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Cigar Box Doll Bed and Postage Stamp Quilt

The other day as I sat there looking at my stash of vintage cigar boxes, and my other stash of vintage postage stamps* I couldn’t help but think how they would work so nice together. Eventually, with my old box, … Read more

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Cigar Box Turned Washi Paper Tape Dispenser

Have you purchased any of the popular Washi, Japanese Rice Paper Tape? It’s very cool, to say the least. So many colors and patterns, and so many possibilities, what’s not to love. Just Google Washi tape or Japanese paper tape … Read more

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Craft Organizing: Cigar Boxes

I love having my own little studio, but it’s quite chaotic most of the time because of all of the stuff I tend to hoard. Vintage hardware, old cigar labels, broken jewelry parts, and all kinds of pieces and parts … Read more

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