now I can see that there are some I missed!
    Where’s the vacuuming lady GIF though? I don’t see her… 🙁

  28. #30 - Rachel Stevens says:

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful images and craft ideas. They have made my day!
    Rachel xxx
    From Gloucestershire, England

  29. #31 - Mary M says:

    You are so creative – and generous, too! Love the vintage art. Thank you so much!

  30. #32 - Lynn says:

    I just discovered your site. This collection is fantastic. I am a teacher and my summer will be filled with crafting. Thanks for your generosity. This must have taken a tremendous amount of time and effort.

  31. #33 - Tari says:

    Wow! Bounced over after following Jen’s link from Epbot. I think I’m trouble-I love what I’ve seen so far on your site! Thanks for the great freebies. Now I just have to find time to read your back posts and then do some of these awesome looking things.

  32. #34 - Jody says:

    Wow! Love your blog site!

  33. #35 - Elaine says:

    These are very wonderful images! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  34. #36 - pollo says:

    really kl

  35. #37 - Sue says:

    Hi Cathe………..I met you at Velasco’s after the 8th grade promotion. Remember how we both looked so familiar to each other?!?! haha Well, I love your website – it’s just a veritable feast for my eyeballs! I’m actually looking for a “quiet book”….not sure if you have a location for me to go to to find a cute one. These are the old fabric books for little kids at church to keep them quiet, while they zip, snap, sew, button and whatever with fabric items on each page. Any help you can give me would be great.
    Sue Hess

  36. #38 - Fran DeWitte says:

    Your graphic art is wonderful!! So talented.

    I’m looking forward to viewing my new subscription & looking over previous art.



  37. #39 - Elizabeth Roy says:

    Hello. I just discovered your blog site. It is a really treat. I enjoyed looking through some of it. I’ve come away with a few vintage images and some craft ideas that made me smile. Thank you for your creativity and willingness to share it.

  38. #40 - Judy says:

    Just discovered your site today and am already using your organizing labels (green!). Definitely will be a visitor here many times.

  39. #41 - joelle says:

    thanks for sharing so nice labels !

  40. #42 - Sue Hudnall says:

    Love your blog…thank for sharing!

  41. #43 - Daisy Buchanan says:

    Thank you for all of the blog buttons! They go great with my layout, did you design them yourself?

  42. #44 - Roxy says:

    Thanks Cathe, these freebies are great and the ability to see them all in thumbnail is so useful. Look forward to using some of them.

  43. #45 - Márcia Kamano says:

    Thanks for all the freebies!

  44. #46 - Reine says:

    Thanks ever so much for the beautiful graphics!

  45. #47 - clara says:

    thank you for the graphics! I’m going to print up a bunch for the art journaling class I’m planning on teaching to elementary school kids.

  46. #48 - Jeni Ann says:

    Love, Love Love what you do! Thanks for the Freebies :o)

  47. #49 - Debbie says:

    Recently found your site and I love it, I visit very often.
    Thank you also for the freebies.

  48. #50 - tina says:

    Thanks for the comments button and the freebies. As a new blogger I appreciate all the help!!

  49. #51 - WindyCityStar says:

    Just found this site. Thanks for the freebies. A nice start for a new scrapbooker.

  50. #52 - Mary says:

    Cathe, thank you for the tutorial on your gift card house! I enjoyed seeing the “houses” and reading the list of variations to try. I can relate to your list of ideas and especially your comment about possibly getting/needing some sleep!

    What I need to do is organize so I should probably make use of your labels before making a house.

    I came to your website/blog via your friend you treated to a picnic . Beautiful! Enjoy! Thank you, Cathe!

  51. #53 - Barbara says:

    These are so nice,you are so nice to let people enjoy them,Thanks ….’.Cookie”

  52. #54 - Rosanne Woody says:

    Wonderful images… Would LOVE to follow your Blog!!!

  53. #55 - Dawn says:

    WOW, these are super!!! Do you have a mailing list? thank you so much.

  54. #56 - Lorraine says:

    I love your graphics! Thank you for being generous, a scarce attribute these days.

  55. #57 - Linda Hood says:

    I love you stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  56. #58 - Phyllis says:

    Thank you,I love your blog.I’M new at this.

  57. #59 - JOYCE says:


  58. #60 - Pam The Garden Room VA says:

    Love it Love it Love it. Not sure how I’m going to use some of these but my mind is racing with ideas.
    Thank you,

  59. #61 - Isa says:

    Cathe, I came across your site when I did a search for information on an Album of Crests I have. I am so glad it brought me to your site! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful designs and ephemera! I am definitely adding your blog to my favs 🙂

  60. #62 - Sophie says:

    OH MY GOD! i love all this stuff its so cool and vintage. i have been trying to go vintage with my friend and my sister! i wish i could get everything from this site! the quotes are sooo cool!

  61. #63 - Meg says:

    you make some awesome stuff! thanks so much for sharing all of this with us!

  62. #64 - Sangeetha says:

    Thank you for the canister labels. Maybe now I will finally organize my pantry!

  63. #65 - Wendy says:

    Thank you for the free graphics et al. Digis are becoming a welcomed part of my cardmaking.

  64. #66 - Shoregirl says:

    Thank you so much for all these wonderful freebies! Can’t wait to incorporate them into a project!

  65. #67 - Dewie says:

    i love freebies 🙂 ……awesome

  66. #68 - Robin Jay says:

    I am thrilled, impressed, and grateful for such a fine collection of fun things to print. THANK YOU!!!

  67. #69 - Mary says:

    I just found your blog today – thank you so much for sharing all of these goodies!

  68. #70 - Linda says:

    You have made my day. You have done so much with the Vintage images, which to me are Beautiful.
    Thank you for letting me down load them.

  69. #71 - Mary Lyons says:

    You are amazing! Your ideas really have my creative juices flowing. I just quit my job to make jewelry and sell vintage and steampunk jewelry that my husband makes.

    I am so excited!!

    Thank you so much for your inspirations. Wish me luck!

  70. #72 - leah sheila tremayne says:

    Thank you SO much for making these images available, and for your generosity in sharing them.

  71. #73 - Lorraine says:

    Cathe, your generous spirit is inspiring…..I love all your graphics!

  72. #74 - Connie van der Wouw says:


    I love your blog and have it on my blog as well. Not only for the freebies but also for your great way of showing how the scrap with things from in and out side the house. Keep up the great work.

    Greetings from The Netherlands,
    Connie van der Wouw

  73. #75 - Amanda Huston says:

    I love your website!!! Thank you so much for your work, it’s beautiful and I can’t wait to work these images in my scrapbooks and crafts. Thank you.

  74. #76 - jane l says:

    I absolutely love the patchwork printable…so many projects to do. thanks again,love your ideas

  75. #77 - Ann Gruber says:

    I love your freebies! I was wondering since you advertise on your site the program to cut out any background, does it really work? I’d love to get it but was just wondering. Thanks, Ann

  76. #78 - Nina Neely says:

    I realy like your site!!!!!

  77. #79 - florence says:

    Had a wonderful time on your site,. I have so many ideas running through my head!!!
    Lets hope my hands can keep up. lol Thank you for the free clip art.

  78. #80 - Sandy says:

    This is my first visit to your website. I will be back for more visits. Thanks! Happy crafting!

  79. #81 - Jeni Ann says:

    You are Awesome and amazing – and I thank you for the Freebies

  80. #82 - Crystal Repair says:

    finally! all of Cathe Holding’s freebies in one place! from the blog ‘Just Something I Made’.

  81. Love them. Thank you so much!

  82. #84 - Sharron / Sharrahug says:

    Thank you so much for all of these FABulous printables!

  83. #85 - Paula says:

    Love the way you have this page laid out! Enjoyed your ideas and love all the images. Thanks!

  84. #86 - Johanna says:

    Thank you so much! I have been here for hours, your ideas are amazing and your freebies are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your gifts with us. It is so appreciated. Thank you for all the freebies. They are so great! What a wonderful blog, and a wonderful, generous person you are. 🙂

  85. #87 - Victoria says:

    Just wanted to thank you for all the beautiful, printable freebies – just gorgeous! Your ideas are so inspiring! I have greedily saved lots of lovely things and will gainfully employ the rest of my hols making pressies for Christmas in an effort to stave off the mad dash of present buying in December!!!
    So generous, thank you!

  86. #88 - alma patton says:

    i have just fond your site,and have down loaded several beautiful images.many thanks,looking forward to using them

  87. #89 - Phyllis says:

    Thank you so much,I love every last one,on this site,

  88. #90 - Inge says:

    Thanks for all these beautiful freebies! I’m making a scrapbook and your images are very welcome!

  89. #91 - Linda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas and fantastic images. I do a lot of personal art journals for my own enjoyment. I will love using these images in my journals.
    My Flickr of things I have made is Linda5555555
    Thank you, Linda

  90. #92 - Amee Eastman says:

    I’ve just found your site through Modge Podge…..:)
    I’m loving all of your beautiful items! Wow, I think I could
    stay here for days and days. I can’t wait to check it all
    out. Thank you so much for all of your free stuff!! I can’t
    wait to see what I can use. 🙂
    Thank you again!!!

  91. #93 - Sherry Collier says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  92. #94 - max says:

    Ohh! thanks so much Cathe for your time and freebees. I really appreciate as I’m sure many others.
    Thanks again. It helps so much in my humble art work


  93. #95 - Kathy says:

    Great labels. Thanks for sharing all the freebies!

  94. #96 - Barbara Walker says:

    Just a big thankyou for all the wonderful goodies you give us.xx

  95. #97 - Trish says:

    Wow! I am just a crafty person who just stumbled upon your site! Thank you so much for sharing all the lovely bits of awesomeness!!! 🙂

  96. #98 - Melanie says:

    love it all! thanks so much!

  97. #99 - Jeanna Brown says:

    I found your DIY Christmas ornament on pinterest. Love, love your stuff! Can’t wait to make these for Christmas gifts. Thanks for posting such a great idea!

  98. #100 - Sheila A. says:

    Just spent an hour browsing…and taking advantage of your generosity. Thank you so much!

  99. #101 - Donna says:

    What a wonderful website, thank you so very much. My grandchildren and I are going to have so much fun….just found you!!!!!

  100. #102 - kate says:

    Oh Boy! What a grand collection! Thanks for your generosity. I came for some apothecary labels & stayed for the whole event!

  101. #103 - Linda says:

    I accidently stumbled unto your website, and boy am I overjoyed I did. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your God given talent with us. I am retired and just found out I can draw, so I paint animals on rocks. I also can and was looking for pretty labels for my jars. I do not know how to print them in order to place the label on the jar, but you can bet I’ll find out.
    I am so grateful for the designs you so generously offer. They will grace my home canned food some day.
    Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you


  102. #104 - June Modena says:

    Great! have put you on my favorites. Thanks

  103. #105 - ellejayerose says:

    so much inspiration drawn from your generous goodies – thank you x

  104. #106 - Eric Pinola says:

    Great bunch of images; thank you for sharing!

  105. #107 - Brooke says:

    you seriously ROCK. I’m adding all of your pages to Pinterest; i can’t help myself! :o)

  106. #108 - brindesoie says:

    Incroyable, qu’elle mine d’or!!!MERCI MERCI MERCI :-p

  107. #109 - monica montes says:

    your blog is awesome. you are an inspiration & very talented. your love of vintage truely shines. it is so nice finding other crafty vintage minded gals, around the globe. thanks again for sharing. you rock.
    -addicted to vintage in miami 😉

  108. #110 - Vee says:

    Hi Cathe, just wanted to say thankyou and how much your free images are appreciated in my craft work. I love your site and all you make too and visit regularly to get inspiration. Hugs Vee x

  109. #111 - tracy says:

    Thank you!!
    my crafty mind is exploding!

  110. #112 - Brenda Wells says:

    Thanks for the freebies. I chose the paper wallet pattern. It is such a thought-filled gift! I have made a tiny purse with beaded handle and flap and included as gift in the little purse a kerchief with bills numbering the recipient’s age taped end to end with removable tape with a sentiment being at the end of bills. In the past I have used your busy day silhouettes and the cowgirl graphic. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.

  111. #113 - Eveline says:

    wow great job, i realy love your stuff. thanks for the freebies,


  112. #114 - Irsigler Gaby says:

    Thank you very much for the Freebies.
    I love it. 🙂
    LG Gaby

  113. #115 - Stine says:

    Hi Cathe. I’m a big fan of yours, love this site so much. Feel inspired and very eager to get started on my own projects every time I come here 🙂 So thank you for that. I was wondering if you would make another cigarbox? I love the one I have made already <3
    Just checked out your work space pictures and saw how you organize with the cigar boxes – love it! And what a great place to be creative 🙂
    Best wishes Stine

  114. #116 - Linda says:

    Awesome Site! Thanks so much for all the effort you put forth!

  115. #117 - Jacqueline says:

    I got real lucky when I came across your free digi’s! Busy making holiday papercraft projects for gift giving & your vintage prints are perfect, especially related to sewing & buttons. Big thanks from NYC.

  116. #118 - Sue says:

    Love the shrinky dink bracelet idea, working on using it for a gift, using all of her pictures from time in Europre. I hope it works. I lived in Petaluma over forty years ago, love it. I really appreciate your creativity. Thank you for your generous gift.

  117. #119 - Greta says:

    I rediscovered this page via the puglypixel link, and wanted to thank you for all these gifts – and for so much inspiration! If I put any of these downloads to creative use, I will come back to post a link. Thank you again!

  118. #120 - Bernadette says:

    Thanks for the freebies. I’ll use them for card making and scrapbooking.

  119. #121 - MAGNE says:

    Milles mercis pour ces freebies !! Très bonne journée de France …. 🙂

  120. #122 - Lene says:

    OMW, I’m so excited after discovering this website! I’ve been looking for templates to download free to make cards and gift tags etc. THANK YOU for all the ideas and wonderful things to download!

  121. #123 - Thelma says:

    What a wonderful blog. I cannot beleive the wealth of stuff there is here. thank you so much for sharing it all with everyone.

  122. #124 - christine hutton says:

    thank you for all the wonderful freebies, love christine in italy xx

  123. #125 - Evil Pixie says:

    Wow! These are amazing!

  124. #126 - Pamela says:

    I love your paper items! Am repinning many on Pinterest:
    Thank you!

  125. #127 - Laurie says:

    Love all of this. Thank you so much. laurie

  126. #128 - Donna says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your hard work in posting this for all of us. I will be able to use so many of your freebies to make gifts for those I love this Christmas season.

  127. #129 - Debbie Booth says:

    Just wanted to thank you so much for all these freebies. I am so grateful and thrilled. I am making vintage style gifts for Christmas and can’t
    wait to use some of these labels on the gifts and jars. Yay!

  128. #130 - Natalie says:

    Thank you so much for the graphics and ideas! Haven’t used them yet, but am excited to get started. This will sure help me make Christmas presents this year!

  129. #131 - Sharon says:

    These are absolutely wonderful!! I love vintage!

  130. #132 - Barbara Fortin says:

    I got some really flat rocks at the beach and took some clip art from here, decopauged them onto the rock as a paper weight! I also got my paints out to embelish it. My gifts were a huge hit! Try it is is simply extremely simple! It never ceases to amaze me the ideas you have!

  131. #133 - copper-hare says:

    these are all pretty, and i’m so thankful that you provide these for free.
    it’s so rare to find beautiful things whose makers don’t want to make profit for sharing their creations..
    thank you for these!

    • #134 - copper-hare says:

      these are all pretty, and i’m so thankful that you provide these for free.
      it’s so rare to find beautiful things whose makers don’t want to make profit for sharing their creations..
      thank you for these!

      ps. forgot to add, it would be amazing if you’ do more of these!

  132. #135 - EVANGELIA KYRMIZAKI says:

    I don’ t know how far u r from, but happy creations makes people grateful. Thnx from Greece.

  133. #136 - Jane Payne says:

    Thank you so much for giving us so many gifts through these labels and pages. Thank you, thank you.

  134. #137 - Jet says:

    this is soooo great! Thank you very much! Love to try out some of these!

  135. #138 - Sue Legault says:

    I love this new set-up for accessing your freebies, Cathe. You have a wonderful collection, and I appreciate the work you put into making them available. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas season and that 2012 will see you having continued success with all your endeavours.

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    Wow your site is amazing 🙂

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    Do you still have the “numbered Christmas cards” mentioned in a facebook comment? Love to see all of them! Thanks for all your ideas, freebies and inspiration! You make us (back in the Missouri Ozarks) proud! Ellen in Nixa

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    Your work is outstanding and heart is huge!
    Blessings and Happy New Year to you and yours..


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    Thank you again.

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  145. #148 - Dani says:

    Ijust stumbled across your page in a google search, I was looking for height charts to record my children, I absolutely LOVE the vintage measuring tape! For some reason I can get it to print, would you be able to email me it? I have book marked your site and will definately be making a return trip and recomending it to all my friends. Thanks so much for the fantastic site! Well done and keep up the good work.

    Dani 🙂

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    What great things. I was looking for destination stickers like those found on old steamer trunks and stumbled upon you. Your French postal cancellation stamps look like something I can use. I’m going to make my grandson’s birthday present look like it traveled the world before it arrived in Florida.

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  158. #161 - BART OWENS says:


  159. #162 - karen says:

    i am looking for the measureing tape that you have in spring 2012( room to grow). The article says i can download and print the pages.can you tell me where they are located? thanks in advance karen

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    Mary Jane

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    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and resources!

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    Love your design and ideas. ♥
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    Oh my! I love EVERYTHING! I mainly craft for myself and family and friends. I haven’t had enough time to craft much lately and you have completely inspired me. Thank you for all of the wonderful freebies… I will be visiting often. I found your site through a link on Beyond Measure.

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    Just wanted to say thank you for the great graphics. It is so generous of to share your skills with those of us who don’t have them.
    Most importantly thanks for giving up your time,
    All the best,

  224. #228 - EDNA SCHIPPER says:

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    I saw your free butterfly download on a Youtube video (sorry, don’t remember who’s video), and thought I would come take a look at your beautiful site. Wow! Lots of lovelies here and your your generosity with freebies is wonderfully nice. With your permission, I’ll be sharing a link to your blog on my Tuesday Tips and Techniques blog post next week. Thank you! I’ve enjoyed my visit here.

  227. #231 - Pam says:

    Hi Cathe, enjoyed your Doll bed made out of a cigar box. If had a cigar box I’d give it a try, but I don’t have one at this time.
    Well let me get to why I’m writing. I was wondering if I could pick your brain for a moment. I like to crochet doilies and frame them. Well, about 5 years ago I presented them to this company to see if they’d be interested in putting them in their catalog to sale. Well, they sent me back the 4 samples of my framed doilies with a letter telling me they were beautiful, but they felt the background I used was more Contempory then Vintage. Vintage is what they sell in their catalog. My white doilies were framed in a black frame with a black felt background. I felt the black background made the doily pop, but they felt black made it look too contempory. So, my question do you have any suggestions of the kind of background I could use to display these white doilies that would be vintage looking? I’ve racked my brain trying to think of something and I have no clue.

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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    I really love making things, but I don’t have the talent to design these printables, so I’m on Cloud 9 now I’ve found them, and looking forward to many creative days ahead.

    THANK YOU!!!

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    Tiffany in NJ

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    I have posted my first in house freebie and plan to make new freebies on a weekly basis. I would love to have my work shared on your site as it’s free for both personal and commercial purposes.


  249. #253 - Sooze Bloom deLeon Grossman (E-mail) says:

    so lovely and so loving of you. thanks so much for sharing! be well.

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    Your new friend,
    Elizabeth 😀 <3

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    Wow…just discovered your site (and I’ve been on it now for over an hour…) through Pinterest. So many great graphics and vintage goodies. Thanks so much and I look forward to visiting regularly!

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  253. #257 - Lori says:

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  255. #259 - Kerttu Keinänen says:


    Thank you so much. These are absolutely lovely! They made my day and helped and inspired me because I have tons of DIY projects unfinished, 🙂
    This is again the advantage of the web. Greetings and happy X-mas wishes from Finland!

  256. #260 - Lisa Shumate says:

    Stopped by for a few of your labels to add to a cookbook I’m making for my local senior center. Thanks for the great work you do. They will work nicely. And the price was perfect (free).

  257. #261 - The Engineer says:

    Thank you for all the beautiful freebies you share here.
    I have shared your talent all over my blog and i’m sure i’ll be back for more!

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    Thanks so much!

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  264. #268 - Christina says:

    I am wondering with your freebies are they completley royalty free meaning if I were to include one with something I sold would it be okay? Another question I have is I make original atcs I hand them out as business would it be okay if I used one as a background?

  265. #269 - Barbara Gentry says:

    I am enjoying your contributions to this wonderful craft. It makes me want to get busy busy busy. When I have a block, I look at your collection and something always finds its way onto my pages. Thanking you so very much. Barbara

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    God bless you

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    Christmas Greetings,
    I found your site thru World Labels. Wow, I am so happy I did. I read your letter and saw your prayer for the families of the shooting. I knew you was a good woman from the letter. I have signed up for your newsletter and thank you for all you have on your site which I plan on looking thru now, LOL! . By the way I am from Tennessee.
    May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Years!
    God Bless, Judy

  269. #273 - Tania says:

    im impressed, i wish i could be as talented as you are. Thanks for inspiring me to at least give it a try. 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to search, design and scan your projects to share them with us.

  270. #274 - Kay Jopling says:

    You’ve made a 3rd grade teacher VERY happy.

  271. #275 - Hunt saskatchewan says:

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    Love your site! Very inspiring and i especially love how you decorated your cabinet with the trade card ‘sticview’. Not sure if we have such a thing in the UK, but i will now have a look!

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    love your vintage graphic freebees! (spelling intentional). wish I could figure out how to resize them in Firefox. I knew when I could use Internet Exployer. I’m just not as techno savie as I once was….I miss my brain

  277. #281 - Nicole Wingate says:

    I had a question about digitizing found imagery? What is the best method for digitizing paper ephemera, scanning or using a copy-stand to photograph? When I scan it picks up so much surface debri and damage. I find a lot of paper items, when I go to estate sales so this is an issue.

  278. #282 - Charlotte Reese says:

    Thank you for all the awsome freebies in one spot.

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    Thanks so much for making all these free printables! I look forward to using them and ordering some of that labeling paper!!! Happy to have found your blog! Your welcome at mine any time 🙂

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    Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful freebies. You’re amazing.

  281. #285 - Barbara Codding says:

    I have like 250 condensed readers digest books…are you interested in any or all of them, and what would you be willing to pay for them.
    I would like to talk with you some more if interested. Good luck on jury duty.

  282. #286 - Claudie says:

    merci pour ce très gentil partage.

  283. #287 - Brenda says:

    Thank you so much-finding your blog with all the wonderful images made my day.

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    Thank you so much for the valuable resource! I am a musician and am always looking for inspiring ideas for CD packaging for the mixes I give away to my friends. I use cardboard sleeves and will definitely be jazzing them up with some of the awesome stuff I found on your site today. Thank you again. I hope you are blessed for your kindness!

  286. #290 - Wendy says:

    I really want to try the penny necklace that you posted on Pinterest. However, I don’t want to buy several sheets of the same graphic. Do you have any suggestions on what else I can use besides the decals? It’s hard to determine from just looking at the decals online which ones will fit on top of the penny. Thanks for all your help and freebies.

  287. #291 - lily weatherall-thomas says:

    thanks so much for all these freebies. i love the vintage goodies and will treasure them. thanks again.

  288. #292 - Barbara Matchack says:

    Wow! I love all the images you make.

  289. #293 - kem says:

    Thank you so much for your fantastic site. I am very new to all this and although I was hoping Karen Valentines books was a “freebie” ( homeless right now ) I will continue to learn and blog. I am already a crafter, but can’t get blogging or tweeting. Anyway, thanks for everything

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    Beautiful stuff! So glad I found you!

  293. #297 - lisa walker says:

    Awesome Images….Thank You

  294. #298 - Lynne says:

    A big thank you for the graphics. I stumbled across your site a few minutes ago and am so glad I did!

  295. #299 - Sheila Harris says:

    Love your stuff. I live in Michigan and cried when I saw the spellbinders workshop to be held in California in November. Trouble with living in the boonies is that nothing ever comes to us. I have to drool over the events via the internet. Not fair. :>)

    Anyway, your website is marked as a favorite and I will visit often even if I cannot be in California.


  296. #300 - patricia says:

    Thank you so much for the freebies so kind of you

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    Thanks for sharing. Found this on pinterest.

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    I’m new to scrapbooking. Your art works inspire me! Thanks for the freebies.

  304. #308 - louise barnard says:

    Many thanks for great printables x

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    thank you so much for sharing these wonderfull images and graphics!!!

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    wow what a beautiful load of stunning freebies. Thank you for your generosity. Heather. UK

  307. #311 - Laura says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these. The vintage ephemera downloads are gorgeous and just what I like to use.

  308. #312 - Sharon Oscarson says:

    Great looking labels…enjoying the site…Thank You. Sharon

  309. #313 - Nor Asikin Ramli says:

    Tqvm for all the freebies. I really enjoy it. ^_^

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    LOVE your site!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent!!

  311. #315 - Jennie-Wren says:

    Thank you for this wonderful resource. I am enjoying browsing through your wonderful work.

  312. #316 - Jean K says:

    These are so nice, I printed out a few, for my grandchildren. Especially the I Spy one. 🙂 They love to do that…over and over 🙂

  313. #317 - Corinne Marie says:

    Wow lots of great images here! Thanks for sharing!

  314. #318 - Patsy says:

    LOVE this site. Thanks for the great ideas and freebies.

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    This is a fantastic site cannot believe i haven’t found it sooner. There is something for everyone that is into crafting etc. I shall be passing this on to friends who i know will love it.

    Thank you so much.

  316. #320 - hecate18 says:

    Thank you !

  317. #321 - Betty says:

    Hi Cathe,
    Love all your freebies. Can you tell me where I can find free pin up girl prints I would like to use them for tagging my for sale items at flea markets.

  318. #322 - Mickey says:

    I have never done anything with graphics before, but after viewing yours & the blog comments I will try! Thank you for the freebies! They are amazing!

  319. #323 - Colleen McDonald says:

    I have just spent a very enjoyable afternoon checking out the freebies and downloading so many favourites. Thank you!

  320. #324 - kathy says:

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  327. #331 - Trish Isaac says:

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    The little frolicking lamb image you used in your key fob demo is adorable! Is it available as one of you downloads?


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    Just wanted to leave a few words of thanks 🙂
    I found this website some time ago and it s one of my favorites , I have it under my ” inspirational bookmarks” .
    Thank you so much for your wonderful site and all the beauty and inspiration I found here!

    Best wishes,

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    I love so many of your “freebies”. Just this summer the “girls” got together for a trip to SC and the beach. I love the msut wear bloomers sign. I plan to use it on a scrapbook page. The measuring tape I will make and send to me daughter who has 2 sons, 5 and 6. THANKS!

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    Can you tell me if there is a limit of downloads? CP

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    Just want you to know I am a frequent visitor to your inspiring and exciting blog site and most importantly, I want to THANK YOU for sharing your amazing talent! I think the true mark of a truly grand soul is to share your abilities and gifts with others.

    Once again, thank you,

    Fort Mohave, Arizona

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    Just found your site by complete accident; was soothing my visual field by googling bookplates and ended up here! I see we have similar tastes in collections, though much of yours is new and sumptuous to me.

    I am particularly enamored of the rooster book graphic that appears at the top of this post:
    “Animal Woodcuts and Printable Book Plates
    Wednesday, October 6, 2010 by Cathe Holden”
    WHICH I would like very much to make into a sign for our old farmhouse kitchen. Is it available, either as original scan or all cleaned up? I looked around, but perhaps I need some guidance (newcomer that I am!)

    ANYWAY, thanks for all the creative seeds you have stored here, your aesthetics really resonate and I look forward to your newsletter!!
    Cheers, Gabrielle

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    I can see there are soooooo many creative people out there in the artistic field, for which I am most grateful to inspire us. Thanks, Lyn

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    much appreciated
    South Africa

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    I’ve seen so much stuff, I thought I would never see anything I liked again.
    Thanks for showing me how wrong I could be!

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    Stumbled upon this website while looking for ideas for my business logo! Great Work!!!! It’s great to finally see great art! I’m inspired!

    Would you be available for a business logo/image design?
    Info was sent to your facebook page.

    Thanks, Tri’.

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    Vos créations sont vraiement superbes. C’est très généreux de votre part de nous faire partager vos réalisations. Merci !
    Your creations are really magnificent. I’s very generous from you to share with us your realizations. Thank you !

  405. THank you for your wonderful freebies and ideas.

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    I was not looking for anything material
    I have been very sick. I have looked death in the eye 5 times in my 39 years. I will be 40 years old soon. I cannot believe I will be 40 because life stopped (figuratively) at 16. I was put in the hospital and the doctor who came in is still a part of my life today more than ever.
    I have two tubes…One is to drain my stomach and the other is for medication. I eat but I do not absorb much at all. I rarely go out being I am emaciated.
    What I wanted to tell you was that making things for others is one of the non-medicinal things that has LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE. When sad, sick, and alone…I make something for someone even though most people cannot handle this and leave me. So thanks to all those with suggestions of crafts and art. You have helped save a spirit that continually needs saving. With all my heart I thank you!

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    Wilma Millette

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    I found and lost a webpage that I was on. The free print out is called I-SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE courtesy of Cathe Holden Would you please direct me to the correct page so that I can print this amazing little page and to print the tiny pictures that go with it to make the game fun for my toddler? Please and thank you.

  430. #437 - Robon says:

    You’re the best! Thank you SO much!

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    Squeeeeee! Oh Cathe, that is the sound of pure joy coming at you from across these computer screens! I have no idea why it took me so long to find your blog, but I absolutely adore your taste & design style, and am honestly awe inspired by your talent. Thank you so very much for choosing to share not only your talent, but also your impressive stash of amazing & beautiful pieces of history with us. One of my favorite things about most of these is that they are scans or salvages from actual items; I just love seeing these unique “snapshots in time” being preserved, re-imagined, and/or passed on. The sheer amount of time and raw talent that went into even the “everyday” ads, post cards, product packaging, etc. truly makes each piece its own work of art. Even though my collection is much smaller, I also have a soft spot in my heart for acquiring and rescuing vintage & WWII-era ephemera, post cards and even the occasional matchbook. Since you are so gracious by sharing so much with all of us here, I want to offer to share scans of my items with you! If you’re interested (or even have the time), I know you’ll be able to preserve them beautifully so more people can appreciate & use them! Let me know what you think. Thanks again for sharing so much that you could easily charge a lot for! And now, as a fitting end to my long-winded message, I just realized that the last Freebie link on this page, which has been visible the entire time I’ve been typing this, perfectly sums up what I wanted to convey to you…”You’re So Nice…You Made My Day!”

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    trying to find one that was appropriate to paste on the front of a New Testament Bible as a gift for a lady from India, that I could add a note to just
    under the picture. If you could recommend one that is not yet included with those I saw, I would be very grateful. God bless you richly dear lady.

  439. #446 - Lynn says:

    Thank you so much for your freebies! I found you on pinterest. I was looking for ideas to send my little pen pals for the summer, and I am
    planning to use your little stamps. You are very creative. Thank you so much!

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    Cathe, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, creative templates. I just learned of your website yesterday from Pearl Blay’s Beading Gem website. I have been making jewelry and other baubles from beads, wire, and chain maille for a number of years and enjoy selling them as “Barb’s Baubles”. Your labels will be such an asset! Thank you so much!