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Unique Pincushions

I found this darling little wrecker-tow truck at an antique shop over the weekend for only six bucks. There’s some mechanism missing, disqualifying it from any serious collector’s purchase, but the second I saw it I thought “pincushion!”If you look … Read more

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Window Signs: Reverse Painting

Seriously, who doesn’t love old signs? They’re not so affordable or easily found these days, so why not make your own? When I was selling antiques in a few years back, I couldn’t make these reverse painted signs fast enough. … Read more

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Globe Bowl and Pretty Pins

Last Summer I picked up an old, out-dated globe at the thrift store. You’d be surprised how difficult it was to saw it in half. Well, it sat in my craft shed up until last night. I’ve been coming down … Read more

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