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32º North Mother/Daughter Giveaway

The JSIM giving continues, and today it’s a giveaway from one of my favorite vintage and vintage-inspired supply companies, 32º North!So generous is their giveaway that they have offered 3 sets of Mother’s Day gifts with mothers and daughters in … Read more

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Creating Silhouette Portraits & Travel Scrapbooks

Do you scrapbook? I don’t. Wish I did. But finding this wonderful little how-to from the early 1900s makes me definitely want to start. If nothing else, I will enjoy just making and sharing them. Who doesn’t love a silhouette? … Read more

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Scrapbook Love

I came across this fantastic scrapbook yesterday while on my way home from errands in town, (ok, technically, while procrastinating all the things I should have been doing.) I popped into an antique shop and grabbed this up for 10 … Read more

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